January 21, 2014

black and wine

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Black on black seems to be the outfit of choice of just about everyone in Manhattan during the winter. When the weather gets cold, it's all you see. Don't get me wrong, everyone looks very stylish, but it can get a bit boring after a while. I fall victim to it myself. My outfit yesterday consisted of a dark gray top with black pants and boots, very monochrome. In efforts to keep myself from looking like a black and white photograph, I like to add a little color every now and then. 

Lately I have been seeing plaid coats everywhere, I even have a red and black on myself now, thank you JD! I think they're so interesting and different. I love this Zara toggle coat, it may be a little hard to tell, but that coat is actually blue and green plaid with faux leather sleeves. I would pair it with this lovely wine colored top from Madewell, black jeans, and white Converse, a nice contrast from an otherwise dark ensemble. 

I can't help it. Cold weather = dark wardrobe. 


  1. LOVE this look. that coat is amazing and i wouldn't mind if it ended up in my closet right about now ;)

    xo mk

  2. Your blog is adorable! And loving these colors together!

    Simply Cydney


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