November 22, 2013

Massachusetts Lawyer!

Oh dear... I can't believe it's Friday already. Where did the week go? I've certainly done a fantastic job at neglecting this blog, but things have been busy.

On Wednesday JD and I were in Boston for him to be sworn in, officially, as a lawyer in the state of Massachusetts. The ceremony was lovely and held in the historic and beautiful Faneuil Hall which was built in 1742. I very much enjoyed the history lesson provided by Clerk Doyle in her welcome speech. JD said he wanted to laugh, thinking of me sitting up on the balcony, getting such a kick out of it. Once the new lawyers took their oaths and were officially sworn in I went downstairs to watch JD sign the scroll and accompanied him on stage to receive his license. In Massachusetts, at least, they allow a family member or friend to present the new lawyers with their license. It follows in an old tradition where lawyers would be sworn in in open court, with the approval and support of another attorney.

I am so very proud of you, JD.

After the ceremony we paid a quick visit to Quincy Market since we had never actually ventured over to that area of Boston before, together at least (school trip circa 2000 for me). We then did our usual loop, a walk along the pretty brick streets of Beacon Hill, straight to the Paramount for brunch. Then we bought our Christmas cards at Paper Source and walked around a little bit more before heading out. Believe it or not, we bought our Christmas cards from Paper Source in Boston last year too... I think it is becoming a tradition. Maybe next year we'll be living there. JD? Who knows. (:

Enjoy this weekend!

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