October 17, 2013

Camping, Part 1

Long story short, we took a lot of pictures while on our camping trip last weekend, so there will be two posts brimming with gorgeous fall foliage instead of one. It's too difficult to pick and choose when it comes to pretty orange leaves. 
This camping trip was my first and I thoroughly enjoyed it, every last moment. In honor of JD's birthday, we went up to the West Canada Lake Wilderness Area and hiked to Pillsbury Lake where we stayed overnight in a lean to. Our original plan had been to stay at Sampson Lake, but we got in a little too late and for my first trip, JD preferred that we not hike in the dark.

Pillsbury Lake was lovely, though I've been told (by JD) that Sampson Lake is prettier. I certainly didn't mind. We had the campground to ourselves until we had just about finished dinner when three girls and their dogs arrived. Their red tick coonhound, Carly, was adorable. She spent a good hour barking and howling at herself as it echoed across the lake, only stopping momentarily to accept bribes to stop. Within seconds her snack would be gone and she was back at it. No wild animals were going to come near us, save for those bold little chipmunks. They welcome people like seagulls at the beach. 

There's more to come of this trip. Look out for part two next week.

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