Monday, March 30

cold snap

As you can see, I chickened out in cutting my hair. After a lengthy debate, weighing the pros and cons, and expressing my concerns to anyone who would listen, I decided to keep it long for now. The cut is inevitable, but until then I vow to try at least two new / different styles a week - change things up, really enjoy my hair. If I'm being completely honest, my new hairdryer definitely played a roll in this decision. It has my hair looking better than ever, so smooth and shiny all the time - it's pure magic. (You can read my mini review here.) Plus I finally found a lightweight hairspray that actually holds style. I just couldn't do it.

Moving on. We had a cold snap this weekend. I can say that right? Because it's technically "spring" now. It snowed on the island Saturday morning. I'd like to say that I was as excited for it as the puppies but that would be a lie. I'm not. Aside from Paisley the dog, I don't think anyone wants to see any more snow. We arrived back in Manhattan later that afternoon to dry sidewalks and sunshine with a nice chill. Fingers crossed it warms up for good soon. 
j. crew sweater {last seen here} . american eagle jeans . mulberry handbag . rag and bone boots {old / similar color} . sophie harper and  j. crew bracelets {old / similar} . jouer lip gloss in "mirage" 

I wore this sweater a lot this winter. A lot. And multiple ways too. I layered it with collared shirts and colorful camis for a little bit of color and paired it with every pair of pants I own, no joke. Of them all, my favorite combination is this simple pair of jeans with neutral hued ankle boots. It's cozy and casual but feels just enough like warmer days to tide me over until they arrive. I do apologize for talking so much about the weather in this post. I'm clearly struggling here. 

PS. This Sophie Harper bracelet is from Rocksbox and you can use the code "proseccointheparkxoxo" for a discount.

Friday, March 27

lemon drop martini

While the weather we've been having may be gloomy, this week's cocktail is anything but. Lately I've been leaning towards bright, happy, citrus filled cocktails, which you may have noticed if you follow me on pinterest. Martinis aren't usually a drink I find myself craving, vodka is typically not my drink of choice, but with a little lemon and sugar I can be persuaded.

I've mentioned in the past I'm not a fan of sugar rims on glasses - that cinnamon sugar craze that swept the nation a few years back, served up with pumpkin ales cured me of that. Who wants to wash their hands after every sip? Though, I have come to realize since that there is a simple way to avoid that happening - don't douse your glass in water and it won't drip down the sides. But in a crowded bar, their biggest concern isn't to keep your glass nice and neat. It's funny how one bad experience can ruin a thing for you, like a really cute haircut on an awful person. It leaves a sour taste. Unexpectedly appropriate lemon joke.
lemon drop martini
lemon drop martini
lemon drop martini
2 ounces vodka
1/2 ounce triple sec
1 ounce simple syrup
1 ounce lemon juice
sugar (for rim)

Fill a shaker with ice. Add vodka, triple sec, simple syrup, and lemon juice. Shake until the ice breaks up a bit. Carefully rub the rim of the glass with lemon juice and dip in sugar to coat the rim. Strain mixture into the glass and enjoy!
lemon drop martini

Thursday, March 26

anine bing studded boots

Ok, it's time to talk about these boots. I had discovered Anine's instagram, which lead me to her website and these beauties. It was love at first sight and as luck would have it, a shop opened up down the street from me the following week. I may have stopped a man carrying boxes during the initial store set up to confirm that this was really happening. I popped in the next day and have been impatiently waiting for the weather to be nice enough not to ruin them. I broke them out for the first time late last week and haven't wanted to take them off since. They perfectly capture that effortless, cool girl look and I feel like a badass in them. Apologizing now for the frequency at which you will be seeing these from now until they fall apart. 

Wednesday, March 25

spring fling

Though the weather hasn't quite caught up to the season (I'll give it a few weeks, it's just the start), after a long harsh winter I'm very much looking forward to escaping the clutches of pants and breaking out my dresses again. And so begins the hunt for the perfect little white dress. I do this every year and have yet to find the one, the wear anywhere, day to night dress. I love this one from Topshop. It checks just about every box on my list. It has a fitted waist, an interesting pattern that gives it a bit of edge, and is an appropriate length for a day at the office topped with a cardigan. I'm thinking a spring cocktail party, maybe on a rooftop somewhere with a fantastic view of the city. For such an occasion I'd pair it with a pair of comfortable espadrilles and pink bordering on neutral finishing touches. 

Tuesday, March 24

mint julep

If this outfit looks familiar it's because I pretty much recreated it from this post. What can I say? I liked it, but the real life version was even better. I cannot tell you how much I love this cardigan from The Mint Julep. It's that perfect weight that transcends seasons. I'm one of those people that will happily wear sweaters and long sleeves year round - it's practical for those chilly nights and I love the balance. I'm already dreaming of wearing it while watching the sun set over the beach. There will also be a picnic and maybe a small fire. For now, I'll settle for these up and down temperatures as long as it's officially called "spring". 

PS. The arrow ring came in this month's rocksbox and I am obsessed with it. You can still get a discount with the code "proseccointheparkxoxo".

Monday, March 23

saturday night

j. crew top {last seen here} . rich and skinny pants . maje coat {sold out / similar} . chloe handbag . anine bing boots {last seen here} . karen walker sunglasses . catbird, virginie millefiori, and house of harlow rings . sophie harper bracelet . butter london lippy in "primrose hill picnic"

Simply put, I wore this out to dinner Saturday night. It's finally gotten warm enough that I am willing to leave my apartment after the sun goes down. Who would have thought, especially after it snowed on Friday. I really love this top. If it looks familiar, it's because I previously featured it in a currently loving here. I scooped it up shortly after. Though it doesn't fall into the category of fitted, ladylike pieces I'm trying to wear more of, I couldn't resist. It's floaty and sweet and I want one in every color. For a late dinner in the village I toughened it up a bit with simple black pants and studded ankle boots.

PS. You can still get a discount if you sign up for Rocksbox with the code "proseccointheparkxoxo"

Friday, March 20

summer in a glass

Last week's blueberry rum smash got me thinking about this cocktail I made last summer. It clearly needs a better name, but boy was it good. What can I say? I like fizzy drinks. There is something about them that screams warm weather and I like that, especially as the forecast today is calling for snow. On that note, I am re-sharing this recipe for what is essentially summer in a glass. Fingers crossed it comes soon. 
3/4 oz strawberry puree
1 1/4 oz lemon juice
1 teaspoon sugar
2 oz whiskey
1 1/2 oz soda water

Puree the strawberries then pour into a large glass, or shaker. Add lemon juice, sugar, whiskey. Stir until sugar is dissolved, pour over ice, and top with soda water. 
And as for blog things, I'm planning to be back to regularly scheduled programming next week. This one has been mad what with the start of the NCAA tournament and all. I just have to get through the next ten seconds, and then the next ten after that. Brownie points if you get that reference.

Happy Spring everyone!

Thursday, March 19

spring inspiration: hair

Around this time every year I decide I need a change when it comes to my hairstyle, that I'm finally going to cut all off to that perfect Grace Kelly, shoulder sweeping bob. But as I spent years wanting it to be the length it currently is, I've been having a bit of trouble deciding if I should really go for it this time or not. I have a decision to make, and an appointment next week. Regardless, it definitely needs to come up a little in length. 

This spring my goal is to change things up and try some of those new styles I've had pinned for ages. What am I collecting them for if I'm not going to try them? I'd also like to achieve loose waves and that pretty, messy natural looking texture. I can tell you right now the latter is not in the cards for me. 

Five looks to try this season:

Do you have any spring hair goals?

Wednesday, March 18

currently loving: spring beauty edition

I'm not one of those girls that changes their entire routine with the season. Sure I change some things (I for one am looking forward to not having to use aquaphor as hand cream), but since I tend to stick to neutrals year round I don't need to switch out any products aside from a few lipsticks and glosses.

And so I give you, five beauty products I'm currently loving.

1. "Grace" is by far my favorite red lipstick. It's a classic red, aptly named for Ms. Kelly. It's perfectly pigmented, long lasting, and hydrating. As much as I love NARS' "Heat wave", I find it a bit too dry. After an hour or so my lips feel too dry. Obviously I'm doing something wrong. 

2. This Sephora lip liner has been a live saver. It goes on clear so you don't need to worry about matching it to the shade you're wearing, which is something I love as I bounce back and forth between reds and pinks all season. 

3. We have been in desperate need of a new hair dryer for, dare I say, years. Our old one makes a screeching sound if you hold it the wrong way, which you could say complicates the process of styling your hair. I spent about a month researching the best hair dryers on the market and figuring out what I wanted from one. I found this guide very helpful when it came to narrowing down what features I was looking for. In the end I decided to go with Drybar's Buttercup. The very first day out of the box I stood in front of the mirror asking aloud "what kind of sorcery is this?" JD laughed but my hair looked amazing. No frizz, tons of volume, pure magic I tell you.

* Please note this is not a paid advertisement for Drybar, I'm just in love with this hairdryer.

4. Let me start by saying that my hair is pretty much resistant to being styled. If I curl it, it will be straight within half an hour tops and hair spray and styling products only make it look worse once that happens. This hairspray however has been working wonders, holding curls longer (obviously not all day long as this is my hair we're talking about) and is extremely lightweight so you don't get that gross stiff feeling. I'm not crazy about the old fashioned hairspray scent but it's working and that's enough for me.

5. I love this lip gloss (and it's matching nail polish, also named "Primrose Hill Picnic"). It's very bright so I usually put on just a little bit when I wear it. It's not too sticky, which is important if you have hair, and stays on all day. 

And that's that. What beauty products are you currently loving?

Tuesday, March 17

spring inspiration: style

This week's lineup is going to be a little different as my photographer and I had separate plans this weekend. So instead of sharing subpar pictures of outfits I'm not crazy about, I'm going to do a series on some personal style/wardrobe and beauty goals I have for this spring.

I tend to be drawn to loose, flowing pieces. You know, silky blouses that make you feel sweet and girly, the tank you want to live in and imagine wearing to some sort of outdoor festival, and easy day dresses with drop waists reminiscent of the 1920s. They are comfortable and forgiving, but simply put, not very flattering on my figure. While I still plan on wearing them and making myself appear larger than I am, this season I'd like to place a focus on incorporating more figure flattering pieces. Think Grace Kelly. Classic tailored and well balanced, ladylike silhouettes. It always circles back to Grace.

Some spring inspiration...

What are your goals for the new season?

Friday, March 13

blueberry rum smash

With temperatures reaching upwards of forty degrees all week here in New York I have officially gotten into warm weather mode. It's 100% spring in my mind, as it will be in reality next week regardless of what the weather is doing. So with that, I decided that this week's cocktail should be a fruit filled summery dream. Because, why not? And with that I give you...

a handful of blueberries
1 tablespoon brown sugar
3/4 ounce lemon juice
2 ounces rum
club soda

In a tumbler, muddle blueberries, brown sugar, and lemon until sugar is dissolved. You don't want to completely mash the blueberries to a pulp, just break the skin. Add ice and rum and top with soda. Give it a light stir and enjoy!

The original recipe (see here) I found for this called for a topper of ginger ale but since I'm not fond of super sweet drinks and brown sugar and fresh blueberries were in the equation, I decided to opt for plain club soda instead.
Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for reading!

Wednesday, March 11

now & later

I really love transitional pieces, things that can be dressed up or down and worn throughout several seasons. Not only is it a nice way to make the most of your closet, it also forces you to get creative in order to change things up season to season. In my opinion, each of these pieces has the potential to do it. This pretty silk top from J. Crew can be worn now with a long cardigan and boots, and in a few months over a midi skirt or shorts. For an in-between winter and spring look I'd pair it with a simple pair of jeans, classic sunglasses, and pretty pink flats. I'm not sure how practical these are for a girl who doesn't often wear pink if it's not nail polish, but I just love these. The color, the scallop detail... I'm looking at you JD.

Tuesday, March 10

spring breakdown

j. crew shirt {old / similar} . rich and skinny pants . anthropologie bow {last seen here / taken from an old top} . maje coat {sold out / similar} . cuyana handbag . asos flats {last seen here / similar} . karen walker sunglasseschanel nail polish in "may"jouer lipgloss in "birchbox pink"

It's barely a secret I'm aching for a European vacation. It's the time of year. The ghosts of vacations past come out to remind me that I'm not escaping the last bits of winter in New York somewhere slightly warmer and less melty. As a result, I've placed a heavy focus on enjoying the city, trying to see it through the refreshed eyes of the tourists ambling four across down Bleecker. When the sun hits just right I see it. It almost feels like Spring. 

When I put this outfit on I felt very girly and a little bit French. In simple black and white, tiny polka dots, and a bow it's hard not to. For a less wintery feel, I paired it all with my "bring to work" flats, last seen over the summer. The ratio of puddles to people in NY is staggering right now. I'm not taking any chances in suede, let alone exposed sides, so I've been toting these along to work to make myself feel a little better and give myself a break from boots. It won't be long now.

Monday, March 9

fancy pants

h&m top {last seen here / similar} . zara pants {old / similar} .  maje coat {sold out / similar} . via spiga heels {old / similar} . cuyana handbag . karen walker sunglasses . chanel nail polish in "may"

By this point in the winter I find myself feeling more and more like I "have nothing to wear". I have exhausted my favorites and worn everything one too many times. You could say I'm stuck in a end of season closet rut. I don't want to break out my new spring pieces just yet so instead, to combat my wardrobe restlessness, I've been making an effort to pair pieces that I haven't previously and utilize some of those items I haven't worn as much. 

A couple of years ago these pants were in stead rotation, but as I've been wearing snow boots just about every day this winter, I have left them tucked away in favor of more neutral pants that will look okay if I don't want to change out of my boots when I get to work. Lazy, I know. It's the little things. To switch things up a bit I paired them with a simple slate blue top from H&M and suede heels.

On a much cuter note, today my best buddy, almost eight pound Mischa turns NINE! My how the time flies. I absolutely cannot wait to see her on Thursday so we can eat eggs and cheese and take naps. 
prosecco in the park | baby mischa
prosecco in the park | mischa potatoes