January 14, 2015

lots of layers

coatblouse . handbag . scarf . sweater . pants . boots

With temperatures dipping into the twenties and single digits (at night) the last week and a half, I have gotten into the habit of bundling myself up like crazy and in my bell shaped swing coat, I resemble more of a very round bird than a girl. But, I've been warm, so it's okay. I remember being on the bus in elementary school, I had this very colorful puffy coat and all bundled up I actually looked like a tropical bird with bangs. It's a cringeworthy memory... Which brings me to the things I'm loving this week: lots of warm layers and ladylike coats that help cut down the bird silhouette (I hope). I've been eyeing this RED Valentino coat all season. It's so feminine and pretty with it's flattering fitted shape and peter pan collar. I'd pair it with a fun printed blouse with a classic cable knit sweater in a warm burgundy hue on top, simple black pants, heeled boots, and top things off with cozy scarf. 

What are you gravitating towards in these cold days?


  1. Layering is key right now for us here!! I like the sweater with blouse underneath - I need to get more sweaters!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. In love with the coat and booties! Great finds.

    Heidi D.

  3. Ooo I love the cut of that coat!! I feel you girl, I've been wearing my puffer to try to stay warm and most closely resemble a marshmallow.

    Kristina does the Internets

  4. Ugh...seriously dying over that Valentino coat! So perfect in every way! I'm totally over winter at this point. Spring cannot come fast enough!

  5. I definitely need the mint bag for Spring! XO


  6. Love that black coat!!

  7. These layers are perfect! I always wish that your Wednesday outfit picks could just magically appear in my closet ;)

    xo Kylie


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