May 15, 2014

old westbury gardens

Long Island is teaming with beautiful historic estates and JD and I have been on a mission to visit them all. {You can read about our recent visit to the planting fields arboretum here.} This past weekend we took the short drive out to Old Westbury to visit the former home of the Phipps family. You're not supposed to take photographs inside, so we did not, but we made sure to take plenty of the grounds. The gardens were just lovely, as was the interior of the house, those ceilings. In my dream home, there will be embellished ceilings. It's a shame we don't build such beautiful things any more. Sleek and modern just doesn't have the same charm, for me. 

The air was humid as we explored the gardens. Sunny at first, a sea of gray quickly overtook the afternoon. It felt more like summer than a warm spring day. We were in the tulip garden when the clouds turned that ominous shade of blue. I removed the umbrella I had tucked away in my purse just incase. The first drops fell as we made our way across the open field. With this view, it felt very much like a Jane Austen novel. 
Luckily for us, we made it back to the car at just the right moment. It started to pour seconds after we hopped inside. 


  1. Lovely! And your skirt is so perfect!

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  2. Beautiful pictures!


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