February 19, 2014

springing forward

It's currently warming up in New York, and though it's not set to last very long, it's just enough to make me start thinking that spring may actually be on the horizon after all. The crazy thing about super cold weather is that the temperatures I normally find to be bone chilling no longer seem like such a big deal. Forty degrees feels like summer right about now. Ok well, that may be an exaggeration, but I did get pretty crazy and wear a dress without tights (to the wedding) on Saturday. And getting back on track. This week I'm loving sunny and warm citrus colors, inspired by the orange that is still in my purse from improv on Friday. I really like these jacquard print pants from Abercrombie and decided that a touch of gray might help ground a look that is better suited for a different season. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. I couldn't agree more with the weather. 40 degrees is so wonderful! It has been so nice not having to wear a hat outside (and have terrible hat hair). Looking forward to spring and all the fun pastel and citrus colors as well. I really appreciate this look. I love how well the yellow and grey compliment each other.


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