March 31, 2014

under the sea

Well, it's Monday again and since this past weekend was super weird at parts and I didn't take any photos not of food, let's talk about last weekend. Though, you can expect a full account of Friday evening sometime in the near future.

Last weekend, JD and I took a trip out to the aquarium. I hadn't been there in ages, since my cousin Matthew was little. All I remembered of it was the rope lined bridge near the entrance and a petting tank that wasn't in the same spot in my memory. Who knows, I may have combined features of different aquariums.

On the other side of the bridge, when you first walk in they had a tank set up with most of the fish from Finding Nemo. It was quite popular. All of the kids had to stop and point them all out. I'm not going gloss over it, I did the same thing and JD teased me for it.

Strollers and screaming aside, well expected on a Saturday, I really enjoyed our visit. Especially the outdoor exhibits. The penguins and otters were so cute.

Cue the photos...

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

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