March 27, 2014

a very casual weekend look

 j. crew scarf (old) . converse shoes . mulberry handbag

I wore this outfit this past weekend when it was a bit warmer out. It feels like I have been waiting forever to be able to wear this jacket, though I did wear it to the airport when we went to Tortola. My mistake. It was warm enough when we left, not when we landed. Winter had finally arrived. I really love it and can't wait to get more use out of it this Spring. 

We did a lot of errand running, so I opted for comfort, throwing on my favorite pair of jeans, a simple white sweater, that unfortunately leaves a trail of fuzz in it's wake, and a blue polka dot scarf that is completely obscuring my sweater in these photos. 

And now, here is a bonus outtake featuring Mischa, judging. As if I don't already feel silly whenever I (awkwardly) pose for outfit photos. 

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