July 17, 2014


monochrome | madewell open back top
monochrome | white mountain wedges

Maybe it's all of the disgusting weather we've had this week, or the lovely fall clothing that I've disturbingly started looking at, but I've really been into dark colors this week. I was going to say "feeling blue" but then thought against it because that's a horrible pun, but here I am, telling you anyway. Every time I think about being halfway through with summer I could cry and then bam, I'm looking at sweaters two seconds later. Has anyone else starting thinking about fall things yet?

I've always been drawn to the color blue, it makes up most of my wardrobe, especially navy.  There have been points in my shopping history where I probably should have banned myself from buying any more of the color but I just can't help it. I've tried and as a result have since gathered quite the collection of hunter green items. We all have our favorites. Speaking of, this top is one of mine. Give me an open back any day, it's probably my favorite summer look. It's loose, light, and simple, the kind of things that matter with soup grade humidity. I've worn it on the blog before here, but last time I styled it a little differently. This time I dressed it up slightly for a casual evening look with jeans, sparkly wedges, and a statement necklace. 

I can't believe it's already Thursday, at least the sun has returned. Have a great day and thank you for reading!


  1. Simple, but chic outfits are always my favorite! This one is perfect for running around town in style.

  2. I love blue! Sometimes it's nice to tone down the bright colors! Loving that clutch!

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  3. That top is so pretty! And I love those wedges!

    <3, Pamela

  4. loving your jeans - they fit like a glove!!! so cute.

  5. You are definitely not alone in the blue wardrobe! My favorite color is pink, yet my whole closet is filled with blue!

    xo Kylie

  6. Beautiful blue look! Refined chic perfection!!

    xx. Michelle

  7. loving the open back!

    when i think about how quickly summer is going back i almost cry too! i think i am a freak of nature but i DO NOT like fall. i am such a warm-weather person that as soon as there is a chill in the air i am freezing, plus i know that warm weather won't return for a long time and i get really anxious. need to move to LA. or the bahamas.

    xo mk
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  8. Love the little sparkle in those wedges!
    No shame in a navy game, girl- LOVE that color all year long. :)


  9. The top is so pretty! Cuteness!


  10. like your top so much ♥

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  11. Love that blouse!


  12. I'm right there with ya is summer half over?! I feel like I have done nothing summery at all (fail). Loving the open back of this top!

  13. Very lovely and chic! Hope you have a fun filled Friday. :)

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  14. Love your shoes!

  15. Totally in the navy camp. It's an issue. I think the redeeming side to this situation is that navy is a timeless color and so I will continue to wear all navy into the very distance future. It also transitions very easily from one season to the next. All in all, navy is perfect.

    xx Katie
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  16. I'm loving the little bow on your backs, such a lovely and simple detail.


  17. Too funny! We are wearing similar outfits today! I can't get enough of blue. It's my go to color always! Love those wedges :)

  18. hahah it's hard to resist a pun, isn't it? ;) And I feel you on the fall clothes thing- I always cringe when I see them in the windows (I mean, already?!) but I'm sort of excited for boots. But God, not yet, not yet!!! I still need my warmth before the mean east winters kick in.

    xo marlen
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