Friday, February 28


So yesterday evening, this happened. Mischa and I had a little chat via FaceTime. Thanks Mom! As you can tell she's still going for the "messy, I don't own a hairbrush look". For a dog that lives to be told how pretty she is, she sure enjoys looking like a mess in her downtime. From her telling "I'm over this" expression, you can guess that this was towards the end of our call. She had just finished talking to JD, you know, checking up on how his training is going, quizzing him on where the cookies are kept, that sort of thing, and was disappointed that she had to look at me again instead. I don't know what it is about JD, but puppies just love him. About a month ago we were were walking down Hudson and a passing dog went out of it's way to lick his hand. They all gravitate towards him. Anyway, I was starting to cut into her nightly routine of watching some quality television and growling at Paisley for so much as blinking in her direction so we wrapped it up.

And on that note, I'm going to go make lunch and socialize with humans.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, February 27


hat / denim / tee / handbag / heels

You know that old "no white after labor day/before memorial day" rule? Well I think it's silly. I'm a fan of winter whites, though I will admit that I pieced this outfit together with warmer days in mind. We're still a month or three out from all white ensembles and open toed shoes. A girl can dream. 

Simple and casual, this would be the perfect outfit for a weekend brunch or day spent exploring if you swap out the heels for a more comfortable pair of flats. Add a classic hat and easy cross body and you're ready to go. 

Wednesday, February 26

small victories

Mischa the dog takes personal offense to bath time. It's nothing new and I have probably mentioned it once or twice already. Yesterday after lunch I asked her if she would like a bath. The answer is always no, but I like to gage how much of a struggle it will be beforehand. Usually she will go hide under one of the dining room chairs, but if the claws come out immediately, I know to wear long sleeves and a high neckline, otherwise, I'll be covered in little red scratches. When I pulled her out from underneath the furthest chair she wiggled in resistance and put her feet in my pocket. Weird, yes, but not a horrible sign. The bath part went well enough but real fun began the moment I plugged in the hairdryer. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with it and tried to escape several times, like I wouldn't notice that she was missing. The second we were finished she rolled around on the first rug she could find until it looked like nothing ever happened. 
See? Though, she's still pretty cute, even with messy hair. It's a small victory, but at least now she smells nice. 

Happy Wednesday folks!

Friday, February 21


because every post needs a photo, why not a summer morning at the beach.

Last week I read a post on Dayna's blog about "epic living". It really struck a chord with me and I've been thinking about it ever since. I had finally read an interview with Amy Poehler in a magazine that I had been dragging around with me for weeks and was feeling thoughtful and inspired and refreshed. I love improv so much it's weird to explain. All I want is to be good at it, and unfortunately, as a result I have let that hold me back a bit. Taylor posted this quote from Tina Fey yesterday that perfectly goes along with all of this, "You can't be that kid standing at the top of the water slide over thinking it. You have to go down the chute." Not only is that an appropriate mindset for improv, it's appropriate for life in general as well. You can't let fear hold you back.  Though, I would probably be okay with never going sky-diving. Heights are not my thing. 

This is my favorite quote from Amy's interview and I wanted to share it:
"I like the person who commits and goes all in and takes big swings and then maybe fails or looks stupid; who jumps and falls down, rather than the person who points at the person who fell, and laughs. But I do sometimes laugh when people fall down."

I love this for several reasons, one being that this has been one of my personal goals and something I have been working on. I'd much rather put myself out there and try new things than not and sit and think about them instead. Another is that I don't know where this whole improv thing is going for me, what I want to do with it, or where I want to take it and that's okay. I still have some time to figure that out, the important part is that I found something I honestly love doing and if absolutely nothing comes of it, I'll still be happy. 

I wasn't intending to write about this today, or ever really. For some reason, I don't like to discuss it with other people. But today I figured, why not? 

If you're interested, you can read the whole interview with Amy here

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, February 20


gap sweater (old) / vince pants (old) / chloé handbag / hunter boots / ray ban sunglasses

Last week JD had the day off on Wednesday for Lincoln's Birthday. Apparently, it is still a New York State holiday so the courts were closed. It also makes me want to watch Holiday Inn because they celebrate it in that movie too. Growing up, my grandparents had a song book filled with most of the songs from the film tucked away in the piano bench. I used to try to play them whenever I was at their house. I can hear how awful it sounded just thinking about it, loud staccato notes, one after the other, then one wrong note and I'd have to start over. The torture I put their poor ears through. So last Wednesday, we hopped in the car and went up to Belleayre for the day. JD snowboarded, I sat in the lodge rereading whole chapters of Bossypants out of order. It was a good day.

This outfit has pretty much become my winter uniform, grayscale, simple, and casual.  And I have been wearing my rain boots so often they have become my best friends this winter. On cold days things are icy and wet, on warmer days everything is melty and wet. They have been a lifesaver.

A fun side note: it was eight degrees at the mountain and most of these pictures were taken as I ran back to the car. 

Wednesday, February 19

springing forward

It's currently warming up in New York, and though it's not set to last very long, it's just enough to make me start thinking that spring may actually be on the horizon after all. The crazy thing about super cold weather is that the temperatures I normally find to be bone chilling no longer seem like such a big deal. Forty degrees feels like summer right about now. Ok well, that may be an exaggeration, but I did get pretty crazy and wear a dress without tights (to the wedding) on Saturday. And getting back on track. This week I'm loving sunny and warm citrus colors, inspired by the orange that is still in my purse from improv on Friday. I really like these jacquard print pants from Abercrombie and decided that a touch of gray might help ground a look that is better suited for a different season. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, February 18

the long weekend

Wouldn't it be nice if we could have three day holiday weekends every weekend? I think it would. I just love getting to spend extra time with the people I love.

On Saturday we drove out to the east end of the island to attend a friend's wedding and got to catch up with all of our old college friends. It was so much fun. I spent so much time talking that I hardly got any dancing in, I only caught the tail end of "shout" and completely missed dessert being served. I keep jokingly asking JD if I was at the same wedding because he certainly found his way to the chocolate fountain. I caught up with him after he had finished. As one would assume, I took zero pictures. Well, I did take one picture, of myself, in the car on the way there because I needed to document my bright pink lipgloss. 
On Sunday we took advantage of our location, ignored the fresh coat of snow, and visited a couple of vineyards for live on the vine. Live on the vine is this great thing where many of the vineyards will host jazz bands in their tasting room. We went to Duck Walk first, as we had never been to before and took in a show before heading over to our favorite, One Woman, to say hello and pick up a couple of bottles to take home with us. And since no trip would be complete without a pie, we made a quick stop at Briermere on our way out. We got blueberry crisp and chocolate cream instead of our usual raspberry cream. We're trying new things this year. Later in the evening we went out to dinner to celebrate my "little" cousin's sixteenth birthday.
And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!

Friday, February 14

happy valentine's day

{image via}
Hello, and Happy Valentine's Day blog world. For some reason I have never really liked the holiday, even back in the days of Valentine's cards and candy for everyone in your second grade class. I didn't understand why I had to give the mean kid a lollipop as well. It didn't seem like a good idea to reward their crappy behavior. We also got participation ribbons for field day. I think that says a lot. I'd like to take a moment to state (completely unnecessarily) that my team always came in first place at field day and I was crushed the year we placed second. I was a very competitive child. 

The past couple of years JD and I have escaped to Greenport for the weekend, watched the fire truck parade and had dinner at a place called Biere at the end of town. They have live music, which is wonderful. The last time we were there the owner grabbed a guitar and kept the place open two hours passed closing. The dinner crowd remained in their seats, free glasses of wine were passed out, and we all sang Beatle's songs. It was so much fun. 

This year we're skipping our annual getaway to attend a friend's wedding tomorrow, and at one point or another I will make rum and/or bourbon (probably both) truffles for JD. I've never made them with bourbon before and thought it might be a nice change in flavor and pace. Our friend Liz recently made us the most delicious chocolate bourbon milkshakes so I'm pretty confident in the fact that they won't be disgusting. Recipes to follow.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, February 13


trouvé sweater / vince pants (old) / rag & bone boots / mulberry clutch (old) / ray ban sunglasses

All black everything seems to be the winter in New York uniform. The cold weather is accompanied by a lack of color. I love the look but have never really tried it myself, despite the amount of black, white, and gray in my wardrobe. Since I still have just the slightest big of my Tortola tan left, I decided to give it a go. I'm surprised by how much I like it. 

This morning we are having quite the snowstorm. Be careful out there today if you have to go out!

Wednesday, February 12

royal blue

earrings / top / clutch / heels / skirt

This outfit is by no means practical for the current temperatures, unless of course you add fleece lined tights and the warmest coat in the world, but I would love nothing more than to wear something like it right about now. Spring can't come soon enough. I love a full skirt and the royal blue color and longer length of this Tibi number is perfection. I could see myself wearing it straight through summer. In the meantime, I would pair it with pretty winter whites, earrings with a little sparkle, and a contrasting clutch. 

Tuesday, February 11

adventures in parking: snow day

This winter has been brutal when it comes to snow and parking in the city. One nice thing is that alternate side parking has been suspended most days so there is no need to dig your car out to move it every other day. One not so nice thing has been that since alternate side parking has been suspended so often, the snow hasn't been removed and the cars that have yet to be dug out are now encased in ice. It's quite the mess and has made finding parking much more complicated. I get the feeling that the city is just waiting for it to melt away. I certainly wish it would warm up too.

Last week I had to dig my car out solo and it played out like a bad sit com complete with a live studio audience thanks to the coffee shop I was parked in front of. My trusty ice scraper had made it's way out of the car and not back in so I resorted to using a small broom to remove the snow and ice that accumulated the day before. Just as I was finishing clearing the roof the head fell off and landed on my feet, filling my boots with snow. I shook them out and continued scraping ice off the windows, waiting for the car to heat up enough to melt it. After getting as much ice and snow as I could off of the sides and back of the car I decided to take a break and wait for the windshield to thaw out in the warmth and comfort of the driver's seat. There was still a little snow stuck on my side view mirrors. My instinct was to open the window and push it off instead of getting out of the car again but something in my brain was shouting, "NO, DO NOT OPEN THE WINDOW. IT IS GOING TO GET STUCK." But the car is warming up, I told myself, it'll be fine, and opened it anyway. The window got stuck open. During this time a revolving door of people came to ask me if I would be leaving soon so they could take my parking spot. While I didn't mind if they had my spot once I left, I had no idea when that would be. So I gave them the rundown of my idiotic situation and let them be the judge of how their time would be best spent. 

The windshield had now defrosted and in order to get the last bits of snow that I couldn't reach off of it I would need to use my windshield wipers, which I couldn't do because then I would risk filling my car with snow. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, but in reality was more like fifteen minutes, I was able to get the window closed. None the less I was extremely embarrassed. Fifteen minutes is a long time to sit in your car with your window open in front of a busy coffee shop while you're waiting for it to unfreeze. One of the wonderful things about New York is that there are always people around.  One of the not so wonderful things about it is that there are always people around to watch you do something stupid like get your window stuck open. 

When all was said and done and unfrozen I took a bow and drove away and when I got to my destination, dirty water dripped off of the open truck hatch and onto my head. You can't win them all folks. 

Monday, February 10

date night

bcbg coat / j. crew top / vince pants / chloé handbag / sole society pumps / bauble bar necklace 

I wore this outfit Saturday evening for our dinner date. JD gave me this plaid BCBG coat for Christmas and I love it so much. I had been wanting a red coat for ages and he was sweet enough to keep that in mind while doing his gift shopping. We went to one of our favorite cajun restaurants for dinner. Boy am I out of practice when it comes to spicy food. I think I consumed more water than jambalaya, but it was so delicious. I hope you enjoyed your weekend and thank you for stopping by!

Saturday, February 8

one second

This week I came across this video on Buzzfeed posted by Brooks Wheelan, one of the new cast members of SNL. He took a second or two of footage every day for a full year and complied it into one video. I love this idea, capturing one second each day. It's nice to be able to have a look back. This blog has been wonderful for that, documenting little things here and there that I may otherwise forget, but it is much different than a video. Not only would one second make your days look much more interesting, it shows how much can change over the course of a year. He starts as a stand up comedian in LA and ends up on SNL. He certainly picked a very lucky year for this project. It's amazing and so I wanted to share it. 
Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, February 6

puppy conversations

Mischa really wishes she could speak english, judging by her behavior alone. Until then, she's stuck barking her orders. Cue the drums and cymbal. Mostly, she "talks" about eating and going to bed, but as we have had a lot of snow this winter, a new topic of conversation has been added to her list of daily complaints. Mischa is not fond of the snow. I have gotten her to go outside in it on occasion, when there is an inch or less, but this winter there has been too much and she's small. Having snow halfway up her legs is a deal breaker. Years ago when she was a puppy my mom bought her little boots but she hated them. I think we got two on before she figured out how to take them off and ran away to hide under some piece of furniture. 

We have had the same "conversation" every day that I've been home this week, and twice already this morning. Mischa runs to the door, starts hopping up and down, and barks at me. I tell her that there is still snow outside and she's not going to be happy. She doesn't care and continues hopping and barking. I then open the door, she takes a quick peek outside at the snow covered yard and freezes. To her surprise the snow has not melted. She then slowly backs away from the door and runs in the opposite direction. 

I should probably mention that she is extremely lazy, has an indoor bathroom, and is the kind of dog that sits down halfway through a walk and demands to be carried the rest of the way because she "doesn't feel like it anymore". 

Tuesday, February 4


Valentine's Day is coming up next week and while I don't really care for the holiday, I'll take just about any excuse to dress up. This week's currently loving is a mix of both small gift ideas, some of which I already own, and a date night outfit. Lots of pink, bows, and sparkle. I love the sweet bow details on these Kate Spade heels and Salvatore Ferragamo handbag, and this necklace from Bauble Bar has quickly become one of my favorites. You can't see it in the picture, but the mug says "love you more" and is the perfect for filling with hot chocolate and snuggling up in front of the fire with. 

Monday, February 3

if winter ends

Happy Monday, I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

As it is winter in the northeast, I feel it's a little unfair to complain about the weather, but we have had so much snow this season, it's beginning to feel as if winter will never end. Puffy white flakes have been floating past the window since before I woke up this morning and show no signs of letting up any time soon, spoiling my plans for the day.

This weekend was good, and a little weird. On Saturday, I had my first of three 401 shows at UCB which was super exciting. It went better than I had anticipated. JD snapped a few blurry pictures in which I look like a marshmallow so I will not be posting those. In a month I think I've become more pale than I was before Tortola if that's possible. 

Yesterday we made a spicy crab dip, JD built some shelves for the closet, and we listened to the helicopters buzzing around like bees all afternoon. Then we went uptown to our friend's apartment to watch the Super Bowl and eat snacks. I liked the Ellen and Full House commercials the best. The rest just weren't impressive. And on that note, I'm going to go have some hot chocolate and wish for the snow to stop.