January 9, 2014


By the end of our ten day adventure in the British Virgin Islands my hands would prune in a ten minute shower. I had been spending so much time soaking up the perfect, clear, calm Caribbean water that my skin just couldn't take it any more. The nail polish on my toes chipped away as if that were it's sole purpose. Between intervals of floating I sat on the beach rubbing salt off my face and tossing handfuls of sand at the stray chickens attempting to steal my lunch. Both were lost causes. Minutes later I'd be back to floating and the chickens perched on top of the cooler wishing for thumbs. 

Winter in the northeast is no picnic, but it's unfair to say how the climate change has been a drag when most of the country has been frozen all week. I don't mind the cold so much as the little problems it causes, such as burst pipes. Yesterday it rained in the kitchen. I spent an hour vacuuming up water while the dogs sat by the front door, confused and hoping it wasn't bath time. When it first happened, Paisley followed me into the kitchen, stopping in the pool in front of the sink and cocked her head to the side as if to say "wet?" She's such a funny girl. 

The good news is this cold spell is just about over, and also, they make water slides for boats. Really. I want to meet these people.
I hope you're all safe and not experiencing any complications from the weather.

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  1. Beautiful picture. Cannot wait for summer!

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