January 13, 2014

weekend adventures

Despite the dreary weather, this weekend was wonderful.

Saturday afternoon, JD and I went uptown and made use of movie tickets we were gifted last Christmas. It was the first time either of us had been to the movies in New York and I must say, it was pretty cool. The theaters, each with an art deco entryway, were laid out over several floors with black and white stills from classic films lining the walls alongside the escalators. I was excited just to be there. I love beautiful old buildings. We saw Anchorman 2, which was funny and what I expected it to be. I was a little disappointed that certain cameos were as brief as they were, but then the movie would go on forever. 

Later that evening we tried a new place called Analogue for drinks and a late night snack, venturing all the way to the other side of Sixth Avenue, gasp, in the rain. The drinks were lovely, but overpriced, as were the snacks. We were speculating that perhaps the prices were a little higher than normal in attempts to keep the younger NYU crowd away, but clearly that didn't work. I've accepted $13-14 cocktails, but $15-16 is a bit much. Same goes for tiny appetizers all ringing in around $18. It's just not worth it. Regardless, we enjoyed our evening out. It's so nice to be back in New York after the holidays and traveling. 
Obligatory photo of my drink because I thought it looked pretty with matching pink rosebuds floating in it.

Sunday we stayed in and made brunch, argula with Boursin and an egg sunny side up on top. I think that's my favorite meal currently, only second to the honey stung fried chicken at D'Coal Pot in Tortola. I ate it three times while we were there, absolutely delicious. Speaking of, photos to come this week!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and thank you for reading!

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