Monday, August 31

summer {blog} break

As it would appear, I unintentionally took most of the summer off from blogging. Simply put, my mind has been elsewhere, wrapped up in other wonderful things, as I tried to enjoy as much of the summer as possible between work and new projects and adventures. I am planning to get back into a routine and pick things up where they left off,  only there may be a few changes. A funny thing I noticed when I stopped posting regular outfits was that I put a crazy amount of pressure on myself to come up with them, so much so that my personal style felt stifled and flat. In my weeks off I found a renewed interest in the contents of my closet. As it turns out, I'm much more creative when I'm not trying to be and much more likely not to stow away certain pieces that I'd much rather wear right this instant because they'll photograph better on Tuesday, with that skirt, etc. For the first time in ages I have been happy with what I'm wearing every single day and that's what counts. Moving forward I'd like to keep that approach. As for cocktails, you can expect to see a lot more of them, no longer reserved exclusively for Friday. And, some fun new things, mostly in the form of writing. I hope you'll follow along. Thank you for reading and enjoy this last day of August.

Monday, August 10

strong lash

I remember a time, growing up, when a friend accused me of wearing false lashes. We were at the tail end of middle school I believe, and I had just begun experimenting with mascara. The reason for the accusation I presume had been because despite my darker hair, my eyelashes have always fallen on the fair side. On their own the roots are a medium brown that fades into pale blonde tips, almost appearing to be nothing at all. The shock of heavy black mascara was enough to elicit such a response. 

Over the years, I have been wary, what I'll put on or near my eyes. My mascara is not waterproof so as not to dry out my lashes and I've gravitated towards the most gentle formulas. With that said I have been very curious to try lengthening serums. Who wouldn't want longer, thicker lashes? When asked if I was game to try Strong Lash, I thought why not? There are no side effects, especially the more intimidating ones like the darkening of the iris. Though, if there is a reverse of that I'd happily hop on board. Like in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy has just arrived in the Emerald City and asks via song if they can even dye her eyes to match her gown. Yes please! 
I am pleased to say that I started seeing results within the first week. After four they almost touch my eyebrows when I look certain ways. Applying mascara needs to be done more carefully so as not to get it all over, a problem I am thrilled to have. Strong Lash also has some serious lasting power in the bottle. After applying twice a day for 30 days I was expecting to have a lot less left than I do. I was also expecting it to be more challenging to apply, coming from the girl that will never master liquid eyeliner. I was fearful I'd get it in my eyes but that wasn't going to happen. The wand made it extremely easy to apply and the serum stayed in place and dried quickly. And as I briefly mentioned above, I experienced zero side effects or weird reactions. If you are in the market, I highly recommend giving Strong Lash a try. 

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