January 8, 2015

your plane will get here when it lands

I'll start at the beginning. Tortola is an amazing place to visit. It's teaming with beautiful beaches, terrifying switchbacks with postcard views, and a lot of wild chickens. Getting there is a pain in the ass. This year, with a lack of options we flew to Puerto Rico and booked a flight on a teeny tiny little cessna to hop on over. We arrived early. Half of our group got on one flight and we were assured that we would be on the next in approximately ten minutes. About four hours later, after being "bumped" from two flights we boarded along with two guys who had been waiting for a grand total of six hours. When we asked what was up / why those other families got on before us when we had already been waiting two hours / when we would be leaving this barren section of the airport, after a very long pause we were given this gem of an answer: "your plane will get here when it lands". 

The very same thing happened to Kaitlin the following day, but she had Will Arnett and Lana Del Ray to keep her company. When I called at 8pm to check up on the status of her 2:30pm flight the woman who answered said, and I quote, "uhhhhh........ one should be landing soon." 

I only have more questions now. They are as follows.

Is "out of sight, out of mind" an official motto or did you decide to adopt it on a whim? 
What do you mean the airport in Virgin Gorda has no lights? 
What does "ten minutes" mean to you?
Is losing track of your planes a normal occurrence?
Where are the hidden cameras? 

Our return flight went as expected. 

Now on to the trip!
h&m dress {last seen here} . karen walker sunglasses . l space swimsuit top + bottom {not pictured}

We spent our first full day all together at my favorite beach, Smuggler's Cove, building a sand man because I saw a picture of one on instagram and felt compelled to replicate it while singing / trying to remember the words to that song from Frozen. I wore this gauzy little black dress from H&M as a coverup. I had my eye it all summer and even featured it in a currently loving post back in July.  I finally scooped it up just as the leaves were turning. That is when I realized that it's much to thin to wear as anything other than a cover up, but I don't mind.


  1. Oh my, that sounds a little exhausting, but wow it looks incredible! I can't wait to hear more about it and see all the amazing outfits!

  2. fun time.. nice atmosphere

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  4. OMG the water on that island is out of this world gorgeous!! We'll just chalk up the travel mishap to being on island time!! We're headed to Puerto Rico in April and I sure hope we dont experience anything like that LOL! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. Virgin Gorda is amazing, but we normally do a day trip by boat leaving from Red Hook in St. Thomas. The beaches are beautiful and The Baths are breathtaking. Its definitely nice to get out of your norm and head there, that's for matter how long it may have taken you. It sounds like you were experiencing "island time". :-)

    XO, Jaime

  6. Literally drooling! I am currently sitting here in 5 degree temperatures and wishing I was there. So sorry to hear about the travel troubles in the beginning. At least it was worth it!


  7. oh geez, i would just be getting so annoyed, like come on just give me a straight answer so i can get there!! but i am so glad that you finally did get there and the view alone looks worth it!

    just clicked on the link to your swimsuit, sooo cute, i want summer now!

    also, i have always wondered since i think you guys go to tortola every year (?) but what is the reason for always choosing there? did one of y'all grow up going there or did it just become "your spot"?

    xo mk
    gold-hatted lover

  8. This looks amazing and totally worth the hassle!

    Heidi D.

  9. I'm so jealous of your amazing trip, I'm freezing my booty off in NYC right now and your instagrams made me want warm weather so bad!

  10. You look beautiful, Lyndsay! How cool that your friend got to see Will Arnett!

  11. aww haha sounds like you had quite an experience getting to paradise! Love the beach pictures though, it;s so cold here, I've been dreaming of going on a tropical vacay! The dress coverup is great on you!


  12. That doesn't sound like the funnest way to get there but being there seems absolutely worth any exhaustion and hassle, it is so incredibly beautiful!

    xx Cara

  13. Wow that sounds horrible! At least after all that mess your scenery was beautiful and you seemed to be having a great time! Enjoy the rest of your stay!
    x Love from Jamaica!

    Swankxtar Style Blog

  14. Ok that whole flight thing really sucks but I had to laugh at the "your flight will get here when it lands comment". I would have been like "thanks genius". Seriously though, Smuggler's Cove looks AMAZING!

  15. Looks gorgeous!! I'm jealous of your little getaway ;) I had a similar experience flying from the Bahamas once, but they were right, the plane DID get there when it got there haha.

    Kristina does the Internets

  16. Oh my gosh, that sounds like the worst travel story! But you look absolutely adorable, and the sandman is perfect!

    xo Kylie

  17. This post is most definitely making me crave a holiday in the sun! I'd love it if you would check out my blog as well!

    Justine of The Desert Mermaids


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