March 24, 2014

catch up | insta-weekend

Hello blog world, and happy Monday.

Last week was a rough one. I spent most of it sick in bed. It was just one thing after another. As soon as one symptom dissipated, another came along. I won't drag you through all of the details because that would be disgusting. I was lucky enough to go all winter without a single cold and then bam, a box of tissues in one day. 

We took it easy over the weekend, staying in to watch American Hustle on Friday, and paid a visit to the aquarium on Saturday. Yesterday was filled with odd jobs and turkish delight bars. Recipe to follow sometime this week.

Since we're catching up, here are a few photos from the weekend. 

On Friday I gave Mischa a bath since I was finally feeling well enough. Bath time is never an easy task with this dog, though I must say she is getting better. I said nothing to her, but she knew it was coming. The went and hid the moment she saw me take her brush out. Afterwards, all clean and dry, she was happy again and showed off her shiny, fluffy hair, which could use a trim.
"She'll never find me here, I'm invisible."
"I look good."
"... so good, you should give me a cookie."
Pretty farmland on our drive out to the aquarium.
Our Saturday evening baking experiment. 
And the secret friends playing follow the leader in the yard. 

And that was my weekend. I hope you enjoyed yours!

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