Thursday, February 28


February, you were not kind. This month hasn't been easy by any stretch. But if anything positive has come out of the last couple of weeks, it is that they have helped to remind me what is important in my life, who is important to me, and to be thankful for the things I have. As they say, when life hands you lemons, you slice them up and float them in a couple of Hoegaardens. 

There were good bits of February too. JD taught me how to build a proper fire, we built an half of an igloo, went wine tasting, attended a parade, made and ate way too much pizza, and of course, Valentine's Day happened. Our weekend trip to Greenport was fantastic. I still have to share the story of our dinner the second night. I promise I'll write it up soon, but if you're headed there before I get to it, the place is called Biere and you won't regret it one bit. 

And now I present you with February in photos:

Wednesday, February 27

Buttoned-up & Bright

one. Bauble Bar necklace
two. Equipment blouse
three. American Eagle jeans
four. Madewell flats
five. Clare Vivier clutch

Is it Spring yet? No? Well that's a shame. 
I've been itching to wear bright colors lately. I even painted my nails my favorite poppy red color this week which as JD so kindly pointed out, is a little much for Winter. But if it makes me smile and think of warmer days I see no harm in it. This is a look I can't wait to try out. I really like the idea of pairing big, bold necklaces with buttoned up to the collar shirts. Usually, I'll reach for a colorful scarf to add a little something extra to a look, but with warmer weather on the way, it's time to explore other options. I love pairing bright orange and pink together, the combination sounds a bit odd but the two colors really compliment each other nicely, and they remind me of my favorite Tibi dress, and Summer. 

Tuesday, February 26

Impressionism, Fashion, & Modernity

On Saturday afternoon, my friend Kaitlin and I paid a visit to the Met to see the new Impressionism, Fashion, & Modernity exhibit. The exhibit formally opens to the public today, but since Kaitlin is a member, we were permitted to see it early. It was still crowded, but that's what you get on a rainy Saturday. Slightly drippy umbrellas in hand we explored the halls. I loved it. It was wonderful.

The exhibit featured paintings of ladies and gentlemen in their fancy lives in the late 1800s paired with fashions of the time very similar to the ones worn on canvas. Each room held at least two dresses with the walls blanketed by scenes of ladies wearing extremely similar pieces. I kept looking back and forth, examining the details of the dresses encased and on canvas. The sleeves of the dress in one painting nearly matched the dress on display, while the skirt of another could pass for the same. It was very interesting to compare them. They were all paired so well.

There was only one dress that was actually featured in a painting. A lovely purple striped design that reminded me of a dress Mary wore on Downton Abbey. It belonged to the artist's wife, the subject of the paiting. The placard said that she had died several years after it had been painted and the heartbroken artist preserved the dress. It looked to be in remarkable condition after nearly two hundred years. They all were. There were also a few corsets on display. Oh my. These women were tiny. I doubt a modern seven year old could squeeze into one. It truly is amazing. All of the waistlines on the dresses, the corsets. I remember a scene in Gone with the Wind where Vivien Leigh's Scarlet O'Hara makes a comment about having a twenty inch waist. Judging by the size of these things, she wasn't kidding. It's so interesting to see how people have changed over time, everything from how we style ourselves to how we've grown taller and wider. It really makes you think.

If you should find yourself in the area, I recommend this exhibit!

Monday, February 25


Last night, as the Oscars were going on, JD and I snuggled up on the couch with a chocolate mousse cup and some cookies and finally watched Argo. We've been meaning to for such a long time now. For one reason or another we never got around to seeing it when it was in theaters and since it was about to win an Academy Award for best picture, we thought that last night was as good a time as any to finally see it. Incidentally, it wrapped up just in time for us to catch the final three awards of the night. 
I had heard a lot about this film. Everyone who's seen it has loved it, said how well done it was, that I absolutely needed to see it. With such talk, my expectations were high. After seeing it, I was not disappointed, but I did think that there would be a little more action in the film than that very dramatic final stretch on the runway. As we watched, I couldn't help but ask "but what do they think they're going to do? Stop the plane as it takes off?" They weren't about to shoot the plane out of the air... well, I guess you never know. But really, it was very Hollywood.

 If you've heard anything about the story, you know the ending, there isn't much to guess at. All ends well, and the true story is covered up until a much later date. We liked it. One of the parts I liked best was the follow up to the story as the credits rolled. I thought it was interesting to see the real pictures of the real people involved, and the actual events vs. the film. They did an excellent job matching actors and scenes. It was impressive. 

Anna Karenina is next on my list. My goodness, those dresses. 

Did you see Argo? What did you think? 

Wednesday, February 20

a whiter shade of pink

one. Rebecca Taylor Top
two. J. Crew Pants
three. Zara Booties
four. American Apparel Bag
five. Stella & Dot Bracelet

Despite Valentine's Day being last week, I wasn't into the whole pink thing, mostly because it was expected. Everyone wears pretty shades of red and pink for the holiday. This week I'm singing a different tune, wishing for Spring with pale shades of pink and champagne. But Spring is still a ways off for New York. It's been so cold and windy this week and I'm sure more snow is on the way before Winter comes to a close. You know, it's funny how I never minded the winter in college. It was cold and would snow often enough. The walk from my apartment to campus was brutally windy, so much so that it rivals a walk down by the Hudson, a biting cold that cuts right to the bone and tries to knock you over. None of it bothered me. I suppose I was having too much fun to notice. Is it weird that I miss writing papers and reading historical accounts of the Civil War? Don't answer that.

Monday, February 18

North Fork Wine Tasting

This weekend JD took me to Greenport for a little getaway.
It was wonderful and much needed after the rough week we both had.
He is the sweetest boy, he brought me my favorite truffles from Li-Lac and packed a
lovely picnic complete with my favorite mustard seed gouda from West Side Market
for an afternoon of wine tasting. The first vineyard we stopped at was Macari, which
just so happens to sell food so we could not bring our picnic in with us. We were
disappointed, but didn't let it spoil the live jazz performance on the other side of the room.
Jazz on the Vine is a really wonderful way to get people out to the vineyards during the winter.
We stayed for just under and hour before we got too hungry and had our picnic in the car.
We made turkey and kale sandwiches with havarti and chipotle cheddar on rosemary bread
before continuing on to the second and final vineyard of the day. We decided to go to
One Woman, which we had heard good things about but never tasted any of their wines.
We pulled into the parking field to find ten cars and a small shed. Needless to say
we were a bit skeptical that there would be any room for us to stand but there was.
 Their wine list was mostly white, so for our tasting the girl behind the counter
told us that she would pick for us and not tell us what we were tasting until after.
We tried the Gruner Veltliner, the reserve Chardonnay, and two merlots, one being
 the reserve. We loved them all, especially the reserve Chardonnay, and we are
red wine drinkers. After talking to the girl more we discovered that she is the
daughter of the owner and helped plant the grapes growing in the field behind us.
She also advised that we were standing in a 150 year old tool shed, which I
thoroughly enjoyed. It was so cute! I cannot wait to go back.

The front deck at Macari.
 The tasting shed at One Woman.

Wednesday, February 13

Black & White

one. Rag & Bone The Grand Prix Jeans
two. Diane von Furstenberg Idaline Pleated Crepe Top
three. Via Spiga Estrella Pumps
four. J. Crew Panama Hat
five. Jason Wu Jourdan Handbag

Lately I've been loving combinations of black and white. Maybe it's just my longing for warmer weather beginning to creep into my style. Winter whites are a little more acceptable in February than my favorite poppy red. (I'm anxiously awaiting the day when I get to break out my Celine.) I have completely fallen in love with these Rag & Bone jeans. What I like best about them is the easy transition they make from Winter to Spring to Summer. Wear them now with a pair of suede heels for some Winter warmth, or in a couple of months with a panama hat to shield from the Summer sun. Really, it's a win-win situation.

Tuesday, February 12

The Dress as a Canvas

{image via}

As you are probably aware, the Grammys were on Sunday. While there were a lot of very good preformances, the one that stood out most, to me at least, was Carrie Underwood and her ever changing dress. I have no idea what song she sang or what she was singing about. When she first walked out onto the stage I thought her choice of dress was boring and a little too prom/bride-like. Then it began to change and I realized it was her canvas. The lights shifted to paint a butterfly's wings across the fabric, a bouquet of roses, the night sky. It reminded me of a book I recently read and loved, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. The main character, Celia, has a talent for manipulating fabrics. More specifically, there is a scene where she is at the thirteen year anniversary party for the circus and has arranged her gown so that the color changes to flatter whomever she is standing closest to. It turns green to match Marco's uniform, red to match Tsukiko's dress, gray when Alexander finds them. Oh I loved that book, and I absolutely loved how Carrie used her gown to tell the story, paint a picture of her words. It was genious. I wonder if the concept was inspired by the book...

Did you watch the show? What did you think? What was your favorite part or performance?

Monday, February 11

Snowicane Dorva

Our weekend was a quiet one. Friday afternoon I picked JD up from the train
station and went to the liquor store for some last minute Nemo supplies. Incase we
did lose power due to some LIPA oversights left over from Sandy, we would need a 
bottle of wine on hand. The lights flickered but stayed on, thankfully, so we
drank the wine and built an igloo that JD is referring to as Snow Fort Igloo Dorva, 
a mouthfull I should probably explain. We love 30 Rock. As previously mentioned here,
I think Tina Fey is wonderful. In the final episode, they must put on one last show because 
if they do not, Tracy will get a thirty-million dollar pay out. So in a ridiculous fashion 
so typical of Tracy, he tries to come up with ways to get out of doing the show.

Cut to Al Roker standing outside on a windy Manhattan street, shouting into his microphone.
"There’s a Snowicane coming. According to the National Weather Service you should, and I quote: ‘leave work; get in your purple Bentley; and be home with your sharks before the Tri State area gets slammed by what is being called: Snowicane, White Lady Name, Like Dorva…or something!”

So we started referring to Nor'easter Nemo as Snowicane Dorva, why not?

A few photos from the weekend...

Friday, February 8

Snow & a Fox

This picture makes me smile, though I can't say the same for Nemo.
Sadly, I'm not talking about that sweet little clown fish with the bad fin.
Naming winter storms, really. Things like that only feed the hysteria.
If you live you in the northeastern United States you are going to have snow 
at some point during the winter. It's just happens, every year.
We have weather, it's nothing new, and I do apologize for being grouchy. 

What I'm trying to say is that I do not care for sensationalism. 
Have we forgotten about Orson Welles' War of the Worlds radio broadcast? 
Those folks panicked alright. Sort of like the line of cars that formed at the gas 
station last night. It's good to be prepared, but important not to lose your
manners or your mind in the process. It's going to snow. 
So sit back, relax, have a bottle of wine, and enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, February 6

Currently Loving...

one. Rag & Bone Abigayle Dress
two. Jouer Lip Gloss in Riviera
three. Rag & Bone Newbury Boots in Brown
four. Tory Burch Printed Robinson Zip Continental Wallet
five. Bauble Bar Emerald Galaxy Bib

Tuesday, February 5

Old Favorites

Coat: Burberry / Top: Rugby / Skirt: J. Crew / Handbag: Chloe / Shoes: Zara / 
Sunglasses: Warby Parker / Ring: Kate Spade / Earrings: Bloomingdales

Every now and then I get into somewhat of a style rut. It's easy to fall into a pattern of wearing
the same pieces over and over again, especially when it gets cold out and all you want to do is
cuddle up by the fireplace in your warmest sweater and a blanket scarf and wait for spring.
Since that's not a realistic option, it's always good to dig a little deeper in your closet 
to see what you haven't worn in a while. This shirt and skirt combo was one of 
my favorite outfits last winter, but had been forgotten about until recently. 

Monday, February 4

Sugar Mill

The Sugar Mill Hotel is located approximately a quarter mile down the road from the villa on Apple Bay. Well, at least I think it's considered Apple Bay over there. It's very confusing. The handwritten signs at the Bomba Shack are very firm in their convictions that it is in fact Capoon's Bay. Regardless, we refer to the narrow strip of sand between the hotel and the water as "Sugar Mill". On slow mornings when waiting for the rest of the group to get up for the day we like to take walks down to Sugar Mill to sit under the palm trees and watch the pelicans fish in the water by the jetties. It's always calm and quite there, save for the cruise shop tour buses that occasionally pass by. On days when plans never seem to get put into motion, we'll have lunch and spend the afternoon sipping painkillers in the sun. After all, you need to try at least one every where you go as every bar and/or restaurant claims to have the original recipe. On a side note, their restaurant located across the street in the hotel is excellent. I highly recommend having dinner there should you find yourself in Tortola for an evening.