November 19, 2013


We had big plans for the weekend, very ambitious and time consuming plans, so naturally we only got halfway through the list. On Saturday we were going to build shelves in my mother's garage and bottle out wine, and Sunday we were going to brew beer. Then there were the errands to collect all of the appropriate materials, dinner reservations, and plans to run. By the time we returned from our run on Saturday morning it was already almost noon. Then we went to the beer and wine shop to pick up the corker, stopped for lunch, switched cars, and went to Home Depot to get the wood for the shelves. By the time we arrived back at the house it was six o'clock. We woke up much earlier on Sunday and built the shelves but that project took longer than anticipated and so we only bottled the wine afterwards. No beer was brewed. 

And that was a super boring recap of my weekend. I'll leave you with pretty pictures from our run to the bay. 

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