May 1, 2014

least favorite human

The other evening my sister took her dog for a walk down by a grassy area and after dinner, noticed that Paisley had a tick on her. It's odd, ticks have only become a major problem for us the last couple of years. It was so bad last spring and summer that the yard needed to be sprayed twice. Before then, before Paisley, I can't remember ever seeing one. Mischa never had any issues before, but that first summer with Paisley, I found one crawling on top of her head. Both dogs of course take tick preventing medicine, but I'll get to that in a minute or two.

So there we are, sitting in the kitchen. I'm a few bites away from finishing my taco salad when my sister discovered a second tick. While Paisley is a sweet dog, she doesn't cooperate when it comes to certain things. Once she saw the tweezers, which she had never in fact seen before, she freaked out. My sister needed to hold her down and I was tasked with removing the ticks, all four of them. Mischa had a feeling it might be her turn next and disappeared under the dining room chairs.

Luckily, all four ticks came out intact and didn't appear to have bitten her, they were just out for a stroll. I put them in a cup of isopropyl alcohol to drown and set them aside incase they need to be tested down the road. Then I had the lovely task of reapplying her flea and tick medication. Always a task, Paisley recoils at the smell of alcohol. Which made it just as challenging to clean off the spots where the ticks had been. My sister held her down and I, as quickly as possible tried to apply it as she twisted around and tried to bite the tube out of my hand. Once again, she really is the sweetest dog, which makes this all the more crazy. She always looked horrified when she watches me apply Mischa's. Aside from bath time and cleaning her eyes, which is the end of the world, Mischa doesn't care what I do as long as she gets a treat afterwards. Cookies are gold around here.

Paisley kept and eye on my for the rest of the evening, wouldn't let me anywhere near her incase I tried to help her some more.

The following day I took Mischa to the doctor for a heart worm test. She hates going to the doctor and waited to claw apart my arm until after she was seen and handed back to me. Prior to being seen she tried to crawl inside my sweater because if her face isn't visible, she isn't there. An eye for an eye, that's her motto. She did the same thing after I took her to the groomer last week for her summer hair cut, and after any bath, and basically any time she disapproves of something. Someone should tell her she lives in the wrong Babylon. (Cue the cymbals. I'm just about jumping up and down over here that I made a bad history joke.)

Needless to say, I am everyone's favorite human this week.

And if you find yourself in tick trouble, the Humane Society's website is very helpful. Link here.

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