May 9, 2014

weekend wishlist

Unfortunately, the forecast for this weekend isn't superb. None the less, I wouldn't mind spending some time outdoors if possible. Here is my weekend wish list, if you will, five things I'd like to do this weekend, most of which can be done regardless of the weather. Without further ado...

Cherry Blossoms
I haven't been to see the cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botantic Gardens yet, nor, would I mind going for a stroll through Central Park. I think that would be nice, going for any sort of walk, though it may rain. {photo}

Brunch would be a nice way to celebrate Mother's Day, but it's an activity I plan on doing regardless. I took this photograph a few years ago on our first visit to August, they have this lovely dining room with a glass ceiling that opens up on nice days. It's the perfect indoor / outdoor compromise for chilly or rainy days when you'd really like to brunch outside. 

Mint Iced Coffee
I found and this recipe last weekend and boy it is insanely delicious. I still have some of the syrup sitting in my fridge so this one is a definite and I'm probably too excited about it. I will do a recipe post of my own as I did slightly alter the recipe. {recipe+photo}

Chocolate Coconut Bars
While I am on a healthy diet, my sweet tooth still exists. Plus, they say dark chocolate is good for you and by now I'm sure you've heard everyone and their mother singing the praises of coconut oil. I'd say this recipe is one of those win - win situations and if I can find shredded coconut for a reasonable price, I may have to make these. {recipe+photo}

Fresh Blooms
I certainly wouldn't mind picking up some pretty spring blooms this weekend, especially if the weather is a dreary as the forecast predicts. It would certainly help brighten things up, but you know, that's all subject to change. {photo}

What do you have lined up for the weekend?


Thank you so much for taking the time to read and share your thoughts. I love hearing from you!