December 23, 2013

Hello, Weekend

Hello there. It's been a while. Unfortunately, my recent absence has been due to a bit of computer trouble. You see, my laptop took a spill. Such an awful thing to happen. I'm usually so careful. But everything's all settled now and we're back in business. And by business I mean I can get back to writing not so useful posts about Christmas in New York, how I finally watched Home Alone for the first time ever, and our recent batch of rainbow cookies, "the most expensive cookies in the world" as I like to call them. We used some of JD's heavy law school textbooks as weights to press the layers together. Why not put them to use?

a photo recap of the weekend before last.
On a very snowy Saturday we took a walk over to the Flatiron to pick up JD's belated grad gift, a bottle of Highland Park 15. I finally found a place that sells it! Since we were in the neighborhood we braved crowds at Eataly for a delicious lunch of meats and cheeses.
On Sunday we went to Brooklyn to do a little shopping. I got my maple latte from Gorilla Coffee and we picked out the sweetest little Christmas tree, which got to ride in the front seat on the way back to Manhattan. I love it so much. 
Then, of course, we made rainbow cookies. And they came out delicious. Recipe to come!

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