January 24, 2014

tortola, part two

Tortola, the iPhone edition, because after this week, I (and most likely anyone in the northeastern US) could use a little warmth. Please forgive any repeats you may have previously seen on instagram. 
 View from the villa on Apple Bay.
 A rainbow!
 A pre-dinner "selfie", if you will. I still don't approve of that word.
Dinner on the water.
On Apple Bay.
 More Apple Bay, at sunset.
 The Baths at Virgin Gorda.

This year we made an effort to visit Virgin Gorda for a longer period of time. A couple of years ago we took a ferry over and spent part of the day. Last year we only visited for an hour by boat, which wasn't enough time to thoroughly explore the caves and walk to a further beach. This year, JD and I planned a day trip, though we found the island in a much different state than previous years. Two cruise ships were docked at the port, resulting in a long, slow moving line that snaked down to the beach. If the line was that long, we couldn't imagine what the tiny strip of sand at the bottom must look like. So at 11:30am we sat at the restaurant at the top of the hill and ordered lunch first, which was a lucky thing to do because not long after we placed our order the restaurant filled to brim with cruisers. My cousin, Alex, joked that the island should be called only Gorda now that it was so crowded. After lunch we took a longer, back route to Devil's Bay and set up on a rock in an empty area and enjoyed the afternoon.

On a side note, I think this post has more photos of myself than all other posts combined.

Enjoy your Friday, and your weekend, and thank you for reading!


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