Thursday, February 26


splendid top {also love this one!} . asos pants {old / similar} . steve madden boots {borrowed from mom / similar} . mulberry handbag . warby parker sunglasses {old / similar} . jouer lip gloss in "mirage" . essie nail polish in "find me an oasis"

Going a little off topic today - I have been thinking a lot lately about cutting my hair. I've always gravitated towards that classic just above the shoulders Grace Kelly cut. It's timeless, flattering on most, and has the potential to look polished or messy. At this rate, it's been a years long debate. I had my hair short back in college and loved it but as these things go, having short hair created a desire to have really long hair and now that my hair has finally reached the desired length of 2012 I feel almost guilty at the thought of chopping it all off. And now with the cut being so popular, well I find that a bit off putting. I mean, who doesn't have some kind of long bob right now Hollywood?It's the trendy cut right now. I suppose that's my answer.

This is an outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago but didn't get around to sharing until now. I had been wanting a pale blush colored sweater and came this close to buying one when I remembered I had this one tucked away in a drawer at my mom's house. One of the perks of going home is that my mom wears the same size shoe as me. I love the buckles and cutout details on the sides on these boots, they have that tough, cool feel. If it were warmer I'd pair them with a feminine floral dress, I think that would be a fun balance. Since it's not, I paired them with distressed black pants and a warm top for a relaxed weekend look. 

Wednesday, February 25

winter whites

sweater . nail polish . handbag .  flats . bracelet . hat . pants 

As I've been saying like a broken record these last few weeks, I've slowly but surely been veering away from my darker cold weather wardrobe towards lighter pieces that remind me of spring, or the snow since spring doesn't seem to be coming. I love wearing white in the winter, though I certainly don't do it enough. It's transition from season to season is effortless. I'd pair these white pants with a cozy off white sweater, blush handbag, nude flats, white nail polish, and a delicate gold bracelet. While this look ended up being a bit more blush than white, I'd happily wear it today, next week, and straight through May. 

Tuesday, February 24


This House of Harlow bracelet was the third and final piece in my first rocksbox. While it's not my usual style as I don't generally wear a lot of bracelets outside of bangles in the summer, I like this one. It's a little tougher, so I paired it with a "downtown" inspired outfit. As much as I have been trying to stay away from those harsh dark colors, sometimes they just suck you in, especially on gray days. As you can tell I am clearly not wearing the right footwear for this slush festival. Rest assured that quickly changed moments after these photos were snapped. 

PS. rocksbox is offering your first month free with the code "proseccointheparkxoxo".

Monday, February 23


If you told me back in the fall when it was first starting to get cold that forty degrees would feel like a beautiful spring day in a couple of months I probably would have packed my bags and left town, become a snow bird. (At least in a dream world where I could do that.) I took advantage of the lovely weather yesterday by wearing a regular shirt instead of my usual three layers of sweaters. As cool as it is to watch huge waves of ice float down the Hudson all day, please, warm up already New York.

In other news, I finally caved and gave rocksbox a try, which is where this necklace and earrings are from. I'd have to say box one has been a success. They are kindly offering a month free if you sign up with the code "proseccointheparkxoxo". 

I hope you had a great weekend and promise not to talk about the weather the rest of the week.

Friday, February 20

cranberry apple fizz

It would be lazy to do another variation of an old fashioned with my fancy new bitters, as tempting as it may be. So instead, a fizzy pink drink with wintery elements. I came up with this one a couple of weeks ago while trying to figure out what to mix with apple cider. The cranberry juice and cider balanced nicely so it wasn't too sweet, and the ginger ale added a fun little fizz. You couldn't taste the vodka at all. 

1.5 ounce vodka
1 ounce apple cider
1.5 ounces cranberry juice
2 ounces ginger ale

In a large glass or shaker, add vodka, apple cider, and cranberry juice. Shake or stir. Top with ginger ale, stir, and pour over ice.
Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 19

for the birds

maje coat {sold out / similar} . asos top {very old / similar, also love this one} . rich and skinny pants cuyana handbag . sam edelman boots . world market scarf {similar / also love this one} . catbird + virginie millefiori rings . butter london nail polish in "primrose hill picnic"

JD and I both had the day off last Thursday as previously mentioned. We took advantage of this rare occurrence just before the cold snap by going to brunch and doing a little bitters shopping before heading over to Grand Central for oysters and our little meet up. Being the cocktail enthusiasts we are, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I had absolutely no idea there were so many different kinds of bitters out there. There was an entire wall to sample, not an exaggeration. We ended up with lavender and chocolate, mostly because I decided I wanted to mix them both together with whiskey in a single drink. Let me tell you, it was good. This is what I wore, in case you were wondering. I've had this ASOS bird top for years (2010 I think). It was one of those things I couldn't stop thinking about once I saw it. I used to wear it over a black skirt with a lace trim, belted at the waist, with knee high boots. I felt like Emily from The Devil Wears Prada whenever I wore it, that and this green dress... come to think of it maybe it was just those boots. Maybe I should start wearing them again. My 2015 take on this top is much more simple. Black pants and ankle boots do just fine. 

Wednesday, February 18

on the horizon

sunglasses . handbag . top . necklace . cardigan . denim . boots

Though it may feel like there is no such thing as spring at this point in the winter, it will get here... eventually. Usually at this point in the season I find myself craving citrus and winter whites - anything but the harsh, dark colors New York adopt's in the fall. This ensemble isn't quite dressing for a different season but instead a transitional taste of it. Each of these pieces can be worn now and straight through summer (especially if you're like me tote a cardigan around like it's your job).

For a lighter winter look, I'd warm this silk grapefruit colored top up with a thick open cardigan, boyfriend jeans, and a delicate layered necklace. I have been trying to make more of an effort lately to branch out when it comes to accessories, the little details that help spice up a look. As someone who pulls a lot of weird faces while attempting to document her outfits, sunglasses are key. I love this pair from Eyeglass Discounter that share the same citrus-y hue (and this one, and these too , and you can never go wrong with this classic pair of Ray Bans).

Tuesday, February 17


maje coat {old / similar} . j. crew sweater . american eagle jeans . mulberry handbag . michael kors boots {sold out / flat version} . j. crew necklace {old / similar} . jouer lip gloss in "mirage"

I'm going to keep things short and sweet today. You know when you get something new and you want to wear it every day? That is how I feel about this sweater. I wore this outfit to work last week and am now patiently waiting for a reasonable amount of time to pass so I can wear it again. It has been unbelievably cold here the last couple of days so incase you are wondering/concerned, this was not one of those days. 

Friday, February 13

lavender lime bee's knees

JD had the day off yesterday for Lincoln's Birthday so we took advantage of this rare occasion and crossed a few things off of our collective to do list. One of those things was to visit Taste NY in Grand Central. We had been wanting to stop in since our friend Gabriella from One Woman told us about it a while back. They sell wine, beer, and other treats made exclusively in New York state. We walked in to find Frank the owner and chef at one of our favorite restaurants, Biere in Greenport, as well as Gabriella, and Claire from Catskill Provisions. It was essentially a little North Fork reunion, I was so happy. 

Inspired by Claire's wildflower honey I decided to try my hand at another variation of the Bee's Knees - one, for Valentine's and two, just so I could say that something was "the bee's knees" out loud. We recently picked up some lavender bitters and ran out of lemon so this lime version was an experiment I'm happy to say turned out well. The lavender bitters played nicely with the botanical notes in the honey and balanced well with the tartness of the lime. 
2 oz gin
3/4 oz honey simple syrup
3/4 oz lime juice
3 dashes lavender bitters

Slice one lime in half, squeeze juice into a large glass or shaker. Add honey simple syrup, gin, and lavender bitters. Stir, pour over ice, and enjoy!

To make honey simple syrup mix equal parts honey and water until combined.

It really is that simple.  
Happy Friday, Happy Valentine's Day, and have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 12

cozy date night

zara sweater {last seen here / similar here + here} . j. crew shirt {last seen here / currently on sale} rich and skinny pants . mulberry handbag {in black} . karen walker sunglasses . via spiga heels {very old / last seen here / similar} . essie nail polish in "find me an oasis"

It's important to me that I'm not cold, which ends with me dressing in lots of layers, cozy sweaters, and thick scarves. Evenings out are typically not ideal for such attire and if there is one style rule I keep, it is that I like to be appropriately dressed for the occasion. I take this very seriously - ask anyone I have consulted before attending a wedding, it's always a headache. Trying to pry myself out of this never ending parade of sweaters and jeans, I decided it was time to attempt dressing up the look. I did this by layering a silk blouse beneath my sweater and pairing with black suede heels to achieve a little more of an evening feel. I'd call it a successful compromise - I get to stay in my winter comfort zone, but feel a little more appropriate once the lights are dimmed.

Wednesday, February 11

studded ankle boots

As if I need another pair of ankle boots, I have not been able to stop thinking about this Anine Bing pair since I first spotted them on instagram. They're tough but feminine and I would wear them with absolutely everything. I created this look with Lizzy Caplan and Kristen Wiig in mind. They both have that effortless, cool look I wish I could pull off. Try as I may, I always feel like a fraud when I attempt dressing like this. Hands down, I know I'm not cool enough. If I were... I would pair these studded ankle boots with this loose silk dress with cutouts, a fringed cross body, and bold accessories.

What is currently at the top of your wishlist?

Tuesday, February 10

little hearts

j. crew sweater {last seen here / similar} . vince pants {available in bluebrown} . scarf {similar here + here} . mulberry handbag . sam edelman boots . essie nail polish in "find me an oasis" 

There are so many things I'd like to write about but it's split half and half - those things are either wildly inappropriate or the words don't come. No one likes to listen to complaints so instead, I thought I'd share some things I currently have on my mind. 

one. I really miss my dog. She is currently living with my mom an hour and a half away and it is killing me. We visited over my "weekend" and the little boss kept me on short leash. It was what I imagine house arrest to be like except the thing keeping you there is an (almost) eight pound yorkshire terrier who has her own theme song. 

two. Something about how I got this scarf as a Christmas gift the year before last from my cousin and how appropriate I think it is what with Valentine's Day coming up and all. 

three. Hey look, I'm not wearing snow boots!

four. Lately I have been thinking it might be time to set some personal style goals for myself - branch out a bit more, experiment with tights, wear anything but skinny pants and a sweater. 

five. I'd suggest not wearing ankle boots but that hits too close to home.

And on that note, happy Tuesday. 

Monday, February 9

pattern mixing

madewell top {old / similar style} . asos pants {old / similar style} . urban outfitters scarf {last seen here} . sam edelman boots . karen walker sunglasses . scervino street handbag {borrowed from mom / similar styles here + here} . essie nail polish in "find me an oasis"

There is something about this time of year that makes me start to feel a little antsy for warmer weather. I have been thinking about wearing these pants for weeks, weeks I tell you, but have restrained out of fear of freezing. With temps back up in the thirties this weekend I decided to pull them out of my closet, get it out of my system. There is a lot going on with this outfit - distressed pants, a striped top, plaid blanket scarf, floral purse - but I think it all goes together nicely in a weird little way. I rarely mix patterns aside from stripes and florals in the spring and summer, I may have gotten a little carried away.

I'm going to keep things short and sweet today as I'm a bit exhausted / sleep deprived.

Happy Monday, thank you so much for reading!

Friday, February 6

amaretto apple cider

I like to make cocktails based on ingredients I already have, it forces me to get creative and try new things. This week we had apple cider so I decided to work with that and took to the internet to find some recipes that incorporated it. I didn't have to think twice when I spotted this recipe for an apple cider cocktail with amaretto and rum. While the recipe called for a cinnamon and sugar rim, I didn't feel it was quite necessary, this drink is sweet enough of it's own and as nice as a sugar rim sounds I always find them to be too messy.

2.5 ounces apple cider
1 ounce amaretto
1 ounce spiced rum
a cinnamon stick for garnish

In a shaker or glass, add apple cider, amaretto, and rum. Stir, pour over ice, and enjoy!
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