Wednesday, January 13

on island time

I think it's safe to say that winter has finally, officially arrived here in New York, but my mind is still on island time. Something strange happens when you go on a really good vacation, you start to forget about things. While sitting on a boat in the BVI I could have sworn that it would be summer upon my return. While that would have been a nice reality to drop back into, it's not the case. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you consider the current sale prices), that did not stop me from purchasing a new fringed cover up the other day. But hey, it's better to buy these things when they're unusable and on sale, in January, right? Right. At the very least, it gives you something to look forward to to get you through the harsh weather.

One of the most difficult things about coming back from a warm weather getaway during the winter is once again packing away all of your summer clothes. While it's not exactly appropriate to wear beach ready attire solo in near freezing temperatures, that doesn't mean you can't incorporate styles inspired by warmer weather into your look. I love the sweet mint hue of this silky top from Apparel Candy. It reminds me of the water at Smuggler's Cove and would look so lovely with a tan, and is therefore perfect for transitioning back into reality. One of the great things about Apparel Candy is that you can buy wholesale even if you're not a retailer, which is something that would have come in handy at any point during my striped shirt obsession, or for when you find a piece that you really love. For a winter friendly look I'd pair this top with an off white tweed blazer with nail polish to match, dark wash denim, suede ankle boots, a neutral handbag, and a classic pair of sunglasses. Now if only all of this could magically appear in my closet this morning I'd be set.

Happy Wednesday everyone!