Tuesday, April 30


April has turned into my month off from blogging and I'm not sure how I feel about it. There are a lot of things I'd like to change about this blog and lately I have been debating whether or not I'd like to take things in a new direction. I could veer away from a lifestyle blog and transition into the most boring and uninspired fashion blog you'll ever read. Or, I could focus more on writing, which let's face it, is probably in everyone's best interest. 

Fashion blogs are great for drawing inspiration from, but the blogs I enjoy most are the ones with more writing. A pretty picture helps, sure, please refer the gorgeous image above that I found on Pinterest, but the content is what draws me in. I like a good story over a list of outfit details. My life may not be very interesting to me, but maybe someone else would disagree... Plus, this blog has served as a good timeline dispute settler. Look here, I was right, that happened in MAY, not November. Ha! 

Regardless, I want to do something a little different.

First things first, I detest the name and have been trying to think up something better since approximately five minutes after settling on it. If you have any ideas you're sitting on, please share them. Sharing is caring after all.

In the meantime, while I figure all of this out, I'm going to work on posting regularly, and actually taking my camera out of the bag it's been living in since, oh I don't know, February? 

Wednesday, April 24

Black & White

J. Crew Top // Vince Pants // Burberry Coat // Celine Handbag // J. Crew Flats // Hobie Sunglasses 

The day of the orchid show was a busy one so I decided to wear something that could easily transition from day to night incase we didn't have enough time to run back to the apartment to change. I chose a simple white silk top and paired it with my favorite black pants and comfortable flats. I broke out my Celine (one) because it's a great carry all, especially when you're not sure where the day will take you,  and (two) to add a pop of color to an otherwise boring outfit. 

Monday, April 22

Orchid Show

So remember last Monday how I said I was going to be back to blogging on Tuesday? Yeah, I lied. I have no words for the series of events that occurred last week, and I felt like it would be shallow to carry on as if nothing had happened so instead I chose to extend my little break. If I couldn't take a real vacation (oh boy do I need one) I figured a social media vacation was good enough. (It wasn't, I still want a real vacation.) Now it's back to business.

Two, or maybe three, weeks ago JD's uncles were in town and we went to the Orchid Show at the New York Botanic Gardens. The arrangements were pretty impressive. I had no idea that so many different kinds of orchids existed. We took pictures of most of them... my hard drive is less than thrilled. My favorite was a white and purple speckled one that made me think of a dalmatian. White flower with spots, why not compare it to a dog? Dalmatians are pretty cute, plus I hear they're about as good with children as I am. I digress.

The show was pretty crowded towards the end, and it got a bit frustrating with everyone (myself included) stopping to photograph every single petal. It will happen, and it will take you three hours to get through to the desert room, but it was worth it. 

{Photography by JD & myself}

Monday, April 15

Hello blog friends!
I decided that I needed to take the week off last week.
I'll be back tomorrow.

Friday, April 5

Puppy Sitting

This week we have my Aunt & Uncle's dog Scout staying with us while they're away visiting my cousin in Virginia. He's only been here one day and boy does the house feel like a zoo. I walk in the door and all three dogs rush at me. Paisley pushes Scout out of the way, Mischa pushes Paisley out of the way. Everyone starts crying. It's quite an extravagant welcome. Usually I'm welcomed home with incessant demands for dinner and a few shoves if I don't get to the closet fast enough. For such a small dog, Mischa has the appetite of a shark. (Eh, see what I did there?) Anyway, Mischa has made it clear to the other two that I'm her human pet. No one is allowed to say hi to me unless they want their face bit. And just to be clear, by "no one" I mean other dogs as she is too short to reach the faces anyone/thing else. She has such lovely, refined manners.

I have been trying to get a group photo of the three but the minute I brought my camera out the craziness resumed. Apparently, Mischa, the dog who ducks and hides every time she sees a camera, thought we were having a photoshoot and decided she needed to be in every last shot.
Channeling fifteenth century aristocracy as she sits for her oil painting.
A perfect example of the blurry insanity currently ensuing. Mischa thinks they're all idiots. 
Paisley cannot sit still for five seconds. And poor Scout just wants to go home. 
This weekend JD and I are back in the city with some big plans to maybe see some orchids and an UCB improv show. I will also be attempting to get all three dogs to agree to pose for a photo, together.
Wish me luck & happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 3

Floral Pants

one. Botkier bag / two. Abercrombie pants
three. J. Crew top / four. L.K. Bennett wedges
five. Stella & Dot earrings

Pale palettes seem to be my thing lately. I've been loving everything white.
I'm kind of obsessed with these wedges. I could see myself wearing them
 with just about everything in my closet. And these pants remind me of a
water color painting, plus they're on sale!

Tuesday, April 2

Spring Colors

Blazer: Nordstrom (last year) // Shirt: J. Crew // Denim: 7 For All Mankind // 
Shoes: J. Crew // Necklace: Bauble Bar // Handbag: Mulberry // Sunglasses: Hobie

We've had such beautiful weather the last couple of days. Yes, it has been raining off an on but after such a bitter winter I'll happily take mid to high fifties and some drizzle over any one snowflake. I'm also super excited that I get to wear sunglasses when I leave work once again. That's seriously one of the best feelings, to walk outside after a long day and feel like it's not over yet, you still spend some time outside before the sun goes down. To celebrate this glorious weather, I've been wearing as much white as possible and completely disregarding that old rule of waiting until after Memorial Day. I haven't done much shopping yet for the warmer months, though I do have a wishlist. The mint colored t shirt and necklace are new pieces that I couldn't be happier with (I am obsessed with mint lately and I've been hunting for this necklace since I saw it at the Warby Parker Annex back in January(?)) while everything else has been in my closet for year(s). 

Monday, April 1


I am not a fan of getting my hair cut.
Why you ask? I have been trying to grow it out for years.
It should be much, much longer by now, but thanks to the grand
disconnect most hairdressers seem to have with units of measurement,
it hasn't gotten close. "A trim, please. A quarter of an inch at most. I don't care
that the ends may be split higher up. Straight across, no angles, do not touch the front."
Three inches later my hair is angled in the front and I'm in tears, months of meticulous
care and length flushed down the toilet. It drives me nuts. What is the problem here?
Was I not clear enough? Someone please explain the disconnect. I cannot wrap my head
around why every single time I go in for a trim, the stylist proceeds to cut my hair 
however the hell they like and completely disregard my careful instructions. 
JD thinks I'm overreacting. True, it will grow back. It is by far not the end of the world.
But you know, a haircut is something you wear every day. You should be pleased with it. 
It should be what you asked for. And it should not take years and years to grow out.
I'm quite upset to say the least. The shortest pieces around my face now brush my 
shoulders when it had been half way down my back just last week. 
Needless to say, I will not be going back. 

While I'm at it, my hair is naturally straight. It is absolutely ridiculous to suggest
that I should pay for a "blow out" rather than leaving with wet hair. 
Since when is the common courtesy of drying the customer's hair before sending
them out into the cold such an inconvenience that it must be charged for?
Oh please, it's completely ridiculous!

If you happen to know of a good hair stylist in New York that 
doesn't cost a small fortune and get scissor happy, please advise.