February 11, 2014

adventures in parking: snow day

This winter has been brutal when it comes to snow and parking in the city. One nice thing is that alternate side parking has been suspended most days so there is no need to dig your car out to move it every other day. One not so nice thing has been that since alternate side parking has been suspended so often, the snow hasn't been removed and the cars that have yet to be dug out are now encased in ice. It's quite the mess and has made finding parking much more complicated. I get the feeling that the city is just waiting for it to melt away. I certainly wish it would warm up too.

Last week I had to dig my car out solo and it played out like a bad sit com complete with a live studio audience thanks to the coffee shop I was parked in front of. My trusty ice scraper had made it's way out of the car and not back in so I resorted to using a small broom to remove the snow and ice that accumulated the day before. Just as I was finishing clearing the roof the head fell off and landed on my feet, filling my boots with snow. I shook them out and continued scraping ice off the windows, waiting for the car to heat up enough to melt it. After getting as much ice and snow as I could off of the sides and back of the car I decided to take a break and wait for the windshield to thaw out in the warmth and comfort of the driver's seat. There was still a little snow stuck on my side view mirrors. My instinct was to open the window and push it off instead of getting out of the car again but something in my brain was shouting, "NO, DO NOT OPEN THE WINDOW. IT IS GOING TO GET STUCK." But the car is warming up, I told myself, it'll be fine, and opened it anyway. The window got stuck open. During this time a revolving door of people came to ask me if I would be leaving soon so they could take my parking spot. While I didn't mind if they had my spot once I left, I had no idea when that would be. So I gave them the rundown of my idiotic situation and let them be the judge of how their time would be best spent. 

The windshield had now defrosted and in order to get the last bits of snow that I couldn't reach off of it I would need to use my windshield wipers, which I couldn't do because then I would risk filling my car with snow. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, but in reality was more like fifteen minutes, I was able to get the window closed. None the less I was extremely embarrassed. Fifteen minutes is a long time to sit in your car with your window open in front of a busy coffee shop while you're waiting for it to unfreeze. One of the wonderful things about New York is that there are always people around.  One of the not so wonderful things about it is that there are always people around to watch you do something stupid like get your window stuck open. 

When all was said and done and unfrozen I took a bow and drove away and when I got to my destination, dirty water dripped off of the open truck hatch and onto my head. You can't win them all folks. 

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  1. This snow is such an inconvenience. I live in Brooklyn (but work in the city), and it is so much worse than the Manhattan. There is no where to walk and no where to park. Hopefully (really, really hoping) we don't get much more snow. Stay safe!


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