Thursday, March 28

Summer Dreaming

one. Melissa Odabash bikini
two. Anthropologie sunnies
three. Zimmerman romper
four. Anthropologie hat
five. Madewell sandals

I could use a vacation. No wonder I'm dreaming of sitting on a far away beach. I love the sweet ruffles on this mint colored bikini and the eyelet romper. Paired with a floppy hat and cat eye sunglasses, this would be the perfect summer beach day uniform. Oh, I cannot wait to get to the beach. I hope the warm weather gets here soon. 

Tuesday, March 26

Scrambled Eggs w/ Goat Cheese & Sun-dried Tomatoes

A few months ago JD and I finally made it to Buvette for brunch. It's a sweet little restaurant on Grove Street that reminds me of Cafe Madison back in Albany thanks to the narrow hallway like space, tin ceiling, and bar. Buvette had been on our list for a long time. We have been walking by it on our way back from getting dessert or dinner for at least a year, always saying how cute the chalkboard map of Europe looks hanging on the wall. We sat at the bar on a Sunday morning and drooled watching all of the delicious looking food go by. I can't remember what JD ordered because my meal clearly won. In fact, I loved it so much that we ended up picking up a baguette later in the day to recreate the meal the following morning (minus the capers as I am not a fan).
What you'll need:
French Bread
Eggs, Scrambled
Sun-dried Tomatoes
Goat Cheese
Olive Oil
Capers (optional)
How to make:
Slice and toast French bread. Drizzle with olive oil. Pile on the scrambled eggs. 
Top with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. Capers are optional.

Monday, March 25

Thoughts on Social Media, More Specifically Facebook

I don't have much of an online presence. If you google my first and last name all that comes up is an old essay written for a college English course and a Times Union article that features an idiotic comment I made about my plans post grad. I do not have Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. All I have is this blog and instagram, neither of which would appear in said google search. 

I worry that in this age of extreme social media, my lack of an online presence according to "the google" would make it seem like I've got something to hide, which is the opposite of the truth. I think people automatically assume that if you don't have this or that you are a suspicious character. 

Personally, I don't see the need to have those things. Call me old fashioned, but I like to have conversations with my friends rather than spying on social media to see what they're up to. 

Truth be told I never wanted a Facebook account. It was brand new when I went off to college. You could only have access to it if you had a college e-mail and back in those days, your college had to be listed on Facebook in order for you to get it. If you went to a community college like my friend Tricia, you couldn't have Facebook, you had to wait until your college joined the ranks. My High School friend Jessica insisted that I join and helped sign me up the second I got word of my e-mail address. Back then, you only had one thumbnail sized picture and a basic profile listing your school and graduation year. You added your roommates and posted silly comments on your friends' walls. Things have obviously dramatically changed since July of 2005. By my senior year anyone could join, and things started to get a little out of control. The police would see party invites posted and threaten houses to cancel them. People started changing their names to hide from employers or whoever was looking for them. I never had anything to hide so I kept my name and used Facebook as a tool to organize weekend plans. I am not ashamed of having had fun in college. I'm sure that there are a few not so flattering pictures on my old page, but I am not embarrassed by them. That photo of Kaitlin tackling me on her birthday is probably my favorite taken of the two of us to date. Plus, I've seen much, much worse on others' pages. Apres college things changed again, it became more complicated to organize your privacy settings and filters. People I hadn't spoken to since high school took over my news feed, filling it with complaints and pleas for attention. People really post a lot of things that they probably should not share with another human, let alone the world. Facebook became more annoying than useful. I stopped logging on for long periods of time, which didn't matter because I talk to my friends on a regular basis by phone or text. Finally, I decided that it wasn't worth it anymore and deactivated my account in the fall of 2011 (which was extremely difficult to do - they really don't want you to find that link - I had to google how to do it). I don't miss it one bit.

Thursday, March 21

Ten Spring Things

I have been slacking on the blog front this week. I've been so busy (at work) that by the time I get home the last thing I want to do is look at a computer screen. My eyes already hurt this morning, partially due to sinus pressure thanks to this lovely Spring weather we're having (34 degrees and overcast with a chance of snow). 

Ten things I'm most looking forward to this Spring.

1. Beautiful, warm, sunny weather.
2. Wearing sundresses and sandals.
3. JD's law school graduation.
4. Taking Mischa to the dog park.
5. Pretty tulips, all in bloom.
6. Day drinking, outside.
8. Not wearing a winter coat.
9. My Monday class, which I will elaborate on at a later date.  
10.  Eating Easter Bread.

With any luck, it's going to be a good season!

What are you most looking forward to?

Wednesday, March 20

Red Sandals

one. Tory Burch Sandals
two. J. Crew Blouse
three. Rag & Bone Shorts
four. Kate Spade Necklace
five. ASOS Bag

In 2011, Salvatore Ferragamo made a very similar pair of sandals, which I loved and did not buy. I have been living in a state of regret since then. I have searched eBay, every website imaginable, to no avail. I even asked for them last March while at the giant store in Florence. No such luck. They were gone, and deep down, I knew it was too late. I should have scooped them up when I had the chance. Obviously, the search continues as I have come across these Tory Burch sandals. Though I'm not to fond of the price tag, they are pretty close. Stay tuned to see how long it takes for me to cave. 

For reference, these are the Ferragamo sandals I so badly want.

PS. Happy First Day of Spring!!!!!!

Thursday, March 14


Today I did not have time to make lunch, so I packed individual sandwich ingredients. Lunchtime will be interesting when I nonchalantly assemble a sandwich at my desk. This about captures the state of my life right now. 

On that note, here is a super cute video of a seal trying to get on a surfboard. 
(sort of) spoiler: The black seal is a jerk!

Wednesday, March 13

Downton Abbey, Season Two

I apologize in advance for this post. All I ever talk about lately is Downton Abbey and the weather. Obviously, I need to find something new to talk about, or a new book. While I've sworn off talking about the weather, I will share my feelings on Downton Abbey as JD and I power through the seasons.

Thoughts on season two - Possible spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

Something I like about Downton Abbey is that the characters are constantly changing as they develop further. In season one all I wanted to do was jump through the screen and smack Edith, O'Brien, and Thomas. Edith for being a whiny little brat suffering from middle child syndrome. O'Brien for all of her scheming, especially the soap incident. And Thomas for being the insufferable prick that he is. But season two holds a different cast. The war has changed everyone, everyone except Thomas. 

At the end of season one, Thomas left Downton to train as a nurse in order to avoid being sent to the front when the war broke out.  He ended up getting sent anyway. Season two finds him sniveling in the trenches, too cowardly to move. After having Matthew over to his tent for tea, he gets the grand idea to have himself maimed for the sake of being sent home. The bastard decides to hold a lighter up above the trench at night and gets his hand shot off as he wished. What he thought he might do in the medical field with only one hand is beyond me. He ends up the manager of the recovery center at Downton thanks to O'Brien's encouraging Lady Grantham, who was naive to his thefts while working as a footman. 

I really feel sad for Lady Grantham these days. She keeps unknowingly helping the worst people.

O'Brien has started to change her tune. She decided to be kind to the disturbed man who reminded her of her brother and stood up for him to the other servants. Since the soap incident, she has become extremely protective of Lady Grantham and by that I mean she is now manipulating people in order to help Lady Grantham instead of hurt her. I think that is about as much compassion as O'Brien is capable of showing. Her concern when Lady Grantham comes down with the Spanish Flu is mostly based on clearing her conscience. She has become easier to tolerate this season, but not enough to redeem her character, even when she seemed like she was actually sorry for Mr. Bates after the trial.

Edith, has become much easier to tolerate as well. Before the recovery center started at Downton, she took a job on a nearby farm as tractor driver and was promptly fired after the farmer's wife caught her and the farmer kissing in the barn after finishing up for the day. You know Edith, she craves attention more than Mary. She then starts tending to the soldiers in the recovery center once it's open and receives praise for her efforts. No longer feeling like the neglected middle child, she stops causing trouble for Mary (not that Mary doesn't do a fine job at digging her own holes). When she told Mary that Matthew was missing, she did it out of concern and not to send her sister into a tailspin. Dare I say, I could possibly like an occupied Edith. 

Loose ends...
Patrick/Pete Gordon - I feel that they wouldn't introduce such a character to the story if they weren't going to elaborate on it in the future. I suspect we will be seeing him again in season three. If this young man truly was Patrick I would expect him to reappear with more proof of his identity. If he was a con artist after all, I wouldn't think he would give up so easily. He knew enough information to float his story, but the whole situation reminded me of a fortune teller. Patrick/Pete stuck with very basic, vague stories of his time with the family and let Edith fill in the gaps. Either way, I didn't trust him.

Mr. Bates - Now that Lady Mary's story is no longer a secret, Sir Richard could testify in court that the late Mrs. Bates had made threats against revealing the scandal in order to incriminate Anna and make Mr. Bates miserable. She had told him specifically that she would "take him down with her". I do think that there is something that Mr. Bates is not saying. He has always been a very private and reserved character and I do not think that he necessarily killed his wife, but that one scene where he returns from seeing the late Mrs. Bates and tells Anna that it had gone "much worse than she could ever imagine" was never elaborated on it. It only came up in the trial except when O'Brien was called for the prosecution since she had overheard it. And why didn't the defense say how Mr. Bates had acquired that cut by his eye? He's hiding something, but at this point, what (or who - aside from Anna) could he possibly be protecting?

Other thoughts.
How creepy was the Ouija Board message from Lavinia?

I knew Sybil would marry Branson!

Thanks to Yahoo, I have sadly discovered the two characters that don't make it through the third season. I have my suspicions of how they may die, but I will not say and spoil it for JD. As a writer (yes, I'm going there), and serious history nerd, I am pretty certain that one of the characters will be written out of the show in a very common and predictable way. 

PS. We have been watching here

Tuesday, March 12

Here Comes the Sun

one. Miu Miu Sunglasses
two. Mod Cloth Dress
three. Maya Brenner Bracelet
four. Rebecca Minkoff Bag
five. Cole Haan Flats

I know, I know, it's not Wednesday yet. This is probably going to confuse me and tomorrow I'll think it's Thursday and get all excited that the weekend is only a few days away. But I figured it might be best to put off posting about Downton Abbey for another day so as not to overload the blog. 

This collection of pieces is pretty much at the top of my Spring Wish List. Mint, yellow, and white are the colors I'm most looking forward to this season and I've had my eye on this sweet Maya Brenner bracelet for some time now. And oh my goodness, I am so obsessed with these sparkly Miu Miu sunglasses! Sadly, they're a little bit out of my budget right now.

What are you most looking forward to wearing this Spring?

PS. Just a friendly reminder, it's still Tuesday!

Monday, March 11

Daylight Savings

This weekend was one of my laziest. We had the most beautiful weather, but all I wanted to do was stay in and sleep. Daylight savings does that to me. Well, that and staying up way past my bedtime to marathon watch Downton Abbey. We finished season two yesterday. I'm in the process of writing up my thoughts on it now. Sometimes it's better to stay in, be lazy, and take things easy. I haven't been feeling all too well the last week and a half, I'm pretty sure I had a weird cold that never fully formed but still managed to make me feel like a pile of garbage that needed to gargle every ten minutes. But I shouldn't complain because this would be my first cold this winter, if we're going to call it that.

We did do a few things this weekend...
Friday we met up with friends from out of town for dinner and went to a comedy show. 
Saturday the great yorkshire shark turned seven. 
Sunday JD and I went for a walk to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine before returning to the apartment to finish watching season two of Downton Abbey.

I have the day off today, which is good as I am still having trouble accepting that the clocks have moved an hour ahead and didn't get out of bed until... recently. Mischa is the only one who is enjoying this time change. It means she gets fed an hour earlier, which is extremely good news for her since she is always ravenous.

Thursday, March 7

Downton Abbey, Season 1

I can't believe it's taken me as long as it has for me to start watching Downton Abbey. I remember hearing about it years ago at this point in an article talking about people having viewing parties. The concept of the show caught my interest but I suppose I forgot. Truth be told, it's been on my list of things to watch since then. I love a good English period drama. (The Young Victoria, anyone? Emily Blunt was perfect.) Last month after scrolling through a sad selection of movies on Netflix, JD and I decided to finally sit down and watch it. I fell asleep about fifteen minutes in. JD thought it was excellent and stayed awake. He finished the first season within a matter of days. Unaware of this, I politely waited until the weekends to watch again, with him. It took me a while, but I finally finished watching the first season last Tuesday.

Over the course of the season, I have formed opinions of each of the characters. There are characters I've disliked from the start (O'Brien), and others that have grown on me (Mary). 

Let's start with the ones that should fall down a well, shall we?

O'Brien - Oh my goodness, this one just gets worse the more we see of her. I wonder what she's got to be so nasty about. She is never pleasant, ever. Don't get me started on the soap incident.

Thomas - Why does he hate Mr. Bates so much? I'm happy to see him "leave" but doubt he'll exit the story entirely. 

Edith - It's all about Mary, but to write to the Turkish Ambassador to spread rumors about her sister? That's over the line. I wonder what will happen when her mother finds out. I did feel sad for her at first, always overlooked, and without looks, but now not at all. Not even when Mary ruined her potential engagement. 

Daisy - The poor girl is all over the place. She'd follow a flock of sheep off of a cliff. I hope to see her character grow more of a backbone. 

On the fence:
Mary - At first, I hated Mary. She's a snob and has more than a handful of wicked tendencies. But her character has changed over the course of the season. She's tarnished her reputation and possibly lost a man she actually loves for once. She has begun showing much more humanity. And, I should probably mention cheered a little when she dashed Edith's engagement. She deserved it. 

Characters I like:
Anna and Mr. Bates - can't wait for them to become a real couple.

Sybil - I like Sybil best of the sisters. She seems to be the most normal of the three and doesn't participate in Mary and Edith's war. Though her political nature is cause for concern, I think the real drama will come when Sybil finds a husband before Edith. 

Lord and Lady Grantham - They just seem like nice people, always looking out for everyone's best interest. It's so sweet that they sleep in the same bed (for the time period and their social status) and like each other so much. 

We're currently working on watching Season 2. I'm hooked!

Wednesday, March 6

Blue Florals

one. Rebecca Taylor jacket // two. Zara top // three. Steve Madden clutch 
// four. Pour La Victoire flats // five. J Brand jeans

Over the weekend I went window shopping in the meatpacking district. While wandering around I came across this jacket in Rebecca Taylor. I loved the blush and blue floral print and have been thinking about it since. What you can't tell from the above picture is that it does have a peplum feel at the bottom. And it looked darling on, much nicer than it does on the hanger. I may have to go back and look at it again... maybe. We'll see.

Tuesday, March 5

Winter Blues

Coat: Burberry (last year) // Top: J. Crew (old, similar) // Pants: Rag & Bone // 
Bag: Chloe // Boots: Rag & Bone // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

There comes a point in every season where I decide I'm through with my wardrobe and begin to shift into pieces for the next season. In other words, I disregard the weather and start dressing for whatever season I want it to be. Right now, that would be anything but winter. Though these pants are part of Rag & Bone's Winter collection, I think they'll transition nicely into Spring and Summer. In the meantime, I paired them with a bright blue t-shirt for brunch and my favorite boots. 

Monday, March 4

Sunday Walk

There's something about Sunday mornings, and afternoons in Manhattan that is just so enchanting. Everything is quiet, slower, more peaceful. It's contradictory to typical city living I suppose, but I love it most when it's empty. Especially those early summer weekends when everyone leaves and there is no wait for brunch anywhere. Yesterday, JD and I went to Elephant and Castle for brunch. We hadn't been there in a while, and I have been thinking a lot lately about their eggs and apples benedict over french toast. It's the best of both worlds, french toast and hollandaise. Yum. They also serve hot chocolate in soup bowls. You should probably go have brunch there. And drink a champagne carlton while you're at it. It's pretty amazing. We walked back along Perry Street, a street I always forget that I love. Then, when we get to "the stoop" I remember why we often skip it. I cannot tell you how funny it is to see women line up to pose on that thing, carefully angling themselves to block the sign that demands they not sir or stand on the stoop. I never watched Sex and the City, so I don't get it. "Hey, let's block someone's doorway and then get a cupcake from Magnolia!" To each their own. I was singing a different tune when it came to that ninth century door in Westminster Abbey that I needed to pose with touch. It really is a beautiful street, especially in the bright early afternoon light. Had it not been for the bare trees (and cold air) it could have been Spring. Oh I cannot wait for warmer weather!