Friday, January 30

you're turning violet, violet

I found the recipe for this drink in the same book as last week's cocktail. I read on for the name, quoting quite the disturbing scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. You know, thinking about it, most of that movie is disturbing, but I digress. The text said that this drink was created to suit a difficult to use whiskey I can't say I've tried but the idea of using blueberry preserves held my attention. This drink is sort of similar to the raspberry rye smash we did back in November but with the addition of some bitters and lemon juice instead of orange. It came out quite nicely, not too sweet as the preserves and lemon juice balanced each other, and with a little kick from the bitters. I for one wanted seconds.
2 ounces whiskey
1/2 ounce lemon juice
3 teaspoons blueberry preserves
3 dashes New Orleans bitters (we used Bittermilk No. 4)
blueberries for garnish

In a shaker combine whiskey, lemon juice, blueberry preserves, and bitters. Shake with ice and strain into you glass of choice. Garnish with fresh blueberries if you like and enjoy!

Thursday, January 29


Hey northeast, it's winter! You know what that means... time to panic, buy all of the bread and milk you can find, and pretend that snow is a completely unknown terror. Or, you could do your normal grocery shopping and behave like a rational person who sees two feet of snow at least once every year. I'm not a fan of the way these typical winter storms are covered if you can tell. 

As it turns out (luckily), the "blizzard" was a bust for NYC and I went to work once the subway was back up in the morning on Tuesday, which is when JD and I shot these photos. Did I feel ridiculous standing in the middle of the snowy street without a coat on? Yes! I did. The few people walking by agreed. I got a few "what is she doing?" looks, but at this point I really don't care. It's funny how that has changed.

This outfit may look familiar and that is because it is virtually a recreation of a snow day inspired compilation of some things I was "currently loving" back in November (see here). I ended up buying the shirt and snowballs featured and have basically been waiting for it to snow so I could wear it all together. I have been living in these boots lately / all week and am happy to report that they are extremely warm. In retrospect I should have been bringing a second pair of shoes to work instead of wearing them all day but they're just so cute and comfortable I don't want to. 

Wednesday, January 28

winter blues

I know we just experienced a "blizzard", it's clearly winter here in the northeast, but i've got warmer days on my mind. It's hard not to, especially with pretty resort pieces like this Zimmermann dress popping up online and in stores. The pale blues and whites blend right in with all the snow and are soft enough to pass for winter attire, albeit dressed up with some warmer pieces. I would pair it with a navy handbag and hat, berry colored heels, and pale blue nail polish.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 27

friday night

We sat the corner of the bar as little white puffs of snow floated down from the night sky. Groups of people came and left, leaning over us occasionally to place orders. We were in our own little world, sampling bourbon and tequila barrel stouts and giggling at the odd bits of overheard conversation - "You should totally have a wedding on ice, ride in on a zamboni!" - letting them spark our own. "Could you imagine that with our friends?" I pictured a sloppy arrangement of the old hockey boys struggling to keep it together at such an event. They know how to skate just fine, but it would certainly be a show. I hadn't realized how full the room had gotten. I love that feeling, as if you're the only two there, tucked away and happy as a clam at high water. I am a lucky girl.

For our date Friday night I kept things simple and comfortable in a romantic embroidered top with an open camel colored cardigan (that JD assured me did not look frumpy), dark wash denim, and the most comfortable suede over the knee boots. As the weather has been challenging (hello blizzard 2015!) we have been experimenting with shooting indoors as of late. It's certainly not the same, but it is warmer. 

To all of you currently enjoying this blizzard, stay safe and warm!

Monday, January 26


maje coat {sold out / similar style} . chelsea 28 sweater {similar here + here}. american eagle jeans . sorel boots {last seen here} . mulberry handbag . smartwool hat . madova gloves {similar} . world market scarf {similar / also love this one!}. chanel nail polish in 'may' (wishful thinking, right?)

The word "basket" will always remind me of improv. Early last winter I was in a practice group with some of my classmates from 301. We'd rent a room in an old building in the garment district and meet once or twice a week. The back wall was always a mirror with cheap curtains you didn't want to touch to cover it, a dusty upright piano stood nestled in the corner, and the sounds of dance numbers being practiced occasionally drifted in from down the hall. I struggled in this group. It was my first experience with "actors", the dramatic types that don't like to share the spotlight or play by the rules. Back then I wasn't yelling boarding instructions at strangers on the subway. It was clear I didn't fit in with these more aggressive players. Our wonderful coach, Nicole, expertly took on the massive task of controlling this unwieldy group. One of my favorite memories from this time was the couple of weeks in which we were repeatedly given the word "basket" as a suggestion. It forced some interesting ideas out of us after the third time, with everyone trying to think of something new and different. Recently, at one of her shows, JD shouted the word as a suggestion. Nicole rolled her eyes. Their idea was immediate and one we hadn't thought of all those months ago in the old dance room with steam heat and a snow covered balcony. It was a gift basket for a Grandmother for Christmas, which led to a conversation about why Nicole won't tell them where she grew up - "don't worry about it". 

This basketweave sweater was a Christmas gift from my Aunt. This past Saturday, I wore it to brunch with jeans (you know, to switch things up from my usual uniform of white sweaters and black pants) and my snow boots, which I foresee becoming my shoe of choice if New York City get as much snow as predicted this week. 

Happy Monday and thank you for reading!

Friday, January 23


1908 Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail | Prosecco in the Park
In keeping with the island inspired nutmeg thing I've got going on right now, I needed to share this twist on one of my favorite cocktails, the old fashioned. I came across this recipe flipping through Robert Simonson's The Old-Fashioned. The book is filled with interesting history about the drink, as well as inventive takes on it, both new and old. 

The recipe for this cocktail was published in the New York Sun in 1908 and is not quite an old fashioned. The story is that the reporter most likely applied the name by mistake or that it's creator, Colonel Jim Gray, was misquoted in the article. It's delicious regardless and I'm so happy to have tried it. It's simple to make with only three ingredients, it's impossible to mess up. 
1908 Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail | Prosecco in the Park
1908 Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail | Prosecco in the Park
1908 Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail | Prosecco in the Park
The book calls it "Col. Jim Gray's Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail", I'm calling it the 1908. 

2 ounces bourbon (or rye)
1 sugar cube
dash of nutmeg

In a mixing glass muddle the sugar cube with a teaspoon or two of water. Sprinkle nutmeg in the glass, add whiskey and ice, and shake. Strain into a glass for serving and top with another dash of nutmeg.

Happy Friday, I hope you all enjoy your weekend! And please let me know if you end up trying this!

Thursday, January 22


I hate talking about the weather, I really do, but it's something I always find myself talking or writing about anyway. I even did a monologue about it in an improv class once, the joys of commuting in Nassau County when there is so much as a cloud in the sky. I can't escape it, especially when it comes to getting dressed, which depends so heavily on what's going on outside. If there is one "resolution" to make this year, for me, it will be to start writing and talking about absolutely anything else. Now ignoring everything I just said, the other day I took advantage of the slightly warmer than freezing temperatures and wore my scarf on the outside of my coat for a change. 

What is a topic of boring conversation you just can't get away from?

Wednesday, January 21

winter beauty essentials

The winter has been harsh on my hair and skin, both are struggling to remain hydrated. My beauty routine as of late has included barrels of deep conditioning treatments and enough aquaphor to coat an elephant twice. While it's not the most pleasant topic of conversation, I'm probably not the only one dealing with it so I thought I'd share some of the products that have been helping.

The salt water did a number on my hair in Tortola. It felt like straw no matter how much conditioner I left in it and stayed that way up until last week when I decided to use every weapon in my toiletry basket. 
I've been using this Fekkair Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner on and off for a couple of years now. It does a fantastic job at rehydrating my hair and making it look smooth, the only downside it that it is on the heavy side so it can weigh it down. 

I cannot say enough good things about this elixir. I use it on the ends of my hair after every wash to keep them smooth and healthy. 

Would you believe that my hair soaked this masque up like it was nothing last week? Neither could I. This is what I turn to when my hair gets really rough, it does such a good job at making my hair look healthy and normal again. I put it on wet hair, twist it up into a bun, and leave it overnight. It hardens when it dries so you don't have to worry about getting it all over your bedding. 

I use this on a regular basis, about every other wash. JD is convinced my hair looks shinier on days that I use it and I must say that I agree. 

This is pretty self explanatory as these all do pretty much the same thing on different levels, keep my skin from completely peeling off of my body. 
kiehl's ultra facial cream
The best for those super dry wintery days. It stays on all day long and keeps my skin hydrated without looking greasy.

kiehl's avocado eye cream
I really do believe that this eye cream helps reduce puffiness and keeps the delicate skin around your eyes looking smooth and hydrated.

Not going to lie, last week I was using this as hand cream (it was that bad) but it did the trick. I usually use this on my lips and cuticles.

eucerin skin calming creme
This body lotion has pretty much saved my skin, plus it's fragrance free so I don't mind wearing it. I don't know what it is but I really can't stand scented lotions.

This is so wonderful for exfoliating and cleansing your skin. I try not to use it every day in the winter as my skin tends to get so dry, but it certainly does help.

Tell me, what are you winter beauty must haves?

Tuesday, January 20

black, white, and tan

black, white, and tan
black, white, and tan
black, white, and tan
black, white, and tan
black, white, and tan
black, white, and tan

I bought this sweater on sale from J. Crew (are they ever not having a sale?) right before Christmas and wore it Christmas Eve with these pants and the black version of these boots with a puppy on my shoulder. Apparently, Mischa missed me and/or wanted her cut of my holiday snacks. I had been looking for a white sweater that wouldn't leave little fuzzies all over everything I owned, something comfortable, not so dark and "winter in New York". It's easy to fall into that pattern of dressing exclusively in dark colors, they are after all, slimming, and absolutely anything that will pull in warmth is welcome. 

At this point a sweater and some kind of pants has like it or not (I don't really like it) become my everyday uniform. The other day I opted for a simple, back to basics version of the look with a white sweater, black pants, and tan boots with a handbag to match. I've never been one to match my handbag to my shoes and it kind of did feel a little weird. JD even pointed it out, I can't decide if that is a good or bad thing. The last time he criticized one of my outfit choices it ended up doing extremely well so I guess we'll see. 

Monday, January 19

back to winter

vince top {similar} . zara scarf {similar} . rich and skinny pants {on sale!} . cuyana handbag . rag and bone boots {on crazy sale!} . karen walker sunglasses . catbird + virginie millefiori rings 

I think I've finally acclimated to these below freezing temperatures. I had been dreading getting back to business, standing outside sans coat but at 22 degrees on Saturday I didn't have any complaints. I wasn't freezing in the few minutes it took to document my outfit, which is funny because I recall a lot of shivering at 40 back in December. I didn't realize how cold it was until we were driving downtown and noticed how bundled everyone was, faces covered and all. I kept things simple with an icy winter palette of pale blue and off white paired with black pants and taupe boots borrowed from Mom. 

Happy Monday, I hope those of you who have the day off are enjoying your three day weekend!

Friday, January 16

sugar & spice white russian

sugar & spice white russian
sugar & spice white russian
sugar & spice white russian
Easing out of vacation mode can be rough. The last two weeks have been long ones but as my tan fades and the harsh reality of winter sinks in it's time to get back to reality (with a dash of nutmeg so I can pretend I'm still in Tortola). I was originally planning to feature one of our island favorites today, the painkiller, but when I spotted this recipe for a sugar and spice white russian on pinterest I couldn't resist. When it comes to proportions  for this cocktail there are be a lot of variations so I decided to work with what I had and make it to taste. This is what I came up with.

1 1/2 oz vodka
3/4 oz kahlua
4 oz almond milk
cinnamon sugar

In a shaker add vodka, kahlua, and almond milk. Shake and pour over ice. Sprinkle cinnamon sugar and nutmeg over the top and garnish with cinnamon stick if you like. 

This cocktail pretty much tastes like a milkshake and is so easy to make. I think I'll be sipping these for the reason of the season. 
sugar & spice white russian
Happy Friday and thank you for reading!

Thursday, January 15


I don't know if you've noticed this but I'm not usually one of those super bright color wearing girls. While I do love a pretty pink manicure, my warm weather wardrobe is composed mostly of neutrals with something bright thrown in here or there (see Tuesday's skirt). This dress was a bold choice for me and I admittedly look unwell in it without a tan so I had to save it for the very end of the trip when the freckles on my nose had combined into a dirty brown patch and my sunburn wasn't quite as evident. I was initially drawn to this neon dress for it's loose, drop-waist silhouette reminiscent of 1920s styles. It may not be the most flattering shape in the world but I do love it. This time around I kept things extremely simple with a pair of sunglasses and flip flops that are not pictured.

And thus concludes my vacation outfits.