November 8, 2013


All week I've been wanting to write about invitations and why people seem to think it's a great idea to just not respond to them if they'd rather not go, but everything I wrote sounded bitter. It was an impossible task, and a bad idea, and to be frank, I'm quite annoyed by this whole situation. People can be so unbelievably rude.

I may be a bit old fashioned, but whenever I receive an invitation, regardless of form, I always make it a point to respond. People need to know if you're coming so they can prepare. But in today's world of texts and social media invites, people for some reason think it's easier to pretend that the lines got crossed and they never got your message than type back a quick and simple, "sorry, can't make it". It's not like you have to say anything complicated. Personally, I'm more offended when people don't take the thirty seconds to respond than when they can't make it. I don't blame you for having to work, not feeling well, or really just wanting to stay home. I've been there and it's fine by me, just let me know, for crying out loud! There's no need to elaborate.

All that makes me do is want to permanently eliminate you from future guest lists. 

So blog world, I think I'll pose a question. How do you, personally, respond to invitations you'd rather not accept?


  1. I always respond, whether I'm going or not - I think it's a polite gesture, definitely understand what you're saying!

  2. Its nice to respond, whether we are going or not, the person/ party on the other side must have been through a whole lot of prep and its nice to help by inform them about coming or not, always nice....


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