Thursday, July 31

mini golf

mini golf | oversized black top + jeans
mini golf | oversized black top + jeans
mini golf | rag and bone harrow boots
mini golf | oversized black top + jeans
forever 21 top . american eagle jeans . rag and bone boots {old / similar color} . mulberry handbag . anthropologie sunglasses {old / similar} . jouer lip gloss in "birchbox pink"

JD and I have a lot of fun together. Sometimes maybe too much, sometimes bordering on insane stupidity. But as Amy Poehler once said, no one looks stupid when they’re having fun. Last Saturday night we went mini golfing after our afternoon at the beach, being silly and “dancing”. I put that in quotations because it was more of a clownish interpretation of ball room dancing than good form, that and we don’t know how to ball room dance. It was so much fun though and we both left with big smiles on our faces, though we were headed towards burritos and ice cream so I don’t know who wouldn’t be smiling. 

I can’t remember the last time I went mini golfing. It was a long time ago, that’s for sure. The only things I do remember about it were being attacked by mosquitos and feeling very frustrated that I was losing. Saturday night was a much better experience. There were a few larger groups ahead of us that took up some extra time and caused a small wait between holes so JD and I, in true form, spent it describing the scenery and it’s history to each other in silly, slightly british voices. Everything from a 1920s gangster turned auctioneer describing a passing train to my Grace Kelly voice. It was so much fun.

As previously mentioned, I was extremely paranoid about getting attacked by mosquitos since that one glorious memory stuck out so vividly in my mind, so, despite the warm temperatures and humidity, I dressed for a different season. Anyone who has ever had the displeasure of having a bug bite on the bottom of their foot should understand my desire to trade in a cute pair of summery sandals for boots. I love these boots though, and usually try to sneak them into my summer wardrobe as much as possible anyway. For our grand tour of the “toilet water blue lagoon and falls” I paired them with jeans and a lightweight black top with longer sleeves.

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, this week is just flying by. Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!

Wednesday, July 30

western inspired

currently loving | western inspired

Last week when my Aunt was in town from Arizona I discovered two things, the first being these sunglasses, and the second this clutch. I could not get over the blue mirrored lenses on these Ray Bans and tried them on every time we encountered them in a shop. It's safe to say they have made it on to my birthday wish list. I also really loved this MZ Wallace clutch. My mother and aunt had wanted to pop into the store on Christopher Street to look at bags for their upcoming trip to Italy and while we don't always agree on them, I loved this clutch. I thought the design down the front was so interesting and cool and I loved the western feel the tassel added. I would pair them with a simple black dress, a dainty gold necklace, pink lip gloss, and calf hair flats to complete the western theme. 

Happy Wednesday and thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 29

black + blue

black + blue | chambray shirt, black shorts
black + blue | chambray shirt, black shorts
black + blue | chambray shirt, black shorts, mulberry alexa
black + blue | chambray shirt, black shorts

At 1:03pm I walked out of the apartment and down the quiet tree lined street towards the W 4th Street Subway station. I was crossing W 10th when the first siren rang out. An unmarked car with flashing lights zipped up the street and down W 4th. I thought little of it. Another. Two more police cars flew past, heading in the same direction as I made my way down the street. Once I crossed 7th Ave I could see that the street was blocked off further up. People had already started gathering on the sidewalk to see what all the commotion was about. I stopped at the corner by Gristedes and overheard a woman and man discussing why they had come out, neither had any information. The sidewalk wasn’t closed so I kept walking, making my way towards the subway. A helicopter buzzed overhead. For having absolutely no information, the amount of people with their phones out, recording an active crime scene was impressive. Across from the Slaughtered Lamb I noticed a man in a navy vest, surrounded by other officers sitting on the ground with his legs outstretched in front of him. He was being handed water. I averted my eyes. I was already nervous enough not knowing what was going on, I didn’t want to see anyone hurt or worse. A group of officers stood on the stairs of a brownstone as the ambulance began unloading a stretcher, we had arrived at the same time.

People were still coming out of shops and more sirens blared as they approached the scene. I wasn’t sure if I should get on the train or not but things seemed more calm away from W 4th so I hopped on the F to Brooklyn and met JD at his office. It didn’t take long to figure out what had happened. I googled “West Village” in the lobby and the first thing that came up was a story about the two federal marshals and police detective who were shot. 

I must admit, I was a bit shaken having walked by minutes after it all went down. But meeting JD quickly eased my nerves. We went to Little Muenster over in DUMBO. They’re currently serving Nicaraguan style grilled cheese, which is pretty amazing. We both ordered them with pork and sat in the cute little outdoor seating area the next block over by the trestle. 

JD snapped these photos on our walk over. It was humid but breezy and since I’m more likely than not to require a sweater, I opted for long sleeves, rolled up, and simple black shorts. I have very recently noticed that I’ve worn heels/wedges only a handful of times this summer. I’ve been so concerned with being comfortable and “if I have to walk very far…” that it’s been flats, flats, and more flats. I suppose I’ve made good use of them, my ever growing collection of flat shoes, but as Avery Jessup once said (and JD constantly reminds me) “flat shoes are for quitters”. I should probably start reintroducing them before the season ends.

Thank you so much for reading and happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 28

bright blue

bright blue | asos cross back sundress
bright blue | asos cross back sundress
bright blue | forever 21 sunglasses
bright blue | asos cross back sundress
bright blue | asos cross back sundress
bright blue | asos cross back sundress
asos dress {old / similar} . forever 21 sunglasses {similar} . j. crew earrings

Saturday morning we woke up to cloudy skies and after much debate, made the bold decision to drive out to the beach anyway. It’s always risky, driving out to the beach with a questionable forecast. No one (me) likes to sit in the sand when it’s cold and rainy and little flecks of sand keep blowing in your eyes. Things turned around by the time we arrived, the sun began to peak through the clouds and so we happily sat in the sand, soaked up the late afternoon sun, and watched the kite boarders zip by (and crash their kites into the sand). 

I was immediately drawn to the bright blue hue of this ASOS dress and scooped it up last summer some time before our trip to New Orleans (which was this time last year - I really want to go back). I hadn’t worn it as a beach dress before, but since it’s cotton and I haven’t worn it as much as I would have liked to just yet this summer, I figured I might as well. I really like wearing dresses to the beach, while there is the wind to take into consideration with particularly full skirts or shorter hems, I find dresses to be more comfortable than shorts and a tee, especially on those extremely hot/humid days.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Friday, July 25

is everyone hanging out without me?

This week has been busy and long. My aunt has been in town visiting so we have been all over, everywhere from East Hampton to SoHo. It’s been simultaneously fun and exhausting. I did however get to finish Mindy’s book. We’re on a first name basis now. And as she accurately predicted, it only took two days once I actually got started. I did that weird thing again, where I really liked the tiny bit I read when I flipped the page open and magically landed on an Amy Poehler story, and didn’t want to start reading so that I wouldn’t have to finish.

Let’s discuss.
is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns)

I really liked this book. I didn’t love it like I loved Bossypants, but I loved hearing about Mindy’s life and career and how much she loves all of the people I love. Did I use the word love enough in that sentence? I’m trying to hit a quota. We also appear to have a good amount in common. For instance, I read part of the chapter about dating out loud to JD because I was pretty sure that I have had that exact conversation with a friend before. He confirmed. I am not a good person to discuss things like that with because like Mindy, I ask too many questions and will point out all of the times you could have been murdered. I also find it interesting that people think of her as being the same person as her Office character Kelly Kapoor, which she is clearly not. 

All in all, I very much enjoyed this book. It’s told in Mindy’s voice, so you can pretty much hear her telling the story as you read. It was quick and entertaining, I laughed out loud every other page, and didn’t want to put it down. It’s definitely the kind of book that would be perfect to read on a flight or at the beach. 

Have you read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? What did you think? Let me know!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 23

a day at the beach

shiftdress, tortoise sunglasses, rings, backpack, bikini, beach towel, sandals

JD has this beloved old beach bag. It was a gift from his mother and though we've all tried to remember where she found it, no one can. We haven't seen a thing like it since. Over the years it has been dragged all over with us, primarily to the beach. While I'm more of the "I'll just take a book and a towel" kind of girl, JD requires constant activities, like a border collie or a six year old. So it's routinely stuffed with all sorts of goodies... a collapsable military grade shovel, a slack line, sun screen, surf wax, towels, and most likely some forgotten about candy or treat.

When I came upon this Fjallraven bag, I nearly fell in love. It reminded me of JD's, but a version of it that I wouldn't mind carrying myself. I love the leather accents and the top handle so you can carry it multiple ways, sling it over your shoulder or just grab it and go. It would make the perfect beach bag that you could also bring hiking or camping or stuff with goodies for a picnic in the park. 

For a relaxing day at the beach, I would pair it with a comfortable embroidered Madewell shiftdress, structured bikini, and tortoise shell sunglasses (from Warby Parker).

Tuesday, July 22

black and white

black and white
black and white
black and white
black and white

I used to hate wearing black and white together, as ridiculous as that sounds. A white top and black pants, to me, meant an orchestra concert uniform and I was not a fan. Fun fact, I played violin from elementary school through high school. I was by no means good. Way back in the day before we were given formal uniforms, each winter and spring I’d struggle to find dressy but appropriate black and white separates that didn’t make me feel like a butler. The task seemed impossible at the time. I have no idea what my problem was, but it was something that stuck with me. From then on, every time I would consider pairing a white top with a black bottom I’d think to myself, “oh, I don’t like that combination” and immediately dismiss it. In recent years I’ve gotten over it,  though now whenever I wear black and white (which is quite often - I’m making up for lost time) I think about how much I thought I hated it and laugh to myself.

My Aunt who is currently visiting us from Arizona brought me this top and I couldn’t love it more. Give me semi-sheer, lightweight, floaty tops any day. You can’t go wrong with them in the summer, or year round really, they’re great for layering. Since it was cool out on Saturday, I paired it with distressed black pants (which I was probably too excited to wear - I mean, it hasn’t been that hot this summer) and nude sandals. I’ve been wearing these a lot lately. I love sandals with a heel that are comfortable enough to wear during the day. You know how it is in the summer with heels, they can get uncomfortable really fast. 

Happy Tuesday and thank you for reading! 

Monday, July 21

maxi dress

maxi dress
warby parker evelyn sunglasses
open back maxi dress
fossil clutch + mint triangle ring
maxi dress
tart maxi dress {old} . fossil clutch {old} . tory burch wedges {old} . warby parker sunglasses . virginie millefiori ring. jouer lip gloss in "riviera" . chanel nail polish in "may" 

Hello and Happy Monday, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! JD and I had grand plans of making it out to the beach but the weather didn’t agree, it was actually cold enough on Saturday that I needed a sweater. It’s probably not fair say it was “cold” because temperatures were in the mid seventies and that is technically considered nice, warm weather. But after that soup grade humidity last week, it felt more like fifty and I enjoyed every last minute of it. Things warmed up again yesterday though and we spent most of the day moving Kiwi off of the trailer and onto blocks so we (JD) can start working on it, making repairs and painting. 

It’s no secret that I love maxi dresses (and skirts), though I certainly don’t wear them often enough. There is just something about the simplicity that really appeals to me. They are so easy to wear, plus they make a seamless transition from day to night as longer hems tend to be viewed as being more fancy. I once wore a similar maxi to barbecue while my cousin was in town and he asked me why I was “so dressed up”. I wasn’t. If anything I was just putting another layer between myself and the mosquitos. Of course they can still bite you through the fabric. I’ve acquired bites through denim. Those suckers are serious. Anyway, I'd rather be overdressed than underdressed. 

This is one of my favorite maxi dresses. I love the low open back and and the ruffled overlay. I know I sound like a broken record at this point but I'll take just about anything with an open back, I think it's such a fun look. Keeping things simple, I paired it with my favorite (and tallest) wedges, a classic clutch, and opted for statement earrings in place of a necklace. 

Thank you so much for reading!

Friday, July 18

strawberry lemon whiskey cocktail

Happy Friday everyone! There are a lot of things to celebrate today, like the nice weather forecast for this weekend, the fact that there won’t be an lirr strike, and that Mischa and I have yet to be stung by the angry wasp/bee that lives in my mother’s outdoor patio chair. Seriously, I don’t know what is going on but there are so many of them this year. Last summer it was ticks galore, this year, bees and wasps. And this guy is not the friendly, fuzzy, “oh hey, just wanted to see what you’re up to” kind of bee. No, he is the “I’d like to sting you for no good reason, stay away from my patio furniture” kind. Clearly there is a nest/hive and it needs to be dealt with, which is what JD will be doing later today when he joins us out here for the weekend. 

So cheers!
strawberry lemon whiskey cocktail
strawberry lemon whiskey cocktail
strawberry lemon whiskey cocktail
A week or two ago I happened upon a recipe for a strawberry lemon white whiskey collins (that can be found here). I didn’t have any white whiskey, so I used what I had. Last week we made them with bourbon and rye, yesterday I made one with Tennessee whiskey. All came out just fine so feel free to use whatever kind of whisk(e)y you like. Another note is that I really hate making simple syrup. I know, it’s just sugar and water, what’s the big deal? It annoys me for some reason so I avoid making it like the plague. 

What you’ll need:
3/4 oz strawberry puree
1 1/4 oz lemon juice
1 teaspoon sugar*
2 oz whiskey
1 1/2 oz soda water

(makes one drink)

How to:
Puree the strawberries (I used a small food processor) then pour into a large glass, or shaker. 
Add lemon juice, sugar, whiskey, and soda water. Stir or shake, whatever you prefer, until sugar is dissolved and pour over ice to serve.

*If you prefer to do it the proper way, replace the 1 teaspoon of sugar with 3/4 oz simple syrup and reduce soda water to 3/4 oz. 

JD and I have really been enjoying this one lately. I think the strawberry and lemon strike the perfect summer balance. It's refreshing and not too sweet which is a win in my book. 

Thank you so much for reading and have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 17


monochrome | madewell open back top
monochrome | white mountain wedges

Maybe it's all of the disgusting weather we've had this week, or the lovely fall clothing that I've disturbingly started looking at, but I've really been into dark colors this week. I was going to say "feeling blue" but then thought against it because that's a horrible pun, but here I am, telling you anyway. Every time I think about being halfway through with summer I could cry and then bam, I'm looking at sweaters two seconds later. Has anyone else starting thinking about fall things yet?

I've always been drawn to the color blue, it makes up most of my wardrobe, especially navy.  There have been points in my shopping history where I probably should have banned myself from buying any more of the color but I just can't help it. I've tried and as a result have since gathered quite the collection of hunter green items. We all have our favorites. Speaking of, this top is one of mine. Give me an open back any day, it's probably my favorite summer look. It's loose, light, and simple, the kind of things that matter with soup grade humidity. I've worn it on the blog before here, but last time I styled it a little differently. This time I dressed it up slightly for a casual evening look with jeans, sparkly wedges, and a statement necklace. 

I can't believe it's already Thursday, at least the sun has returned. Have a great day and thank you for reading!

Wednesday, July 16

south of the border

south of the border | currently loving

When I first came across this top while browsing the J. Crew website my mind immediately went back to San Jose del Cabo. In 2009 JD and I went down with his family over the summer. In my memories, it was a wonderful trip spent laughing and exploring and soaking up as much sun and salt air as possible. I very clearly remember the day we drove up to Todos Santos to walk around and have lunch in this adorable little place that his uncles loved. JD bought a hammock and Nick and I got parasites. The rest of the trip was awkward. 

This is what I would have liked to have been wearing. I love maxi dresses and skirts in the summer, as well as for traveling. They're so easy and simple but also elegant and transitional. For a day of exploring I would pair this lovely Tibi number with a cute embroidered top, classic ballet flats, and a dainty bracelet. 

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 15

in navy

in navy | eshakti valerie dress
in navy | full skirt
in navy
in navy | eshakti valerie dress
eshakti valerie dress

A fitted waist, full skirt, and pockets, there isn’t much else I could ask for from a dress. I just love this one from eShakti, so much so that I hardly took advantage of their very accommodating customization options. One of the beautiful things about eShakti is that they allow you to tailor their styles to your body. You can alter the neckline, hem length, sleeves, add pockets, etc. It’s wonderful. However, the only change I made to this dress was to shorten the hem, making it just above the knee. I’m not going to lie, I was a little worried looking at the sizing chart, having recently lost a little bit of weight. As much as I love shopping online, it can be challenging to figure out size, especially when your measurements all match up with different sizes. I have the hips of a twelve year old boy. Everything turned out just fine though, I’m happy to report their clothing is true to size. 

For a summer day time look, I paired it with my favorite Tory Burch wedges and a simple clutch to match. I really love carrying clutches during the day, as inconvenient as they can be. It’s so nice to just tuck it under your arm and go, right up until the dog decides she’s done walking and you need to carry her the rest of the way wherever or you need to pick up or carry something else that takes up enough space in your arms to put your bag in an awkward position. Anyone else, or is it just me? Okay then. 

eShakti is kindly offering Prosecco in the Park readers 10% off now through August 15 with the code "proseccointhepark". 

Thank you so much for reading and enjoy your Tuesday!

Monday, July 14

scallops and stripes

scallops + stripes
scallops + stripes
scallops + stripes
the village blacksmith, greenport, ny
greenport harbor, ny
JD on the dock, Greenport Harbor, NY
summer stripes
handsome photographer
summer stripes
greenport harbor, ny
On Satuday JD took me out East for wine and beer tasting and dinner to celebrate our eighth anniversary. It doesn't feel like it's been that long, but at the same time it does. When I think back to our trip to North Carolina four years ago, that feels like such a long time, but I remember thinking then that four years didn't feel long enough. Which reminds me, JD, any time you want to finish On The Road. Take your time. 

Our day began with a visit to our favorite vineyard, One Woman. We arrived a little after 3pm to find the little red shed crowded. We tucked ourselves into a corner and tasted all of the new wines we hadn't yet tried. The new 2011 Reserve Chardonnay is amazing, very like the 2008 that was our favorite. Afterwards we drove to Greeport and did a tasting at the Greeport Harbor Brewing Co. This visit was a little annoying, they closed an hour early and refused to fill the growler we had lugged all the way there despite the register still being open and the room full of people still sampling. It wasn't going to slow anything down, but reason wasn't on the agenda. So we went for a walk down along the dock and sat out there and talked and took in the sun set before dinner. 

We visit Greenport fairly often on our way to and from the pies at Briermere for cheese sandwiches at Bruce's and dinners at Bière. Bière has been by far one of our favorite places to visit out there. The last time we were there, the night ended in a lovely sing-a-long. Wine was passed out and we all stayed an hour after closing to sing "Kodachrome"and a sensational mashup of "Save the Last Dance for Me" and "Brown Eyed Girl". The food is amazing as well. I had duck with cinnamon and figs and JD ordered a lobster puff pastry. It was so good, which really isn't saying enough. If you ever find yourself out there for dinner, we highly recommend you stop in.

It was such a lovely, wonderful day. I'm definitely sad it's Monday again. I hope you enjoyed the weekend!