May 14, 2014

pale blue + white

 . aviators . panama hat . bracelet . pearls . phone case . 

This is an outfit I actually wear a lot myself, though of course I've never bothered to snap a photo of it. It was one of my go to looks all of last summer, my j. crew popover and 7fam jeans with sandals and a sun hat. I wore it so much I got sick of it. Then I saw this beautiful photograph and my love for this simple, easy summer outfit had been restored, just like that. The long winter helped, definitely, but you know, sometimes you wear something so often that you never want to see it again. In Tortola this past December, I wore this pretty, long purple and white popover as a cover up just about every day and by the end of the trip it had gotten so gross with salt water and sunscreen and all that I was just about ready to set it on fire. 

This season, I'm looking forward to wearing this outfit again, and I think I'll change it up a little with silver sandals and accessories, and my {current} favorite pink lipgloss. It looks really bright in the tube but goes on sheer, just the right amount for those days when you want a little color but nothing too bold. 

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  1. this is one of my favorite outfits too, just so easy to throw and go and you always know it is going to look great!

    xo mk
    gold-hatted lover


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