Thursday, June 27

Mosquitos in Manhattan?

The other night JD and I and our friend Dee went to dinner at an Italian tapas restaurant called Gottino in the village. They had an adorable back garden area and despite the heat we chose to sit out there. Within a couple of minutes I mentioned to JD that I thought I was getting bit by something. He insisted that there are no mosquitos in Manhattan. EIGHT bites later we saw a squirrel climb up the tree in the next yard. Clearly this garden was located in the twilight zone. Squirrels and mosquitos don't exist are very rare in Manhattan, I've only seen a squirrel outside of the park once before, but they do in fact exist. And if they are blood sucking insects, they will find me. I was the only one who got bit at dinner and sadly, those bites have turned into huge, itchy red spots that I have been trying my best not to scratch. Mosquitos are my least favorite part of warm weather by far and up until the other night I had been lucky enough to avoid getting bit. As I told JD last night, I will now be deciding whether or not we sit indoors or outdoors or in any gardens after sundown as he is often spared and I am left with itchy red welts. That's fair, right? 

The food at Gottino was so good. Dee has excellent taste and when it comes to restaurants recommendations I always trust her opinion. I don't know how she does it, but she always manages to find the best places. If you decide to stop by, try the fig crostini, it's tastes more like a dessert than an appetizer. And the prosciutto crepes, and salmon, and rabbit pot pie. Oh my goodness it was all so delicious! I'm a bad blogger and didn't take any pictures and for that I apologize. 

Wednesday, June 26

Writer's Block / Beach

I seem to be experiencing a little bit of writer's block this week. I can't think of why, but perhaps it has something to do with how busy I've been. I've already been in and out of the city twice and am going back in tomorrow. All of that traveling has taken up a huge chunk of time and I still have so much to do that I haven't been able to get done. At least I did the laundry, right? That's a start.

This past weekend my friend Kaitlin came out for a visit and beach day. We spent Saturday laying in the sun, reading magazines, and breathing in the salty air. It was perfect weather, hot but with a steady breeze coming in off of the ocean to keep us cool and bug free.

Thursday, June 20

Mischa the Ferocious

This morning we had a technician come to investigate a problem we were having with our cable. So naturally, Mischa took it upon herself to show this nice man why owning a Yorkshire terrier is not advisable. She greeted him at the door like a venomous snake waiting to pounce on a rabbit, except she weighs eight pounds and he clearly wasn't feeling very threatened. I had to hold her the entire time, it makes her feel better, gives her an excuse as to why she's not attacking our visitor. I imagine her growls mean "You're lucky my person/servant is holding me back, otherwise I would totally bite you." In reality if I wasn't holding her she would be hiding under the dining room table, awkwardly barking and waiting for him to leave so she could chase him to the door for show. 
Mischa relaxing her in bed after her busy morning. Keeping up such a ferocious image takes a lot out of her. That pink bow of hers is especially intimidating, don't you think? Perhaps I should have put her shark fin on so she could really pretend to be tough.
I wouldn't want to swim with that shark in the water. No really though. She hates water, oddly enjoys floating on a raft, and will claw you to pieces if she finds you while in a pool. Also, I am aware that I have now used this picture several times and clearly should take some new ones. I'll get on that. 

Wednesday, June 19

On the Water

I love sailing. There's just something about being out on the water. 
On Sunday JD and I went sailing with our friend Nick in Oyster Bay. It was our second time out this season and things went much better than last time After not sailing all winter there was a little bit of confusion the first day out, and a few small miscommunications. For example, we had been sailing for a few minutes before realizing that no knots had been tied at the end of the jib sheets. We were lucky there wasn't much wind, otherwise we would have had to catch the jib and most likely fish it out of the bay, which would have been quite the embarrassing little spectacle. But the wind was good on Sunday, and we got back into the checklist routine quickly. We even got to sit up on the rail, which honestly is my favorite part. Of all of the things that JD loves to do that terrify me (i.e. rock climbing, ice climbing, riding in the bike lane on any street in Manhattan), hanging off the side of a boat is what I look forward to most. It makes him nervous. Go figure. I cannot wait to take our little 420 out, and eventually get a trapeze and start racing. That probably sounds crazy, but I'd really like to get good enough to race. 
Nick on the jib.
JD checking the sails, with a rainbow cloud behind him. It was one of the coolest things I've seen. It changed colors depending on your position to it. A little to the right and it was all blues and greens.

Tuesday, June 18

Drop Waist Dress

Dress: Maje / Shoes: Zara (old) / Bag: Chloe / Bracelets: J. Crew / 
Sunglasses: Hobie / Lips: Bobbi Brown Gloss in Tangerine

I first saw this dress in Maje way back in September, bought it on sale sometime around January, and have worn it a couple of times since then including recently for JD's graduation from law school. Even though I think the dark green skirt makes it more of a fall/winter dress, I wore it again last weekend to a friend's bridal shower. The drop waist detail is what initially caught my eye but it is a style that can be tricky to wear if you don't possess the slim boyish frame of a flapper. In my opinion it can make you look a little bigger than you are in the waist area, i.e. photos above, but I still love it.

Monday, June 17

Beach Day

Weekends are going to start getting more limited around here as we get closer to the bar exam. So for now we are trying to soak up and enjoy every last minute of them. We stayed in the city Friday night and saw a show, The Stepfathers, at UCB. It was awesome, as always. The performers are all so insanely talented. It's wonderful. I cannot say enough how much I love seeing shows there.

We drove out to the island Saturday morning and tried our best to avoid sitting in traffic. It took almost two hours and the longest bit was waiting to get to the midtown tunnel. You know when gridlock gets to the point where the traffic lights stop making sense? Well we ate up at least half an hour at the last light before entering the tunnel. It was super fun. A traffic director would have been useful. We made it out to the beach in the afternoon. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm with a light breeze.
Look at that water! I can't get over how clear and blue it is. The water is usually a disgustingly murky shade of brown. Coupled with the drastic change of the landscape, I'd think it was an entirely different place if I didn't know any better. 

Friday, June 14

The Office?

Fresh peonies from JD's garden. Mine did not bloom this year. I have a feeling it has something to do with the plant being drowned in saltwater last October. This week was super productive for me. I watched the first three seasons of The Office on Netflix and nervously waited to see if I would come down with a stomach bug after JD caught one earlier this week. I did not, luckily. I didn't meant to watch the first three seasons of The Office, it sort of just happened. I got sucked in and then kept watching and waiting to get to the episodes I remembered liking, mostly involving the Pam & Jim story. They played some pretty good pranks. My favorite so far is one that they didn't even show. Jim gradually filled the receiver of Dwight's phone with nickels so he would get used to the weight and then one day took them all out, resulting in Dwight hitting himself in the head with his phone. Amazing. That one kind of makes me wish I could go back in time. My best office prank was probably mirror imaging my friend Mike's desk. He never changed it back. I'm pretty sure that everything is still in the exact same place on that desk to this day and he doesn't even work there anymore. 

And on that note, it's Friday! Yay. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 11

The Anchor Top, Again

Top: J. Crew (last year) / Bottom: American Eagle / Handbag: Celine / 
Sunglasses: Hobie / Bracelets: J. Crew / Shoes: Soludos 

I picked up this silk anchor top on sale at J. Crew last Spring and it has remained a favorite in my closet. It's so easy and can be paired with just about anything. I usually pair it with white bottoms but decided to dress it out a little more with jeans. I've already worn this outfit several times and can easily see it becoming a summer uniform for cooler nights. 

Monday, June 10

Morning at the Beach

Maybe it's the season but our weekends have gotten much more packed as of late. It could also be due to the bar exam and JD wanting to take full advantage of any free time he gets. It's such an intense experience, there is so much studying. I'm happy to see JD relax and take a little break, even if it's just for a few hours. 

Yesterday JD got me up at 5:30am to go to the beach. I'm happy to report that Field 2 at Robert Moses was in pretty good shape. There were barely any dunes, but the beach didn't look as bad as Gilgo. I spent a couple of hours sitting in the sand with my camera in position, waiting to snap JD catching a wave. There was a lot of floating, and drifting, out there in the line up and not too much surfing done by anyone but it regardless, it was so nice to spend the morning on the beach. 
Water meets sky.
There were plenty of seagull wars over clams yesterday morning. It was very interesting to watch them fish and then take the shells to the parking lot to crack them open on the pavement.
Waiting for waves in the line up.

Friday, June 7

Berry Mojitos

Well, it's Friday and it's raining. Hardly a surprise. I feel like it's always raining these days.
It took six hours for my shoes to be dry enough to wear on Tuesday after walking from my car to my office. Swimming would have been a drier option. It was that bad. I hear it's supposed to be nice on Sunday. I guess we'll see. Some nice warm summery weather would be a welcome change after such a rainy spring. 

Since it's Friday and after five, I figured I'd share a mojito recipe. I was inspired by a recipe for strawberry mojitos in Coastal Living but didn't have any on hand so we substituted with raspberries and blueberries and used JD's off the top of his head recipe.
Directions, as told by JD:
Muddle about 1oz or a hand full of mint and some berries in the bottom of a glass.
Add 2oz of simple syrup, squeeze half of a lime into the mixture, and stir.
Add as much or as little rum as you'd like. 
Traditionally you'd use about 1oz of light rum but you can use spiced too. 
Fill the glass with ice and top with seltzer.
A quick stir and enjoy!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Tuesday, June 4

Hello, Summer!

Last weekend I was freezing my butt off on the beach and this weekend it hit 90 degrees.
That's New York for you. We don't ease into seasons here. We go big or go home. It's funny, when I left my house Thursday night I brought a jacket thinking it might be as cool and breezy in Manhattan but boy was I wrong. We nearly melted on our walk to get gelato. As a rule of thumb, Manhattan is always at least ten degrees hotter than anywhere else. The first few days of a big season change are always the toughest for me to adjust to. All of a sudden it's 90 degrees out and I don't know how to handle it. I sweat too much, have trouble sleeping, and vow to move to a colder climate where I'll never melt into a puddle on the sidewalk. It's still at that point in New York where the subways are still cool enough to tolerate waiting for a train for a couple of minutes, but the garbage smell has definitely set in for the season. 

On Saturday we went up to the boat basin to meet up with some friends we haven't seen in too long. While placing a drink order at the crowded bar proved to be an ordeal, we had a nice time catching up in our improvised seating arrangement at the bottom of a traffic circle. If you've never been, the Boat Basin Cafe is located underneath a traffic loop/circle on the West Side Highway. It's quite unnerving for people like me who are a little too aware of how terrible the most of the  population is at operating motor vehicles. We arranged our white plastic chairs in a circle under the shade of the highway, directly across from the fountain turned dining area in the center of the traffic circle. A lot of people seemed to like our idea and within twenty minutes there were no plastic chairs left stacked against the pillar by the entrance.

The last time we were at the boat basin it was an entirely different experience, there were much less people surrounding the bar area and/or waiting for tables, none of which had been shielded by umbrellas. This Saturday we arrived first and after looking around and not finding anyone, JD attempted to get us drinks. The bar area was so crowded, unbearably hot, and filled with the most rude people imaginable. I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they were just cranky from the heat, but there was just too much ridiculous behavior happening to justify it. By the end of the afternoon, JD was visibly upset and that man has the patience of a saint. Waiting in line forty minutes to close a tab could do that to you. Especially when you're surrounded by animals.

That evening we went to a late dinner at Buvette. We had only ever been there for brunch, which is always delicious so I was excited to try their dinner menu. Oh my, it did not disappoint. Their wine selection has been bound into a book it's so extensive and the food was perfect. We had duck confit for an appetizer, JD ordered a rabbit dish in a cream based sauce and I had coq au vin that rivaled The Troubadour in London. So good. We had to order the chocolate mousse for dessert. JD took one bite and told me in a very serious voice, "Lynds, this is very homemade tasting, you're not going to like it." I actually believed him for a second. Turns out it was all an act to get the dessert to himself. It was probably the most delicious chocolate mousse I've ever had. JD is very protective of his desserts.

As I was too busy holding my hair up off my neck and trying not to stick to things all weekend, I did not take any pictures.