July 2, 2014

holiday beach weekend

holiday beach weekend
striped shirt . lace shorts . striped espadrilles . red bikini top + bottom . oyster bangle . white nail polish . straw tote . sunglasses

I've still got the 4th of July on my mind color palette wise, but at least this week it's a little more acceptable, you know, with it being on friday and all. As of right now, I'm not sure what my plans will be but I'm dreaming of a weekend spent at the beach, some fireworks, and maybe a barbecue or two.

You can't go wrong with classic navy and white stripes, especially by the sea, and I love the sweet lace detail on these shorts. For a day at the beach I would pair these two with a bright, poppy red bikini, espadrilles, glamorous oversized sunglasses, and white nail polish. I fell in love with white nail polish last summer watching Lizzy Caplan in Save the Date. She wore it throughout the film and I loved how subtle it looked. (Only I would notice a detail like that.) It wasn't that bright, white out, "I'm wearing white nail polish" shade that has become so popular. As much as I like Essie's "blanc", "marshmallow" is much softer and in my opinion, more wearable on an everyday basis. I love it and haven't stopped wearing it on my toes yet this season. 

What do you have lined up for the weekend?


  1. Love these picks! Definitely makes for a perfect 4th by the beach outfit!!

    La Joie de Vivre by Alecia Mariana
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  2. oh i just love this outfit, so classic, perfect for fourth of july or any other day of the summer!

    i have essie blanc and love it but might need to look into getting marshmallow as well.

    ps: how do you make your collages, they always look so nice!

    xo mk
    gold-hatted lover

  3. I've have the 4th of July on my mind too this week! I wore red, white and blue on Monday and everybody thought I was a little ahead of myself. I love that you played with stripes in this look! Very patriotic!


  4. So cute! I would totally wear this stuff! :)

    XO AJ
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  5. I want it all ! Such a lovely combo :)

  6. I'll have one of everything, please! I absolutely love this entire look!!


  7. Love this outfit! So classic and perfectly patriotic.

    I will thankfully be at the beach this weekend as well! I'm hoping there will be a lot of reading for me, fishing for him, and eating for everyone, plus of course fireworks (thank goodness they're still legal despite the drought situation).

    Happy early 4th!

    xx Katie
    lovely letters

  8. OhMyGod! The shorts are tooo cute!!

  9. Those shorts are sooooo nice! I saw a similar pair when I was shopping yesterday and I fell in love! Totally obsessed with all things crochet and lace at the moment!! <3 xoxo

    ♡Kudzai || NEWKIDBLOGS

  10. Nice inspo.

  11. I love this look! I need all of it ASAP! ;)

    xo Kylie

  12. love these fun picks! those shoes are super cute!!!

  13. Such a great look! Perfect for the 4th!

    xx Cara

  14. Loving it all, stripes are always a great bet!


  15. This is seriously such a perfect look! I love absolutely everything about it!

  16. i pinned those espadrilles like a month ago but they were sold out in my size! ugh!!

  17. i stopped by this blog because of the name - prosecco is so yummy!

    anyhow, i love essie's marshmallow. definitely agree that it's super wearable.

    Tiffany / tiffanyeatworld

  18. I am in love with those espadrilles- how amazingly cute!! I love your picks- the best part is that they are not too 'stars and stripes' cliche. I love that all of these can be wore any other day of summer. I think I'll be spending the Fourth at the beach so I need to go pick up a cute festive bikini.

    If you get a sec, I would love to get your thoughts on my latest



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