Tuesday, June 30

summer sunday

Sunday JD and I went to go see the final ASSSSCAT of the Del Close Marathon where the fact that I am old was magnified tenfold. First by the 10pm showtime. How I manage to stay awake and functioning at work until 3am is beyond me right now. I'm in for a treat this fall. Second by something the beautiful Amy Poehler said. Amy, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh took turns doing monologues. Ian told a story about a class in middle school where some kid climbed some thing and refused to get down. Amy capped it off by saying, "back then I would have been like "fuck that guy" (referring to the teacher trying to keep order), but now I'm like "fuck that kid, get him down!" Same. 

Yesterday we went to lunch at an island burrito shop that is always plagued by teenagers. Maybe it's because there are so few of them in Manhattan. Maybe it's because the ones I know are old folks at heart. But I just don't get them. I feel so out of the loop. And if I hear someone misuse the word "random" one more time. My goodness. Meeting your bff for a pre-planned event is in absolutely no way "random". It would be random if you fell into a well on your way there. 

I wore this to the show on Sunday. Believe it or not, that's not a pajama top. It has been cool these last few days and I happily took advantage of that by wearing pants. As it had been raining on and off I stuck with boat shoes (something I don't mind getting wet) and carried an umbrella in my bag, just incase.

Friday, June 26


pamplona | prosecco in the park
I wasn't quite sure what to call this one. With the addition of grapefruit it could be called a "black paloma". Without the soda it could be called a "brave bull". I like the latter. It reminds me of Hemingway, the twenties, that's always how I like to spend my summers. It started years ago with the original scroll of Kerouac's On the Road. Then I went further back rereading The Great Gatsby before The Paris Wife and the other half of that story, The Sun Also Rises. Each summer I shamelessly travel back in time to my favorite era. I had Z: A Novel of Zelda lined up for this week (it's actually been on my bookshelf and reading list for an embarrassing amount of time by now) but I forgot it at my apartment in the midst of packing up every last ounce of laundry to wash without charge at my mother's house. It's quite disappointing, but I'll get to it next week. I digress. 

My cousin Brett stopped by earlier in the week for a drink on his way home. This one was entirely his creation. I like to give credit where it's due, that's important. I wouldn't want to rip off someone else's paloma. 
pamplona | prosecco in the park
pamplona | prosecco in the park
pamplona | prosecco in the park
We settled on tequila and coffee, which quickly turned into the liqueur version and a dash of soda with lime. I take my espresso with a lemon rind, but for some reason thought the addition of citrus might too much. Wrong. I was pleasantly surprised. 

This drink tastes like coffee and nothing at all like tequila. A nice replacement to your morning coffee while on vacation, the kind of thing Hemingway might sip while leaning over a hotel balcony in Pamplona to get a better view of the bulls rushing down the streets below. 

1 ounce tequila
1 ounce kahlua
a drop of lime juice
soda water

In a large glass combine tequila and kahlua. Pour over ice, add a drop of lime juice and top with soda water. Stir for good measure and enjoy.

Have a wonderful weekend! And if you're going to be in NYC, I highly recommend checking out the Del Close Marathon which starts today and goes through Sunday. 

Wednesday, June 24

little white dress

I'm always on the lookout when it comes to little white dresses. It's one of those looks that I absolutely love on everyone else but feel somewhat uncomfortable in myself. Maybe it's because I haven't found quite the right one, or the fact that whenever I wear white I spend every waking minute checking to see if I have yet ruined whatever it is that I'm wearing. The worst bit is that I'm not prone to spills and I've made a habit of checking seats before sitting. No one wants to sit in a mystery puddle on the subway, even if there's a 90% chance that it's probably just rainwater. That 10% of unknown, nope. 

I love this sweet Chinti and Parker shirtdress, yet another style I'm forever searching for. It's the kind of thing I'd imagine wearing on a quiet morning stroll through a seaside town. I'd pair it with neutral wedges, a fringed handbag with a necklace to match, navy blue nail polish, and a classic red lipstick. 

Tuesday, June 23

romping around

club monaco lyndsey open back jumper
happiness boutique elegance statement necklace in grey
club monaco lyndsey open back jumper
happiness boutique elegance statement necklace in grey
club monaco lyndsey open back jumper

Hello, happy Tuesday, and happy Summer! There is so much going on right now, I don't know where to begin. I'm officially on summer vacation these next two weeks and my brain has already turned to mush. I also have a mild sunburn, which is a step up as I was starting to resemble a cloud floating by at really low altitude. 

This romper has been in steady rotation for the last two summers and I expect this one will be no exception. Coincidentally, the last time I wore it on this blog was about this time last year, with the exact same nail polish. What can I say, I stick with what I like. For the first wear of the season I paired it with a sparkly statement necklace from Happiness Boutique and a neutral pair of heels. This necklace is one of those pieces that I find myself planning entire outfits around just so I can wear it. I can't get enough of it. 

Friday, June 19

the fitzgerald

the fitzgerald | prosecco in the park
the fitzgerald | prosecco in the park
the fitzgerald | prosecco in the park
the fitzgerald | prosecco in the park
This week has been eventful in both good and bad ways and I for one am happy to see it go and forget how much money was spent on car repairs. That thing is fine tuned to only have issues at extremely inconvenient times (i.e. weddings, vacations, anything with a deadline, you name it). It's either that or I'm being punished for frowning at people who don't know how to board the subway properly. You have to let people off first! The train isn't going to leave without you. There were good things too. Wednesday night we discovered that the NY Philharmonic was playing in Central Park as our windows shook from the fireworks being set off at what sounded like the end of our block. We watched their reflections light up the buildings across the way. Last night we ventured into the park to see them for ourselves and it was absolutely lovely. They're doing it again tonight and I'm very tempted to cancel my plans and go again. 

Now on to the drink. If the name is any indication, I knew I had to try this drink the very moment we crossed paths. What with my love of the 1920s and gin, it would be a crime not to. Believe it or not I came across The Fitzgerald for the first time last week while researching gin sours. I use the term "researching" loosely. You may notice that the recipes for the two are very close to one another with just one key difference, the addition of bitters. I thought they might taste too similar to bother with a separate recipe, but I was wrong. This one has it's own thing going on and reminded me a bit of the south side, that little kick from the bitters. 

2 ounces gin
3/4 ounce lemon juice
3/4 ounce simple syrup
two dashes angostura bitters

In a shaker, combine gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Add a few dashes of angostura bitters. Shake, pour over ice, and enjoy.
the fitzgerald | prosecco in the park

Wednesday, June 17

beach day to night

This may sound a bit odd as I'm pretty sure we'd all love to go home and shower before dinner after spending the day at the beach, but sometimes, things happen and it's always nice to be prepared. I know there have been plenty of times over the years where I end up running odd errands on my way home or rushing to get ready as quickly as possible for an impromptu dinner. JD would be happy as a clam to be wearing board shorts in either scenario, but I like to feel a bit more put together, and less covered in sunscreen. An outfit that could make the transition from the beach to dinner might help. This dress would look just as cute on the beach as it would on a stroll through the city. To help it along I'd add a bold necklace, metallic sandals, and a tiny striped bag to hold the essentials (that could easily be tucked inside your beach bag during the day). And I need to address how much I love this red and white striped swimsuit. It has that retro feel, and kind of reminds me of this famous shot of Grace Kelly, mostly due to the style and blanket matching stripes.

Monday, June 15

skirting the issue

j. crew shirt . moon and meadow skirt {on sale / last seen here} . fossil clutch {old / similar here and here} . madewell sandals {old / similar here, here, and here} . le specs sunglasses . julep lipstick in "twirl"

This weekend brought us upstate for our friends' wedding so we took advantage of the location and spent Sunday morning in Woodstock. I've been there once before, years ago with Kaitlin, and found my favorite rose ring at a vendor set up off of the parking lot. Since then I always keep an eye out on little stands like that but have yet to find anything quite as special again. We had an early lunch and spent a few hours wandering around town, stopping in a few stores and in stereotypical manhattanite fashion, peeked in an antique shop. We did find something there, an antique fire extinguisher circa 1917 that is currently sitting in front of the fire place. The more we decorate, the more concerned I am that our guests will leave convinced they'd fallen down a rabbit hole and landed in another century. 

I have been doing my best not to wear this skirt every single day, it's certainly a challenge. I love the embroidery and sheer overlay. It's also really lightweight so it's perfect for walking around on hot days like yesterday. I paired it with a blue and white striped shirt, kind of similar to the last time I wore this skirt on the blog. Sometimes you've just got to stick with what works. I did change things up a bit though with a simple clutch that I used for the wedding as well and strappy sandals. 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, thank you so much for reading!

Friday, June 12

basil gin sour

basil gin sour | prosecco in the park
basil gin sour | prosecco in the park
basil gin sour | prosecco in the park
basil gin sour | prosecco in the park
basil gin sour | prosecco in the park
Today I am teaming up with Kaitlin of Gluten Free in NYC to bring you a cocktail that is essentially summer in a glass. I know I throw that term around a lot, what with all the fizzy fruit filled cocktails I make but I always mean it, they're all wonderfully refreshing. That and everyone's favorite summer flavors are different. Mine are apparently all of them. 

Earlier this week Kaitlin came over to catch up and mix a few drinks. We ultimately settled on the basil gin sour. Being gluten free limits your drink choices, whiskey and most vodkas are off the table depending upon the severity of your sensitivity. There are rumors out there that the gluten would technically be eliminated in the distilling process, but it really depends on the individual. Gin is said to be safe, which makes me laugh to say as the bathtub variety blinded a lot of people during prohibition. 

I had seen a shot of a similar drink on instagram a while back that stuck with me. Though it looked like a dream, I wasn't crazy about the recipe attached to it. It called for lemonade, which I did not have on hand, and seemed to stray a little too far from a traditional sour for my taste. So, I looked up recipes for gin sours, took the most basic version and put that basil I have growing on my windowsill to good use. If you are worried about the gin or just not a fan, a simple 100% gluten free swap would be a corn based vodka like Tito's. We considered making a basil infused simple syrup but opted to let the leaves mix in instead. Basil is one of those herbs (like mint) that gives off a good amount of flavor even if you just crush it a bit. On first sip you can taste it. It's there, there's no denying it. Now without further ado, on to the recipe.

2 ounces gin
3/4 ounce lemon juice
3/4 simple syrup
basil leaves

In a shaker combine gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and basil leaves. Shake with ice to bruise the basil. Pour over ice, garnish with basil if so desired, serve, and enjoy!
basil gin sour | prosecco in the park

Thursday, June 11

lazy sunday

We woke up late Sunday morning, hopped over to Alice's Tea Cup to pick up some scones, and headed to our "secret" spot in the park. JD and I always go there for picnics, or just the casual late breakfast. I can't remember how we first came upon it, it's been years since then, but it's always cozy and deserted. On Sunday we took our guests Nina and Andrew with us, which was extra special. It was a cool morning so I kept things casual with a loose blush pink sweater and jeans. I have mentioned this about a millions times at this point but I just love summer weight sweaters. I can't get enough of them. I even look forward to wearing them after frigid New York winters. My favorite pairing of course is with shorts, but I won't complain about getting to wear long pants, especially with the forecast for today reaching ninety-plus degrees. Eep! 

How do you feel about summer sweaters?

Wednesday, June 10

wedding guest

It's wedding season, and while it may be a slow one for JD and I, we do have one coming up this weekend that I am pretty excited about. Parts of it will be outdoors, on grass, so that got me thinking about footwear. The dress and shoes I'm currently planning to wear will probably not cut it unless my goal is to till the soil. In that case I'm a guaranteed success. Needless to say I've been searching for a pair with a wider heel to keep me from punching holes with every step. I've been in love with this braided Gianvito Rossi pair since I saw them on Net-a-Porter a few months back. While I'm not going to allow myself the splurge, I am still going to dream about wearing them. For a summer wedding I'd pair them with this sweet mint fit and flare dress, a studded minaudière, white nails, pink lips, and a fun statement necklace. 

What is your go to attire for summer weddings?

Monday, June 8


lucy and laurel top {similar styles here and here} . rag and bone jeans . mulberry handbag . joie flats {similar here and here} . le specs sunglasses . julep nail polish in "carolyn"

This weekend was wonderful. On Saturday we met up with Nina and Andrew at the SNL exhibit, which I could probably write an entire post about in the first place. It was really interesting to see the costumes and props and walk through the process of how the show is created each week. JD was particularly taken with the building of the sets each week. If you have the chance to go see it, you should.  From there we stuffed ourselves with pizza, walked through Central Park, and went to see the broken rooftop exhibit at the Met for a drink. I still have not come to a conclusion on whether or not the stones were roped off for art or laziness, but if the former, I think I'll start charging admission to view the pothole on my street. It just speaks to me. We finished with dinner and drinks at a few of our favorite spots in the West Village. Oh how I miss that sweet little neighborhood, even the mystery puddles, but I certainly don't mind the quiet evenings uptown. 

This is what I wore. I've actually worn this top twice this past week, the first to work on Wednesday with dark wash denim and a navy cardigan. JD's mom passed it along to me last week after shrinking it and I couldn't wait to put it on. On Saturday I paired it with the most comfortable black pants and smoking slippers and topped it with a leather jacket that didn't manage to make it into the pictures. 

I hope you had a lovely weekend, thank you for reading, and don't forget to enter this giveaway before it ends on Friday! 

Friday, June 5

the sidecar

Today we're getting back to basics with a classic 1920s cocktail. As I said in my interview with Kate earlier this week, making cocktails at home shouldn't be a daunting task. With that said, it doesn't get much simpler than the sidecar, though I do admit they are an acquired taste for those who prefer drinks of the sweeter variety. If you take all the bourbon and hops you can get, stop rolling your eyes. JD and I have been making sidecars a lot lately. Mostly because we have a bottle of cognac in the credenza liquor cabinet. But we like our classic cocktails, a lot, and the twenties is always my favorite place to start, for anything. 

The sidecar has a bit of a kick to it thanks in part to the lemon juice, but also a good amount of sweetness. If you mix it right it's perfectly smooth and dangerous. There are recipes out there that will suggest adding a sugar rim or some fruit for garnish but that isn't really necessary. To each their own I say. Use what you like and what you have. After all, a good percentage of these drinks are just that. 

2 ounces cognac
1 ounce orange liqueur 
3/4 ounce lemon juice

In a large glass or shaker combine cognac, orange liqueur, and lemon juice. Shake with ice, serve, and enjoy!

Thursday, June 4

fat girl walking

Reading has long been a favorite pastime of mine and the search for a good book never ends. A good beach read is even more important. While I have on occasion brought terribly sad books on trips to the beach, no one wants to sit sobbing on a tropical island, wiping tears away with sand covered hands as everyone else around them is enjoying the sunshine and sipping heavy handed rum concoctions. Like when my mom read The Shack in Tortola. Brittany Gibbons' Fat Girl Walking on the other hand, would make an excellent beach read.
I didn't know much about Brittany or her story before I started reading, but it didn't take long to get sucked in. Her voice is so welcoming, by page two you've made a good old friend that you never want to stop talking because she is hilarious, kind of like the relationship Amy Poehler and I have in my daydreams. It's addicting. 

Fat Girl Walking is a memoir told in a series of smaller stories, all linked together in the bigger picture that is Brittany's life, and equally as important to shaping who she is now, how she arrived there. She is bold and unapologetic and puts it all out there, which at points makes it feel more like you're peeking into someone's personal diary. There are a few TMI moments as well, but I admire her for them, for her shamelessness. For someone who spent so much time writing about how embarrassed she has felt her entire life, she really goes for it.  It's brave.

My favorite bit was a wonderful gem of advice passed along from her grandmother - "you are going to fail at a lot of things, so when you do, do it on such a grand scale that half the room gives you a standing ovation, and the other half gives you the middle finger." I love that. It's such great advice. If you're going to fail, why not go the extra mile? Go big or go home.

Overall, I think Brittany succeeds in her goal with this book to share her story the way she wants it to be told, not the way anyone else might like to spin it. I very much enjoyed it and would recommend checking it out. 

Wednesday, June 3

a few things...

Today I am being interviewed by the lovely Kate over on Taffeta and Tulips. You can check it out here.

And while you're at it, don't forget to enter this giveaway for a chance to win a $200 J. Crew gift card!

Tuesday, June 2

city safari

old navy tank {very old / similar} . loft skirt . joie flats {old / similar here and here, also love these} . fossil clutch {very old / similar here and here} . le specs sunglasses . catbird and virginie millefiori rings . dogeared necklacejulep lip gloss in "graceful" . chanel nail polish in "may"

A couple of weeks ago that I mentioned (here) that I have been on the hunt for a pair of safari inspired shorts. While I haven't found a pair that I like yet, I did find this skirt in the process. One of the things I like most about this style is that you can dress it up for the office or drinks and down for a casual weekend look. Obviously, this falls on the casual weekend side of the spectrum. I wore this over the weekend to run billions of errands. We have been in our apartment for almost two months now and have finally put pictures in four of the frames and started decorating the bookcase, mostly because Nina and Andrew are visiting this weekend and I don't want to scare them. Only five of each to go. In the living room. Here would be a good place to insert the smiley that's gritting it's teeth. Back to the skirt. I paired it with a simple black tank and smoking slippers for a day spent running around the city. I am very much looking forward to dressing it up a bit for work with a silky shirt and sandals.