June 30, 2015

summer sunday

Sunday JD and I went to go see the final ASSSSCAT of the Del Close Marathon where the fact that I am old was magnified tenfold. First by the 10pm showtime. How I manage to stay awake and functioning at work until 3am is beyond me right now. I'm in for a treat this fall. Second by something the beautiful Amy Poehler said. Amy, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh took turns doing monologues. Ian told a story about a class in middle school where some kid climbed some thing and refused to get down. Amy capped it off by saying, "back then I would have been like "fuck that guy" (referring to the teacher trying to keep order), but now I'm like "fuck that kid, get him down!" Same. 

Yesterday we went to lunch at an island burrito shop that is always plagued by teenagers. Maybe it's because there are so few of them in Manhattan. Maybe it's because the ones I know are old folks at heart. But I just don't get them. I feel so out of the loop. And if I hear someone misuse the word "random" one more time. My goodness. Meeting your bff for a pre-planned event is in absolutely no way "random". It would be random if you fell into a well on your way there. 

I wore this to the show on Sunday. Believe it or not, that's not a pajama top. It has been cool these last few days and I happily took advantage of that by wearing pants. As it had been raining on and off I stuck with boat shoes (something I don't mind getting wet) and carried an umbrella in my bag, just incase.


  1. HAHAHA "it would be random if you fell into a well on your way there" that seriously had me cracking up! I know exactly what you mean about teenagers. Ugh. When did we get so old? Love this look girl, casual yet super classy! That shirt would be so cute with shorts too!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. First of all hearing those monologues must have been amazing!! How are they using the word random aside from the actual definition of the word?! Love that we can still wear jeans right now lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Love the casual chic look of this outfit, Have a great week pretty lady.

  4. This is THE perfect weekend look!


  5. i'm so into the ripped black jeans this summer, looks great!

  6. nice outfit! love the shirt!

    p.s. check out my new post

  7. A show starting at 10!? I would have never made it. Also, what is this job? Work until 3am??

    I love this top. I am so drawn to clothes that are questionably something else... a sweater that is basically a blanket, a dress that is basically a sack. I am all about a top that is basically pajamas :)

    xx Katie
    lovely letters


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