September 18, 2019

Add to Cart: 10 Things I'm Shopping This Fall

It’s almost officially Fall, time to mentally prepare yourself for striped sweaters in autumnal hues and pumpkin spiced everything. While I’m not exactly as opposed to those things as the giant eye roll that is the last sentence might imply, I am looking down a more toned down avenue for my Autumn inspiration this year. 

In years past I’ve been lured into the romantic notions of brass buttoned capes, heavy winged eyeliner, and effortless bangs - basically Olivia Wilde in The Longest Week or the ever polished Jenny Cipoletti of Margo & Me. But that kind of velvety, almost Parisian glamour never sticks for me, especially the bangs, and I find myself feeling stuck, reaching for the same oversized H&M sweater and pair of black skinny jeans time and again. 

This season I’m very slowly coasting my way out of summer and staying in the same soft, muted palette with slightly heavier fabrics and a bit more black. 

And full disclosure, I will eat any and every single apple cider donut placed in front of me.

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The Herringbone Boyfriend Blazer
What I like about it: I’m very into the idea that this piece can be dressed up for work or down for the weekend. 
How I’d wear it: I envision it with a white crew neck tee, girlfriend jeans, and mahogany loafers. In this scenario I am also at a farmer’s market, maybe I also have a nice basket tote.
When I’ll buy: The price is steep for the amount of wear I get out of blazers so I’ll purchase if/when J. Crew adds it to one of their sales, like right now with promo code "THATWORKS" for 25% off.

Mahogany Loafers
What I like about it: Ah the loafer. The last time I owned a pair of brown loafers was some time in the late ‘90s. They were penny loafers from Payless and I was in love with the idea of them. They felt so crisp and traditional, like I might go horseback riding through the fall leaves after school if I wore them. Long story short, I do not recall wearing them very often and every time I Google it the internet says Fall is a bad time to go horseback riding, the horses get jumpy during this season? Sooo, loafers, yeah, we’re back. Those Gucci loafers are all the rage right now and if I were made of money I’d probably buy them, but I do so much walking on a daily basis living in the city and hitting the town with Finston (not his actual name - it’s just regular Finn) that I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them as an everyday shoe and since that is what I need, a simple shoe I can wear with anything every day, I’ve landed on this much more practical Madewell pair. I appreciate the simplicity and lack of hardware, and according to the reviews, they are said to be very comfortable and easy to break in which sounds like a win.
How I’d wear it: Black kick crop jeans and a romantic blouse. BRB while I go call my mom to see if she threw out my fave “cranberry colored cardigan” from third grade.
When I’ll buy: Just ordered.

The Classic Pouch
What I like about it: Over the summer I found myself popping this clear Truffle pouch I’ve had for years in and out of my handbag into my beach bag, and then grabbing it from the beach bag to run into the store or grab a drink or bite out. Five seconds out of the car I came to the conclusion that no one needs to see how many maxi pads I’ve stuffed into it. My motto with those things is the more the merrier, you can never have enough and should always have one on you. And in the best case scenario, you can save that poor woman in the restroom at the Gettysburg Visitors Center from having to trek to the gift shop to buy tampons. Fun fact, that is something they sell there. My point is that I thought that maybe a sleeker, more concealing pouch might be a better option. Something that can fit in a larger purse, contain the essentials, and seamlessly go from day to night. Thus enter the classic Comme des Garcons pouch that has been around actually forever. 
How I’d wear it: On it’s own for a night out or tucked into my handbag during the day.
When I’ll buy: Now! It’s currently sold out in most places, but Mr. Porter has it in stock. Same pouch, different site. I asked.

Kick Crop Jeans
What I like about it: An easy nod to the vintage ‘90s style that has taken over 2019 that doesn’t feel dated or smell like mothballs. 
How I’d wear it: White crew neck tee, red lip, and these speckled flats (leopard print version) I picked up during the Nordstrom sale.
When I’ll buy: Already purchased.

The Lady Bag
What I like about it: I sound like a broken record with this story, but a few years ago I bought this cute Cuyana handbag that completely fell apart - we’re talking the whole buckle bursting apart and scattering in every which way as the pieces hit the floor - after about a year of use. Since then I’ve had an aversion to heavy hardware on handbags, which led me to the beautiful simplicity that is the Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag. I bought the mini version in tan a few summers ago and couldn’t love it more. This Fall/Winter I’d like to add the larger version in black with Ballerina interior to my collection.
How I’d wear it: With absolutely everything, the Comme des Garcons pouch is tucked inside for some extra organization.
When I’ll buy: Once I can muster the energy to drag myself down to SoHo. 

Black Mock Neck Bodysuit
What I like about it: Oh where do I start with this one? I’ve been looking for a black mock neck top/bodysuit for weeks. This one is virtually seamless and has a built in bra, which is nice if you can do that kind of thing. Classic, simple, and easy to wear under cranberry cardigans, skirts, etc.
How I’d wear it: Think casual Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. Faded demi-boot jeans and speckled flats or my tan sandals from Canfora Capri (similar).
When I’ll buy: Already purchased.

The Classic White Tee
What I like about it: I’ve been going on and on about how I’m going to pair one with everything on this list so I might as well go all in and include one, right? 
How I’d wear it: Herringbone blazer, black kick crop jeans, mahogany loafers, with the classic black lady bag, Comme des Garcons pouch tucked inside, and if I’m feeling it, maybe I’ll even layer it with the damn bodysuit.
When I’ll buy: Now, currently 25% off with, no joke, promo code PUMPKINSPICE. LOLx1000.

Moody Nail Polish
What I like about it: 8-free, cruelty free, and relatively long lasting. I wash my hands about 4,000 times a day so chipping is a personal issue I have with polishes. These last over a week for me despite the daily abuse which is a long time. I have two of these polishes, one I wore for my wedding which is called “Baxter” and this one, “Cliff”. It’s the perfect shade for the season, dark but not too dark, moody and interesting, but surprisingly neutral as it plays nicely with most of the colors in my wardrobe. Overall a nice change of pace for someone (hi, hello) who only wears pale pinky nudes on her nails year round.
How I’d wear it: Currently on my toes, soon to be on my fingers.
When I’ll buy: When I run out, or immediately if there's a risk of it being retired.

The Headband
What I like about it: Headbands are a trend that really come and go full force. They’re in or they’re out, hard stop. But, they always come back, eventually. I personally really like the current big Alice headband trend. It makes me feel like one of those old world ladies that you see in paintings at the Met that I magically cannot locate a single one of for reference right now. I’ve seen a few in this braided style, which adds a little bit of drama. Zara has (had?) a nearly identical version in velvet, but I liked the idea that the fabric on this one is more transitional from season to season so I wouldn’t feel like a fool walking around with velvet on my head in 80 degree weather.
How I’d wear it: So far it’s been great to pop on with air drying or second day hair. Not to sound dramatic, but I look forward to pairing it with an oversized sweater and black skinny jeans.
When I’ll buy: Already purchased.

Mock Neck Dress
What I like about it: This is the kind of simple, easy throw on and go anywhere dress we all need. 
How I’d wear it: With tan suede knee high boots and a colorful scarf tied into hair or onto the mini lady bag. Maybe wear this to a fall fair. Maybe I will wear this to a fall fair this weekend if it’s not 80 degrees. Minus the boots, those are solely a wishlist item.
When I’ll buy: Already purchased in black, planning to go back for brown.

That about sums up what I’m shopping for this season. Neutral, muted, and resistant to the cooler weather that is to come. What is in your cart for this Fall?

And in the meantime, I’ll try to keep “the shop” updated with new finds. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a hat?

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