February 26, 2014

small victories

Mischa the dog takes personal offense to bath time. It's nothing new and I have probably mentioned it once or twice already. Yesterday after lunch I asked her if she would like a bath. The answer is always no, but I like to gage how much of a struggle it will be beforehand. Usually she will go hide under one of the dining room chairs, but if the claws come out immediately, I know to wear long sleeves and a high neckline, otherwise, I'll be covered in little red scratches. When I pulled her out from underneath the furthest chair she wiggled in resistance and put her feet in my pocket. Weird, yes, but not a horrible sign. The bath part went well enough but real fun began the moment I plugged in the hairdryer. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with it and tried to escape several times, like I wouldn't notice that she was missing. The second we were finished she rolled around on the first rug she could find until it looked like nothing ever happened. 
See? Though, she's still pretty cute, even with messy hair. It's a small victory, but at least now she smells nice. 

Happy Wednesday folks!


  1. She is so cute! HAHA I had the same issue with my toy shit-zu. She hates bath time. She shakes when the water touches her body, and shakes the entire time I blow dry her hair but once she is all nice and clean, she is like the happiest dog on the planet! Mischa looks pretty happy to be clean (even with messy hair) too!

    1. Same exact thing here, shaking and complaining in the tub, then she's so happy that she's clean she runs around showing off to everyone she sees.


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