May 20, 2014

weekend snapshot

Over the weekend JD and I attended the wedding of a friend and as I had not so secretly hoped, JD danced his way into the reception. It was amazing. He was a dancing machine all night. I practically had to force him to sit down and eat dessert with me. There were waffles with ice cream and berries and I had a bit of a Leslie Knope moment. I was not about to miss the waffles.

This is only photo taken of the two of us at the wedding so naturally the lighting is terrible and the suit jacket draped over a chair in the background makes it look like I'm wearing a cape. Please note, I am not wearing a cape.

We took it easy on Sunday. JD woke me up at what my overtired brain could only process as the crack of dawn {it was actually closer to 9am}. Things improved with my coffee and we ended up spending the afternoon outside with the dogs, brewing our next batches of beer and wine. Exciting stuff. Our lager is almost done, I think it has another week or two. 
This weirdo... 
...getting judged by this weirdo. I took these pictures moments apart. 
Following our day of brewing, we sat in fireworks traffic on our way back to the city. The show was pretty and entertaining but everyone kept slamming on their breaks every couple of seconds to watch, and take photos. I spotted several snaps of the same display on instagram so I know I was not the only one. Let's hope those other people were also passengers. 
And that was our weekend. 

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