February 14, 2014

happy valentine's day

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Hello, and Happy Valentine's Day blog world. For some reason I have never really liked the holiday, even back in the days of Valentine's cards and candy for everyone in your second grade class. I didn't understand why I had to give the mean kid a lollipop as well. It didn't seem like a good idea to reward their crappy behavior. We also got participation ribbons for field day. I think that says a lot. I'd like to take a moment to state (completely unnecessarily) that my team always came in first place at field day and I was crushed the year we placed second. I was a very competitive child. 

The past couple of years JD and I have escaped to Greenport for the weekend, watched the fire truck parade and had dinner at a place called Biere at the end of town. They have live music, which is wonderful. The last time we were there the owner grabbed a guitar and kept the place open two hours passed closing. The dinner crowd remained in their seats, free glasses of wine were passed out, and we all sang Beatle's songs. It was so much fun. 

This year we're skipping our annual getaway to attend a friend's wedding tomorrow, and at one point or another I will make rum and/or bourbon (probably both) truffles for JD. I've never made them with bourbon before and thought it might be a nice change in flavor and pace. Our friend Liz recently made us the most delicious chocolate bourbon milkshakes so I'm pretty confident in the fact that they won't be disgusting. Recipes to follow.

Enjoy your weekend!

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