May 19, 2014


abercrombie pants {old} . j. crew top {similar}, wedges, & bracelet . Rebecca mink off bag {old} . ray ban sunglasses . Essie "find me an oasis" nail polish

Hello, happy Monday! I can't believe how quickly this weekend went, I feel like it just flew by. The wedding was so much fun, but I plan to go into more detail on that tomorrow with a little weekend recap. 

I bought these pants last spring after a long search for the perfect floral pair. I wanted something a bit more subtle than the bold and colorful prints that filled the shops. While I liked the trend, I wasn't fully on board with looking like a walking arboretum. I tend to gravitate towards more basic or solid pieces so the need for floral pants was quite an interesting step for me. I wear a lot of blues and greens, the two other colors that make up my wardrobe aside from poppy red as previously discussed, so I was immediately drawn to this pair. 

I also need to mention that my nail polish inadvertently matched just about every thing I wore last week. It's just one of those colors, it's so light and pretty that it appears to be incapable of clashing with anything. 

And on that note, thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

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