October 21, 2013

Weekend Happenings

We took this weekend easy. JD battled a cold-allergies kind of thing during the week so we didn't plan for anything too crazy. Saturday morning we got up and put on very similar outfits, half joking that the other should change. We didn't and ended up looking like twins all day.*
We ran a lot of (mostly boring) errands and surprisingly checked everything off of our list pretty quickly. On the way back to the apartment we walked through Washington Square Park. The last time I had been there was that time when we wrote the cat facts on our way home from dinner in the East Village. That feels like such a long time ago. The park was crowded with a lot going on. Near the arch couches were set up for "free conversations". Musicians and a tarot card wizard were set up along the perimeter and the tourists posed for photos in front of the fountain. I took a picture as well. JD was impressed that I managed to get no one in the shot, but you know, other people taking pictures are generally pretty nice about staying out of your shot, except at the Trevi Fountain where I got screamed at in Japanese because this crazy lady wanted her daughter to look like she was standing alone in front of a fountain with about 500 other people present. Things that are never going to happen for four-hundred, please.
Yesterday, Sunday, we slept in and made cinnamon raisin challah bread french toast. In the afternoon we packed a picnic and went up to Central Park to take pictures of the leaves but they hadn't turned yet. I think we're still a few weeks out. A few years ago we timed it perfectly (see for yourself here and here). It was the end of November, which seems a bit late but it's tricky to tell with the weather. Last year we were a week late, too many trees were already bare. I have no problem going back again and again to visit and wait. We found the perfect picnic spot up on a rock in the ramble. Photos from the park will be up tomorrow. 

Last night we went to see ASSSSCAT, which was great as always. It's the kind of thing you walk out of wishing you were a thousand times more clever. Aidy Bryant (of SNL) stopped in, Wyatt Cenac (formerly of The Daily Show) shared a few stories as the guest monologist, and Neil Casey stole the show. And in tradition, JD and I stopped at Billy's for cupcakes on the way home, one of which I am eating now. They really do make the best chocolate buttercream.

*Upon review JD would like me to clarify that we in absolutely no way planned to wear the same outfit on Saturday, it just happened. 

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