October 7, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Every year, Autumn, I look forward to one thing the most. That one thing would be going pumpkin picking with my pumpkin, JD. We usually wait until October is nearing it's end before we hop in the car and head out East, last year and the year before I believe it was a weekend before Halloween. We sure were cutting it close, but by then the pumpkin patches are less crowded. This year we went very early, for us at least. So much so that we found our perfect pumpkins and picked them off of the vines within ten minutes. It was almost disappointing in a strange way, completing the hunt so quickly. But it was also good because the other pumpkin pickers did not venture very far into the patch and turned their pumpkin filled wagons around quickly.

We lingered, wandering further into the patch and tried to find a pretty white pumpkin to take home but they were all much too big. They're so pretty and different. I can't say I've seen them in the area before. This was the first year they were growing in the patch we go to.  We ended up with two decent sized pumpkins, a step up from last year when our strategy was "the biggest one you can carry", and a small one for the table.


  1. this looks like such a perfect afternoon! we almost stopped at a pumpkin patch the other day, but it was a fake one in the middle of the city and we figured it'd be mainly for children!

  2. i've never been to an actual pumpkin patch. only ones where they make a patch and bring in the pumpkins

  3. I know what you mean about the pumpkin patches and they are so much fun in Oct. I wish they had them here in Europe because I used to go all the time in CALI. You look adorable hunting for the perfect pumpkins



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