Friday, May 30

a quick nyc weekend guide

Somehow, I managed to catch a cold late last week and it's still lingering. I blame this crazy hot and cold weather we've been having lately, but I know that I didn't get enough sleep over the weekend. I was up early every morning thanks to the puppies and my cute little cousin Zoe who insisted we all wake up and play hide and seek each morning. Oh my goodness she is adorable. Now she's back home and we all miss having her here, especially Paisley. That pup has been going into "Zoe's room" looking for her every morning since they left. It's too cute. 

This weekend I'm hoping to feel well enough to get outside and do some of my favorite city things that I've been missing as JD and I have spent our recent weekends out of town. Most of these things, of course, involve eating, so they're doable even if I'm still sick. Honestly, I would settle for not coughing. I mind toting around a box of tissues significantly less than having a cough induced headache. And now that you are completely disgusted, lets talk about fun weekend things to do in Manhattan this weekend.

It's currently tourist season, and as odd as it may sound, I love hearing all of the different languages as I walk around the village. I like trying to identify them and wish I was on vacation too. So if you are currently visiting, planning to visit, or already live here, here is a short list of some of my favorite places to visit and things to do.
One of the many wonderful things about Manhattan is the endless amount of restaurants. I keep a running list of new places to try and most of them just happen to brunch spots. I wonder what that says about me. Once the weather gets nice, like it's expected to be this weekend, I love to sit outside for meals. Some of my favorite outdoor {West Village} brunch spots are:
Buvette - outdoor garden seating
Cornelia Street - sidewalk seating
Tartine - sidewalk seating, byob
Hudson Clearwater - outdoor garden seating

Go for a walk along the Hudson.
The High Line is great and all but it's always so crowded. Going for a walk along the Hudson River is just as pretty, but the people are more spread out. There are also plenty of spaces {on the piers} for kids to play and adults to sit down and relax. JD and I love to take a small picnic down, sit in the grass, and watch all of the boats and people go by. Just be careful crossing the bike path on your way in and out! 

Sweet treats.
Just about the minute temperatures reached fifty degrees the gelato craze set in. I've seen a couple of gelaterias pop up over the last couple of years, but so far, Grom is my favorite, most likely because it was the first gelato we had when we visited Venice. 
For cupcakes, I'm a huge fan of Billy's, their buttercream frosting is amazing and most of the time they have nutella icing. Stopping at their Chelsea location has become somewhat of a post UCB tradition, we stop on our walk home, like clockwork.
David's Tea technically doesn't sell desserts, but they do have flavors like Red Velvet and Birthday Cake. Plus, Forever Nuts tastes exactly like banana nut bread. I'm a fan and love to stop in their Bleecker Street shop every time I have to take the train from West 4th. 

See a show.
One of my favorite things to do is see a show at UCB. There are two locations, one in the East Village and one in Chelsea. It's cheap, they serve reasonably priced alcohol, and you may laugh so hard you cry. Also, as previously mentioned, there are cupcakes nearby. I haven't been in a while and they recently made a bunch of changes to teams but, some of my favorite teams/shows to see are Bucky, ASSSSCAT, The Stepfathers, and Grandma's Ashes.

Well, that's it for now. I hope you enjoy your weekend and if you're curious to see what I end up doing, follow along on instagram @proseccointhepark

Thursday, May 29

simple black dress

old navy dress {on sale!} . madewell belt {old} . rag & bone boots {old | similar color} . celine handbag . ray ban sunglasses . j. crew earrings . stella & dot necklace

I have a feeling this dress is going to be my go to all summer. It's so effortless and comfortable, you can just throw it on and go, dress it up or down. It's something that could, with the right accessories, easily make the transition from day to night. Plus, the waist falls at the just right spot, which is something I'll never complain about. I love a defined waistline and will take all the help I can get. 

For what I'm sure will be the first round of many, I went for a more casual look and paired it with an old favorite belt that I picked up from Madewell on sale years ago and ankle boots. 

Wednesday, May 28

drop waist

Relaxed fit dresses aren't for everyone, I know. They don't do much for your shape and can make you look wider than you are, especially if they don't hit at just the right length. But for some silly reason, I still love them. There is just something so effortlessly cool and stylish about a simple and loose drop waist dress. Maybe it has something to do with my love for the 1920s. But even then it was a difficult style to pull off! Women taped themselves down to achieve that slim, boyish look. I digress. 

Now this girl can clearly pull anything off and it really makes me want to give this style a second, or third chance. I'm really liking the lace details on this dress and think the length would be flattering on most. I would dress it down a bit with flat espadrilles and a printed scarf for those still lingering chilly days and evenings, a neutral toned crossbody, and oversized sunglasses.

PS. I can't believe it's Wednesday already. A three day weekend will do that to you, I guess. 

Tuesday, May 27

memorial day weekend wear

gap shirt {on sale!} . h&m shorts . steven madden sandals {old} . warby parker sunglasses  j. crew earrings . stella & dot necklace . canvas tote {gifted}

I can't believe how quickly this three day weekend went by. It certainly was a good one and you know what they say, time flies when you're having fun. It was so nice to have my cousins here, little Zoe is the absolute cutest, and this morning I'm sad to have an empty house again. Unfortunately, I managed to catch a cold which put a slight damper on things. I'm still fighting it off. Spring colds are the worst, coupled with allergies from spending so much time outdoors, it's no fun. 

This is what I wore yesterday for our day of parade watching, hide and seek playing, and barbecuing.  To be quite honest, I forgot I had these sandals for a few years there. If I'm remembering correctly, I've had them since college. Don't you love finding things you've forgotten about? I remembered I had them a couple of weeks ago when I was putting together this post, thinking about what shoes I could pair with an old favorite outfit to spice things up a bit. These sparkly sandals will definitely be in rotation again this summer!

I hope you enjoyed the three day holiday weekend if you had one!

Friday, May 23

memorial day weekend wishlist

Well, it's Memorial Day weekend, which means you can break out your white pants again if you're my mother and still adhere to that rule. Also, it's the unofficial start of summer! I know I am definitely looking forward to weekends spent sitting in the sand, feasting on fresh seafood, and soaking up the warmth of evening bonfires. I have some big plans for this summer, and for this weekend. I am so excited because two of my cousins are in from Arizona and I can't remember the last time I saw them!

So, here are five things to do this weekend. 

Break out your favorite summer whites
Well, first things first, it is now officially "okay" to wear all white ensembles again. I stopped abiding by that rule the second I realized it wasn't a real rule, but a lot of people still adhere to it, like my mom. What it really means though, is that it's time to break out all of your summer clothing if you have not already. I am personally looking forward to wearing dresses every day. 

Make bellini ice pops
Is it possible to go wrong with prosecco and fresh peaches? No? I didn't think so. I'm not one to pass up a bellini, so naturally I cannot wait to give these tea infused ice pops a try. They would be the perfect treat after a day spent soaking up the sun. 

DIY Oyster Salt Cellars
I absolutely love this idea! JD and I are hoping to throw a summer soiree / dinner party kind of thing some time over the summer and these pretty little gold leaf oyster shells would be perfect in place of salt and pepper shakers. I think we're all mature enough at this point for things to end up a little differently, or better for the sake of being blunt, than the last time we threw one for my twenty-second birthday, a disaster if there ever was one. Coincidentally, there were bellinis. 

Go on a seaside picnic
Have I mentioned how much I love picnicking? Well I do. We are planning to spend Sunday at the beach and though there will be a barbecue back at the house, I wouldn't mind packing a few sandwiches and snacks and maybe a strawberry beer or two. 

Make a berry truffle tart
I made this strawberry and blueberry truffle tart last 4th of July and actually make this dessert quite frequently during the summer. Aside from how pretty and colorful it is, it's quick and easy to make, plus it can be gluten free. You would just need to use gluten free cookies / crackers for the crust, simple. A favorite combination was graham crackers and ginger snaps instead of shortbread. The ginger flavor complimented the chocolate nicely.

Enjoy the three day weekend if you have it and Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 22

chocolate coconut bars

Of all the chocolates in those yummy assorted boxes, the coconut filled ones have always been my favorite. JD's a big fan of them too. With a giant jar of coconut oil in the pantry, I have been busy looking up recipes, looking for an excuse to use it. These chocolate coconut bars were a no brainer. They are insanely easy and quick to make and taste just as good, if not better than store-bought versions.
You'll need... 
1/2 cup coconut oil
1 cup shredded coconut, sweetened
1 tbsp honey
6 ounces bittersweet chocolate

To make...
Warm coconut oil until liquified. You can just stick it in the microwave.

In a medium bowl, mix coconut oil, shredded coconut, and honey until combined.

Line a pan or container with parchment or wax paper and pour the coconut mixture into it.

Place in the freezer until solid.

Melt chocolate and spread over coconut.

Refrigerate until chocolate cools and solidifies. *do not freeze chocolate!

Carefully cut into squares and enjoy!

This recipe will make about 25 pieces. 

Wednesday, May 21

state of grace

With Memorial Day this weekend and summer right around the corner, I'm starting to look forward to sunny days spent at the beach. Over the last couple of years my taste in swimwear has become significantly more modest. I was never particularly daring, but I certainly lacked my current enthusiasm for one pieces. 

Grace Kelly's wardrobe was always perfect, but her white coverup in High Society is by far my favorite. It's so simple, yet elegant and timeless. I think it just might be my favorite of all of her movie costumes. Now with the popularity of maxi dresses, similar pieces have begun to pop up and I am beyond excited about that. I'm loving this flowy white Madewell coverup and every last detail of this Karla Colletto suit. {Fingers crossed they restock my size!} For a relaxing day at the beach I would pair with matching pink nail polish, glamorous oversized sunglasses, a classic beach bag, and sandals.

{inspired by}

Tuesday, May 20

weekend snapshot

Over the weekend JD and I attended the wedding of a friend and as I had not so secretly hoped, JD danced his way into the reception. It was amazing. He was a dancing machine all night. I practically had to force him to sit down and eat dessert with me. There were waffles with ice cream and berries and I had a bit of a Leslie Knope moment. I was not about to miss the waffles.

This is only photo taken of the two of us at the wedding so naturally the lighting is terrible and the suit jacket draped over a chair in the background makes it look like I'm wearing a cape. Please note, I am not wearing a cape.

We took it easy on Sunday. JD woke me up at what my overtired brain could only process as the crack of dawn {it was actually closer to 9am}. Things improved with my coffee and we ended up spending the afternoon outside with the dogs, brewing our next batches of beer and wine. Exciting stuff. Our lager is almost done, I think it has another week or two. 
This weirdo... 
...getting judged by this weirdo. I took these pictures moments apart. 
Following our day of brewing, we sat in fireworks traffic on our way back to the city. The show was pretty and entertaining but everyone kept slamming on their breaks every couple of seconds to watch, and take photos. I spotted several snaps of the same display on instagram so I know I was not the only one. Let's hope those other people were also passengers. 
And that was our weekend. 

Monday, May 19


abercrombie pants {old} . j. crew top {similar}, wedges, & bracelet . Rebecca mink off bag {old} . ray ban sunglasses . Essie "find me an oasis" nail polish

Hello, happy Monday! I can't believe how quickly this weekend went, I feel like it just flew by. The wedding was so much fun, but I plan to go into more detail on that tomorrow with a little weekend recap. 

I bought these pants last spring after a long search for the perfect floral pair. I wanted something a bit more subtle than the bold and colorful prints that filled the shops. While I liked the trend, I wasn't fully on board with looking like a walking arboretum. I tend to gravitate towards more basic or solid pieces so the need for floral pants was quite an interesting step for me. I wear a lot of blues and greens, the two other colors that make up my wardrobe aside from poppy red as previously discussed, so I was immediately drawn to this pair. 

I also need to mention that my nail polish inadvertently matched just about every thing I wore last week. It's just one of those colors, it's so light and pretty that it appears to be incapable of clashing with anything. 

And on that note, thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

Saturday, May 17

five weekend things

This weekend will be a busy and exciting one, mostly for JD. He's a groomsman in a friend's wedding today. I'm not so secretly hoping that he will have to do some kind of surprise choreographed dance when the bridal party enters the reception. Do people still do that? JD has some dance moves and the world absolutely doesn't needs to see them.

Moving on... here are five things on my mind this weekend. 

A haircut
I have been itching to cut my hair this length for months. The reason why I haven't is because I wanted my hair long for years and now that it has finally reached the desired length of 2012, I feel a bit guilty to chop it all off. Of all my former hair cuts, the shoulder grazing long bob was my favorite. I thought it suited me well. Sure, my current super long hair can be pretty {select days only, I do not get to choose}, but really, it doesn't feel as "me" as this cut did if that makes any sense. That and I think long hair makes my face look wide, how that is possible, I do not know. But this is the cut I'm after. Maybe someday soon.

A pretty hairstyle idea
While we're on the topic of hair, I've had this pretty, twisted back style pinned for a few weeks now and I'm thinking that I might finally give this look a try. It's simple, but interesting and would keep your hair in place and out of your face on windy days. This afternoon would be the perfect time to give it a whirl.

A colorful manicure
Continuing on the topic of beauty... I'm loving this fun and colorful, geometric manicure. While I may lack the hand eye coordination and patience to do this one myself, I will have to attempt it at least once. I'm sure it's nothing a few hours and carefully placed pieces of tape can't solve. 

A picnic in the park
Now that warm weather is finally here to stay, I'm so excited to get out and picnic. I hear it's going to be nice and sunny tomorrow and what better way to unwind from the hustle and bustle of wedding festivities than filling a pretty basket up with sandwiches and some fresh fruit and veggies and heading to the park. I for one, am a huge fan. 

A fancy grilled cheese sandwich
Speaking of sandwiches, I absolutely love the idea of a grilled cheese party, an assortment of different combinations sounds so wonderful. Though, it wouldn't be a full on party, just one for two. Some of our personal favorites are goat cheese with bacon and arugula and dill havarti with fresh blueberries. And I haven't tried it yet, but I recently saw a recipe for banana bread grilled with brie and chocolate! And now I'm officially hungry, lucky for me, these sweet combinations can double as breakfast. 

Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 16

the red skirt

zara skirt . old navy tee {similar} . madewell sandals {old} . hobie sunglasses . mulberry bag

Bright poppy red is one of my favorite colors and in the warmer months I wear it as much as possible. And if I'm being completely honest, I can also be found wearing it on my nails throughout the winter. I had been on the lookout for a full, mid length, poppy colored skirt since last summer. I love this style. It's the kind of shape that may go out of style for a few years here or there, but you can look back on in fifty without cringing. 

I wore this outfit last weekend on our visit to the Old Westbury Gardens. Since it was such a humid day, I decided to dress the skirt down a bit by pairing it with a simple white tee and strappy sandals, something I immediately regretted once I saw the photos. They don't really do much for my legs with a skirt this length. Ah, you live and you learn. Next time.

Happy Friday and thanks for reading!

Thursday, May 15

old westbury gardens

Long Island is teaming with beautiful historic estates and JD and I have been on a mission to visit them all. {You can read about our recent visit to the planting fields arboretum here.} This past weekend we took the short drive out to Old Westbury to visit the former home of the Phipps family. You're not supposed to take photographs inside, so we did not, but we made sure to take plenty of the grounds. The gardens were just lovely, as was the interior of the house, those ceilings. In my dream home, there will be embellished ceilings. It's a shame we don't build such beautiful things any more. Sleek and modern just doesn't have the same charm, for me. 

The air was humid as we explored the gardens. Sunny at first, a sea of gray quickly overtook the afternoon. It felt more like summer than a warm spring day. We were in the tulip garden when the clouds turned that ominous shade of blue. I removed the umbrella I had tucked away in my purse just incase. The first drops fell as we made our way across the open field. With this view, it felt very much like a Jane Austen novel. 
Luckily for us, we made it back to the car at just the right moment. It started to pour seconds after we hopped inside.