October 4, 2013

Pup Talk

Every time the dog needs a bath, or a haircut, she turns into a lunatic. This has always been the case, from the very beginning. I think she likes being clean and will do just about anything if you pay her a compliment but getting that way? Nope. Don't brush me, don't wash me, I don't even want to see a towel. She'll run and hide and scratch at me when I try to scoop her up and once in the tub she will, with hair covering her eyes, try to run away from me. But like the promiscuous teen in a bad horror flick, there's no where to run to and she will always be caught. 

On Wednesday, in an excited voice, full of bribes, I informed Mischa that she will be visiting Kristen, her groomer, for a bath. She knows who Kristen is and what happens when she sees her, but Mischa didn't seem too upset. I clipped her leash on and off we went. It wasn't until we arrived at the shop that she began to have reservations. JD called just as we were about to go in and I was still talking in my puppy voice. He laughed and asked how bad it was going. By then Mischa was in full on breakdown mode, panting like the end of the world was near. She always pants heavily when she gets nervous. We were once in the waiting room at the doctor's office and a woman (fellow pet-owner) overheard me telling Mischa to calm down, stop panting so much, etc. and snobbishly informed me that "dogs do that when they're overheated". Thanks lady, I appreciate your snide comment and judgement but I know my weird dog-cat-human-monster better than you do. This is not our first rodeo. I cannot believe that I just wrote that... Good thing it's Friday.

Getting her through the door was the first hurdle, but weighing in at just under eight pounds isn't to her advantage. When she saw Kristen she crouched down, trying to dig her feet into the floor like she does at the beach or any time she sees water for that matter. Unluckily for her, I picked her up and handed her over and in her most dramatic fashion, she yelped like she was being tortured. That's my dog. 

Now she's clean and pretty and won't look at the camera or let me take a decent picture of her.
Enjoy the weekend!


  1. My dogs hate getting a bath too!!! They both just stand there in the tub and give me the stink eye like I just chopped off their legs and am leaving them to die. So dramatic!!! When I get them out of the tub and wrap a towel around them, I set them down and they run around the house rubbing their wet bodies on every piece of furniture they can find.

  2. oh my god your doggy is so cute
    i wish I had a dog, my boyfriend has a small dog too, he loves sleeping with us but bathing is nothing he adores <3

    Hope you may visit my blog,too
    Your Amely Rose from:


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