February 18, 2014

the long weekend

Wouldn't it be nice if we could have three day holiday weekends every weekend? I think it would. I just love getting to spend extra time with the people I love.

On Saturday we drove out to the east end of the island to attend a friend's wedding and got to catch up with all of our old college friends. It was so much fun. I spent so much time talking that I hardly got any dancing in, I only caught the tail end of "shout" and completely missed dessert being served. I keep jokingly asking JD if I was at the same wedding because he certainly found his way to the chocolate fountain. I caught up with him after he had finished. As one would assume, I took zero pictures. Well, I did take one picture, of myself, in the car on the way there because I needed to document my bright pink lipgloss. 
On Sunday we took advantage of our location, ignored the fresh coat of snow, and visited a couple of vineyards for live on the vine. Live on the vine is this great thing where many of the vineyards will host jazz bands in their tasting room. We went to Duck Walk first, as we had never been to before and took in a show before heading over to our favorite, One Woman, to say hello and pick up a couple of bottles to take home with us. And since no trip would be complete without a pie, we made a quick stop at Briermere on our way out. We got blueberry crisp and chocolate cream instead of our usual raspberry cream. We're trying new things this year. Later in the evening we went out to dinner to celebrate my "little" cousin's sixteenth birthday.
And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!

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