May 28, 2014

drop waist

Relaxed fit dresses aren't for everyone, I know. They don't do much for your shape and can make you look wider than you are, especially if they don't hit at just the right length. But for some silly reason, I still love them. There is just something so effortlessly cool and stylish about a simple and loose drop waist dress. Maybe it has something to do with my love for the 1920s. But even then it was a difficult style to pull off! Women taped themselves down to achieve that slim, boyish look. I digress. 

Now this girl can clearly pull anything off and it really makes me want to give this style a second, or third chance. I'm really liking the lace details on this dress and think the length would be flattering on most. I would dress it down a bit with flat espadrilles and a printed scarf for those still lingering chilly days and evenings, a neutral toned crossbody, and oversized sunglasses.

PS. I can't believe it's Wednesday already. A three day weekend will do that to you, I guess. 


  1. hello darling! u have great photos and great blog! would u like to follow each other??? I always follow back! ket me know, kisses


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