October 8, 2014

autumn attire

First off, I'd like to apologize for being so behind on commenting and getting back to everyone. Today marks my sixth straight day at the office and my brain is feeling a bit fried at this point. Needless to say, it's been a long week. 

Second, I cannot for the life of me remember where I got this scarf. I'm sure it will come back to me at some point, most likely at an awkward time for me to exclaim "oh that place in Kingston", because that's how these things go. 

Third. Last night JD and I saw Fleetwood Mac at MSG. It was absolutely amazing! If you have the opportunity to go see them, you should. They put on such a great show. 

Fourth. I have been looking for boots like these since roughly 2007 when I spotted Sienna Miller wearing a similar pair if my memory serves me correctly. They were beautiful, over the knee slouchy suede with a stacked wooden heel. I can't seem to find a picture. Every year I look for a similar pair. It's been a long time coming but these Michael Kors beauties finally fit the bill. 

Fifth. I wore this yesterday to work and the concert, but if you follow me on instragram, you may have seen me excitedly try this dress on with my new boots on Monday.

And on that note, have a happy Wednedsay!


  1. Love this! That green is perfect for fall. And I LOVE those boots! You are killing me with your boot collection!

    <3, Pamela

  2. I absolutely love this look and want to recreate it immediately!! How was I not following you on instagram yet - changed that right now!! I seriously love those boots - perfection!

  3. love these colors together! great fall picks :)

  4. Loving those boots! They look perfect with your green dress!

  5. This green! I have been trying to find a rich green dress for the longest! I love it on you!


  6. That DRESS! Ahhhh. I am so in love with that color.

  7. Love the dress, the color is so pretty on you! And the boots are gorgeous!! I don't know why but I never think to wear boots with a dress unless there are tights involved, but I definitely need to give it a try.

  8. This dress is so pretty on you! Such a gorgeous color!

    Heidi D.

  9. Love your dress and it fits you perfectly!

    - Deniz

  10. Gorgeous look. Such a pretty shade of green. This look is styled really nicely. Fall fashion done right. Referencing your post from the other day, your style is simple & classic, which I like. Maybe I'm bias as once again I see myself in your closet (sorta speak). I have a similar green dress from Jcrew that I posted last winter. I also have the same boots from Miu Miu that I post last fall.

  11. I love this fall look! That green dress is fantastic and I need those boots immediately. Fantastically styled! XO


  12. THE BOOTS! I love when items you've been scouring for finally appear. These boots are too perfect. I also cannot express how jealous I am about Fleetwood Mac! I am so hoping to get some tickets for when they are in the Bay Area.

    Happy Wednesday!

    xx Katie
    lovely letters

  13. I love that green dress on you! It is such a beautiful color and the scarf is perfect. And those boots are beyond amazing! So classy and chic!


  14. insert heart eye emojis because those boots are gorgeous!!! i love how they have an effortless feel with the slouchy suede but are totally sexy with the over the knee height and the heel!!

    xo mk
    gold-hatted lover

  15. I loved the boots from the front but then when I got the side view with the stacked wood love!!!!

  16. WHAT, i literally gasped when i saw this outfit. this is, hands down, my favorite look of the week. the colors look gorgeous together, and i can definitely see why you've been searching for boots like that for seven years haha. they were so worth the wait. and clearly everyone commenting agrees ;)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  17. OK first of all, you need a day off. Like yesterday. Second, I love this outfit! Those boots are seriously gorgeous. And that scarf looks perfect with the dress. Fantastic look!


  18. i'm so beyond jealous you saw fleetwood! i can only imagine the show was incredible!!

  19. i actually have that dress, but i hadn't thought of styling it like this -- such a great idea!


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