November 5, 2013

Adventures in Parking

Today, as it is election day and alternate side parking is suspended, my car is sitting pretty up the street. It won't need to be moved until Friday. That's the dream, isn't it? I wonder what adventure awaits me then... You see, every time since that very first time when I had a run in with the fire department while moving my car has bordered on ridiculous. This is the story of the second time I had to move the car.

It was a Monday morning and I was parked on a very wide and relatively quite street in the West Village, patiently waiting for the street sweeper to come through. I circled the block once and it ended up just ahead of me at the light with a police car following closely behind to ticket any unmoved cars. When the sweeper went up the street a large white truck with the name of a party company printed in large red letters on the back pulled off to the middle of the street until it passed and then began backing up to park along the side. The truck did not stop in a legal spot, and instead blocked the driveway of a hardware shop. A man stood out on the sidewalk and talked to the driver. 

When the light changed I was the first car to arrive on the street and pulled up to the first spot. All of a sudden this truck starts reversing, getting dangerously close to my car. The man was still standing on the sidewalk, but now he was shouting at the driver and waving his arms. As a precaution I backed up more than I thought I would need to. I had already decided that this truck driver was an idiot. He nearly backed right into me! He didn't even bother to look. I rolled down my window to hear what was being said. The man turned out to be the owner of the hardware store, and the very same truck driver had been intentionally blocking the shop's driveway all week, ignoring every request for him to move. Finally, after what seemed like ages of arguing, the man announced he was going to get the police to sort this out. The station is just up the block and within minutes he returned with an officer, recounting the tale of how the driver was impeding deliveries and cursing at him whenever asked to move. The officer ordered the truck driver to move and did not write him a ticket to the dismay of the shop owner, and myself. I mean, the guy almost reversed onto my car. That's not cool. I shudder to think what would have happened had I not been sitting it in at that very moment. What kind of reaction is that anyway? "Oh yes, just let me block your driveway even more sir. Is that a parked car behind me? Excellent, I'll crush it too, for fun." 

I wonder what city agency I'll encounter on Friday. 

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