July 3, 2015

bad blood

bad blood | prosecco in the park
bad blood | prosecco in the park
bad blood | prosecco in the park
bad blood | prosecco in the park
bad blood | prosecco in the park
 It's a three holiday weekend so this week I thought I'd share a breakfast cocktail to get things started on a fun note. After all, there is no reason not to today. This drink is a play on the popular brunch cocktail called the blood and sand. It is also the name of a Taylor Swift song. A blood and sand is typically made with cherry liqueur, a flavor I am less than fond of. As I've learned through trial and error, it's a flavor that really makes this drink taste the way it does. While JD happily enjoys sipping them at brunch, despite my love of whiskey I am not a fan. So, I did what I always do with recipes, alter them to suit my needs. I swapped cherry for raspberry liqueur and gave it a biting name. 

I really like this one a lot, the raspberry gives the drink a completely different flavor. It's sweet but not overly so and you can still taste each of the flavors, something the cherry liqueur masked. I also love that you can bring this cocktail with you throughout the day, it's not exclusively a brunch thing. I always feel a bit silly sipping a late afternoon mimosa, though I'm never really opposed. This one, bad blood, comes highly recommended. 

3/4 ounce scotch 
3/4 ounce sweet vermouth
3/4 ounce chambord
3/4 ounce orange juice

In a shaker or large glass combine scotch, vermouth, chambord, and orange juice. Pour over ice, garnish with a raspberry, enjoy!
bad blood | prosecco in the park
Have a safe and happy Fourth of July! And please let me know what you think if you try this one!


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