Tuesday, March 3


Growing up things like the Hudson freezing was the stuff of stories. It happened back in the old days when they walked to school ten miles up a hill in the snow, 1895. I've had a few of those moments over the last couple of months, but it was one thing I never quite thought I'd see. I've spent the winter watching the ice stretch further and further out across the Hudson River from my office window and this past Saturday I stood on the Long Island Sound. JD and I took a day trip out to visit a few of our favorite places and on the way home, stopped at a small stretch of beach to climb down and look at the frozen water. It was an incredible sight, one I'm happy to have witnessed. I like the idea of living in an old story and the dream of one day telling it.

I kept things simple with jeans and a sweater and piled on the layers as per usual. One of these days it will warm up, right? It's bad when that has become a question. 


  1. Great photos!


  2. It's become the ultimate question of when this Winter will end!! Amazing what the beach looks like! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. You still look fantastic even in those chilly conditions!!

  4. Cute I love the detailing on that sweater! It looks so cold!!!


  5. Great outfit. Love how you are braving the elements by the river.


  6. Wow- what an amazing thing to witness. Photos are gorgeous and you always manage to look perfectly stunning!


  7. Stay warm girlie! Perfect, classic style as always!


  8. Such a crazy sight! I can't believe this happens! This is such a great story to be able to tell.

    xx Katie
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